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The novels revolve around two characters, Erik von Darkmoor and Roo Avery and also includes a host of previous characters from past novels, including Nakor, Pug, Macros the Black, Calis and Jimmy. It tells of the struggles of the Kingdom against a massive army on the distant continent of Novindus.


Shadow of a Dark Queen

The Serpentwar Saga #1

by Raymond E. Feist

A dread darkness is descending upon a great land called Midkemia—a powerful and malevolent race of monsters that has slipped through a hole in the dimensions. And two unlikely young heroes—a bastard heir...

Rise of a Merchant Prince

The Serpentwar Saga #2

by Raymond E. Feist

Surviving the wrath of the fearsome Sauur—a hideous race of invading serpents—noble Erik and cunning Roo have delivered a timely warning to the rulers of the Midkemian Empire, and are now free to pursue...

Rage of a Demon King

The Serpentwar Saga #3

by Raymond E. Feist

A loyal soldier and a wealthy merchant have served bravely in the flames of an enduring war that is ravaging their land. But swords, bows, wits and courage will no longer be enough to defeat the scourge that...

Shards of a Broken Crown

The Serpentwar Saga #4

by Raymond E. Feist

The demon is no more. The enemy has been routed. But all is not well . . .

Winter's icy grasp is loosening on the world. The Emerald Queen's vanquished army has its broken back to the Bitter Sea. And treachery...

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