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Ravenloft books gothic horror series. Set both in Waterdeep, a city in the Forgotten Realms world of Dungeons and Dragons, and more prominently, the Demiplane of Dread, location of the Ravenloft campaign setting.


Vampire of the Mists

Ravenloft #1

by Christie Golden

Alone in a strange world and torn by grief, a vampire accepts the hospitality of the local lord. But can the vampire trust him once he discovers the land’s dark connection to his own quest for revenge?


Knight of the Black Rose: Terror of Lord Soth, Book I

Ravenloft #2

by James Lowder

On the fabled world of Krynn, Lord Soth finally learns that there is a price to pay for his long history of evil deeds, a price even an undead warrior might find horrifying.

Dark powers transport Soth to Barovia,...

Dance of the Dead

The Enemy Within

Ravenloft #8

by Christie Golden

Sir Tristan Hiregaard, terrified by his periodic transformation into the evil Malken, a hideous man-beast who controls a vast criminal empire, sets out to destroy, one way or another, his evil side.

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