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Patrick Shane McLanahan II is the fictional primary character in most of the books written by thriller author, Dale Brown. McLanahan is originally a B-52 Stratofortress radar navigator but in later books works on other aircraft such as the B-2 Spirit and B-1 Lancer.


The Tin Man

Patrick McLanahan #7

by Dale Brown

The master of military adventure creates the ultimate one-man army....

New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown pits men and technology against impossible odds, in vividly realized stories. Now, in his eleventh...

Battle Born

Patrick McLanahan #8

by Dale Brown

Author of an extraordinary string of New York Times bestselling novels, Dale Brown is the undisputed master of the aerial techno-thriller. Filled with explosive adventure, unforgettable characters, and authentic...

Air Battle Force

Patrick McLanahan #11

by Dale Brown

In military circles it's known as Air Battle Force -- an air combat unit of the future, under the command of aerialwarfare expert Major General Patrick McLanahan,capable of launching stealthy, precision-guidedfirepower...

Plan of Attack

Patrick McLanahan #12

by Dale Brown

The destruction of a Russian air base by robotic U.S. warplanes has reawakenedthe bear -- and America must pay a terrible price. In retaliation, Russia's leader launches the most devastating military sneak attack...

Strike Force

Patrick McLanahan #13

by Dale Brown

The Battle For Control Of Iran . . . Begins In Space

When a disgraced former Iranian military chief of staff engineers an insurgency that threatens to destroy the theocratic regime in Iran, a new era appears...

Shadow Command

Patrick McLanahan #14

by Dale Brown

Based on the Armstrong Space Station orbiting the earth, the Black Stallion spaceplanes of General Patrick McLanahan's Aerospace Battle Force can attack any target on the planet within hours—and its powerful...

Rogue Forces

Patrick McLanahan #15

by Dale Brown

The clash of civilizations will be won . . . by thte highest bidder

What happens when America's most lethal military contractor becomes uncontrollably powerful?

His election promised a new day for America . ....

Executive Intent: A Novel

Patrick McLanahan #16

by Dale Brown

The deadliest strike will come from outer space

When America develops the most powerful defense system in history, will it be used to protect the nation—or will it be used to force universal domination? This...

A Time for Patriots: A Novel

Patrick McLanahan #17

by Dale Brown

Welcome to Battlefield America

When murderous bands of militiamen begin roaming the western United States and attacking government agencies, it will take a dedicated group of the nation's finest and toughest...

Tiger's Claw

Patrick McLanahan #18

by Dale Brown

The fight for the Pacific begins

When China increases its naval presence in the Pacific and develops advanced weapon technology that targets American ships with lethal accuracy, it imperils American military...

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