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Star of the Guardians is a series of four science fiction / space opera novels written by Margaret Weis. The original trilogy, The Lost King, King's Test and King's Sacrifice, concerns Dion's adventures and eventual rise to the throne. A few years later, Margaret Weis realized that, while Dion had achieved his goals, the main characters of the series (sundered lovers Sagan and Maigrey) had not… (more)


The Lost King

Star of the Guardians #1

by Margaret Weis

As a corrupt Commonwealth rules the galaxy through the might of its armies, its most influential general--a renegade Guardian of the deposed Starfire royal line--pursues the rumor of a hidden heir to the throne...

King's Test

Star of the Guardians #2

by Margaret Weis

By calling a temporary truce, Derek Sagan and the rebels thwarted the alien Corasian invasion. Enemies once again, the rebels have resumed their defiance and Sagan has retumed to his campaign to topple the corrupt...

King's Sacrifice

Star of the Guardians #3

by Margaret Weis

The spellbinding conclusion to the star-spanning saga of adventure and intrigue. At the end of King's Test, Sagan--the man who overthrew Dion's father--pledged his allegiance to Dion as the new king. Now, Dion...

Ghost Legion

Star of the Guardians #3

by Margaret Weis

Young Dion Starfire is the ruler of a galaxy that is finally at peace after years of strife and bloodshed.  Yet the peace is an uneasy one.  Dion has fallen desperately in love with a woman who is not his...

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