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In a combination fantasy and mystery series, Garrett is a freelance private investigator in a world where magic works all too well, and where humans co-exist uneasily with numerous other intelligent species and halfbreeds.


Sweet Silver Blues

Garrett P.I. #1

by Glen Cook

It should have been a simple job. But for Garrett, a human detective in a world of gnomes, tracking down the woman to whom his dead pal Danny left a fortune in silver is no slight task. Even with the aid of...

Bitter Gold Hearts

Garrett P.I. #2

by Glen Cook

The Stormwarden's children have been kidnapped and Garrett, P.I. is on the case. But caught between the bewitching beauty of a half-elf and the fearsome power of a horde of ogres, Garrett has to think twice...

Petty Pewter Gods: A Garrett, P.I. Novel

Garrett P.I. #8

by Glen Cook

Garet , P. I., is on the case

There are some new gods in the town of TunFaire, but temple real estate on the Street of Dreams is at a premium. So the big gods on the block issued a challenge-find the "key" to...

Angry Lead Skies

Garrett P.I. #10

by Glen Cook

A series far ahead of its time, now back in print

Anyone else would have learned by now: when trouble comes knocking, don't open the door. But there's a reason why Garrett's still in the P.I. business after...

Whispering Nickel Idols: A Garrett, P.I., Novel

Garrett P.I. #11

by Glen Cook

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Gilded Latten Bones: A Garrett, P.I., Novel

Garrett P.I. #13

by Glen Cook

For Garrett, P.I., loyalty and love come a close second to survival...

Garrett's attempt at domestic bliss with the fiery Tinnie Tate is sidetracked when he waylays a pair of home intruders and learns they've...

Wicked Bronze Ambition

Garrett P.I. #14

by Glen Cook

Garrett is a human detective in the fantastical city of TunFaire. And now he’s getting tangled up in the worst sort of laws...



Garrett is set to stow his wandering heart with his fiancée, Strafa...

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