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Strangers become allies to fight the forces of chaos.


Betrayal at Falador

RuneScape #1

by T. S. Church

In the kingdom of Asgarnia, though the Knights of Falador defend the land a protect the people, they face threats that clamor from all sides-and from within. Enemies mass at borders, and a killer stalks the...

Return to Canifis

RuneScape #2

by T. S. Church

Varrock is the greatest human city in the world, yet it is filled with dangerous secrets. People are being taken by an inhuman abductor. Its victims are murdered... or  worse, spirited away to Morytania, where...

Legacy of Blood

RuneScape #3

by T.S Church

The city of Varrock is at breaking point; people are fleeing from the country into the already full city and riots are breaking out as the government struggles to keep order.

Meanwhile Gar'rth struggles with...

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