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Researchers have developed the "bobble," a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force known to mankind. Encasing governmental installations and military bases in bobbles, the Peace Authority has taken over the world and becomes virtually omnipotent. The Peace War and its sequel, Marooned in Realtime, explore the power such a technology could give to those who control it—and what that means for the fate of humanity.


The Peace War

Across Realtime #1

by Vernor Vinge

The Peace War is quintessential hard-science adventure. The Peace Authority conquered the world with a weapon that never should have been a weapon--the "bobble," a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force...

Marooned in Realtime

Across Realtime #2

by Vernor Vinge

Multiple Hugo Award winner Vernor Vinge takes readers on a fifty-million-year trip to a future where humanity's fate will be decided in a dangerous game of high-tech survival.

In this taut thriller, a Hugo finalist...

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