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The story of Flinx is begun in this novel, exploring his early years growing up with Mother Mastiff on the planet Moth. Young Philip Lynx is purchased in a slave auction by Mother Mastiff for one hundred credits. After years of raising the boy, whose full origins are unknown to his adoptive mother, she suddenly disappears. Flinx pursues her across the rainy world of Moth and discovers she has been… (more)


For Love of Mother Not

Pip and Flinx #1

by Alan Dean Foster

He was just a freckle-faced, redheaded kid with green eyes and a strangely campelling stare when Mather Mastiff first saw him an the auctioneer's block. One hundred credits and he was hers.

For years the old...

The Tar-aiym Krang

Pip and Flinx #2

by Alan Dean Foster

Moth was a beautiful planet, the only one with wings -- two great golden clouds suspended in space around it.

Here was a wide-open world for any venture a man might scheme. The planet attracted unwary travelers,...

Orphan Star

Pip and Flinx #3

by Alan Dean Foster

One man in the Universe holds the key to the mystery of Flinx’s past–and that man is trying to kill him!

It is a strange childhood for a kid, to be adopted by the restless Mother Mastiff and raised in the...

The End of the Matter

Pip and Flinx #4

by Alan Dean Foster

Accompanied by his faithful minidrag Pip and a most troublesome alien called Abalamahalamatandra -- Ab for short -- Flinx set out for Alaspin, the ruggedly primitive homeworld of his flying snake.

There he hoped...

Flinx in Flux

Pip and Flinx #5

by Alan Dean Foster

When Flinx, no stranger to galactic intrigue, found an unconscious woman on a riverbank deep in the jungles of Alaspin, he took it in stride. When he learned that the woman, Clarity Held, was a brilliant scientist...


Pip and Flinx #6

by Alan Dean Foster


Where Flinx and his flying minidrag Pip went, trouble always followed--that law had governed their lives through years of unsought danger and galactic intrigue. Now an evil rich man was out to kidnap...

Flinx's Folly

Pip and Flinx #8

by Alan Dean Foster

Bestselling author Alan Dean Foster delivers a Pip and Flinx novel featuring a certain twenty-four-year-old with red hair, growing powers, and a loyal sidekick who just happens to be a flying mini-dragon. Flinx’s...

Sliding Scales: A Pip & Flinx Adventure

Pip and Flinx #9

by Alan Dean Foster

From New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster comes a fantastic new Pip and Flinx adventure starring a certain twenty-four-year-old redhead with emerald eyes and uncanny abilities and his devoted mini-dragon...

Running from the Deity

Pip and Flinx #10

by Alan Dean Foster

From science fiction legend Alan Dean Foster comes a thrilling Pip and Flinx adventure, wherein a certain red-haired, green-eyed young man blessed (or cursed) with strange powers finds himself and his mini-dragon...


Pip and Flinx #11

by Alan Dean Foster

It caused instant addiction, followed by an excruciating slow death, and there was no known antidote.

It was a killer.

Supposedly the drug had been totally eradicated from the humanx galaxy years before. At least...

Trouble Magnet

Pip and Flinx #12

by Alan Dean Foster

From science fiction icon Alan Dean Foster comes a blazing Pip & Flinx adventure for fans of the green-eyed redhead with awesome mental powers and his miniature flying dragon. In this dazzling novel, Flinx confirms...


Pip and Flinx #13

by Alan Dean Foster

In this Pip & Flinx thriller, Alan Dean Foster displays the brilliance that has made him one of the brightest lights in science fiction. In Patrimony, fans will learn more about their favorite redhead–with...

Flinx Transcendent: A Pip & Flinx Adventure

Pip and Flinx #14

by Alan Dean Foster

Flinx is the only one with any chance of stopping the evil colossus barreling in to destroy the Humanx Commonwealth (and everything else in the Milky Way). His efforts take him to the land of his mortal enemies,...

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