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The novels revolve around two characters, Erik von Darkmoor and Roo Avery and also includes a host of previous characters from past novels, including Nakor, Pug, Macros the Black, Calis and Jimmy. It tells of the struggles of the Kingdom against a massive army on the distant continent of Novindus.


Shadow of a Dark Queen

The Serpentwar Saga #1

by Raymond E. Feist

“An epic reading experience.”

San Diego Union-Tribune


Acclaimed, New York Times bestselling fantasist Raymond E. Feist gets his masterful Serpentwar Saga off to a spectacular start with Shadow of a Dark...

Rise of a Merchant Prince

The Serpentwar Saga #2

by Raymond E. Feist

“Feist has a natural talent for keeping the reader turning pages.”—Chicago Sun-Times

 The Serpentwar Saga continues! The second book in master fantasist Raymond E. Feist’s New York Times bestselling...

Rage of a Demon King

The Serpentwar Saga #3

by Raymond E. Feist

“A massive, entertaining tale.”

Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

 The Serpentwar rages on! In Rage of a Demon King—the spellbinding third installment in Raymond E. Feist’s masterful epic fantasy, The Serpentwar...

Shards of a Broken Crown

The Serpentwar Saga #4

by Raymond E. Feist

“Undeniably riveting.”


 The terrible Emerald Queen is vanquished…but the war in Midkemia is not yet won, as the remarkable Raymond E. Feist concludes his magnificent Serpentwar Saga with Shards...

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