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Jack Irish, a lawyer and gambler, turned debt collector and people finder, in Melbourne, Australia.


Bad Debts

Jack Irish #1

by Peter Temple

A phone message from ex-client Danny McKillop doesn't ring any bells for Jack Irish. Life is hard enough without having to dredge up old problems: His beloved football team continues to lose, the odds on his...

Black Tide

Jack Irish #2

by Peter Temple

ack Irish is recovering from his last foray into the criminal underworld when he agrees to look for the missing son of Des Connors, the last living link to Jack's father. It's an offer he soon regrets, as he...

Dead Point: Jack Irish book 3

Jack Irish #3

by Peter Temple

It takes a lot to rattle Jack Irish but, as Melbourne descends into a cold, wet winter, his mood is on the same trajectory. His mind is not fully on the job at hand: find Robbie Colburne. But when Jack gets...

White Dog: Jack Irish book 4

Jack Irish #4

by Peter Temple

This is the fourth Jack Irish thriller. Jack Irish--gambler, cook and cabinetmaker, finder of people who don't want to be found--has a new job, hunting for evidence that might save the beautiful sculptor Sarah...

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