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Cozy mysteries

Sophie Winston is an event planner in Alexandria, Virginia, in the Domestic Diva mysteries.


The Diva Runs Out of Thyme

Domestic Diva Mysteries #1

by Krista Davis

Gracious living can be murder. First in an all-new mystery series? includes delicious recipes and great tips on entertaining!

Few can compete with Natasha Smith when it comes to entertaining, but her childhood...

The Diva Takes the Cake

Domestic Diva Mysteries #2

by Krista Davis

Some Wedding Advice from the Domestic Diva: Keeep the food....Lose the Groom!

Sophie Winston's sister, Hannah, is getting married-again! And if you ask Sophie, her future brother-in-law is no prince. But is...

The Diva Paints the Town

Domestic Diva Mysteries #3

by Krista Davis

Color this Domestic Diva puzzled-from the national bestselling author.

When Sophie's neighbor-a reclusive professor-dies, his final wish is for the Domestic Diva to throw a dinner party in his honor, and he's...

The Diva Cooks a Goose

Domestic Diva Mysteries #4

by Krista Davis

A Scrooge steals presents right from under Sophie Winston's family Christmas tree. Then her sister-in-law's father show's up with a diva girlfriend just a month after his separation. More than one person is...

The Diva Haunts the House

Domestic Diva Mysteries #5

by Krista Davis

Domestic diva Sophie Winston is getting into the Halloween spirit- her decorations for a community haunted house are so good, it's scary. Not to be outdone, rival domestic diva Natasha is throwing a spooktacular...

The Diva Digs Up the Dirt

Domestic Diva Mysteries #6

by Krista Davis

 Trouble in spades…

Determined not to be a garden-variety diva, Sophie Winston’s neighbor, Natasha, cultivates a plan to shine on television—using Sophie’s backyard. As the cast and crew of the makeover...

The Diva Frosts a Cupcake

Domestic Diva Mysteries #7

by Krista Davis

Revenge is sweet…


Sophie Winston and her BFF, Nina Reid Norwood, share a sweet spot for animals. So Sophie is delighted to help when Nina cooks up Cupcakes and Pupcakes—a fundraising event for animal shelters. ...

The Diva Wraps It Up

Domestic Diva Mysteries #8

by Krista Davis

In the latest novel in the national bestselling Domestic Diva Mystery series, it’s beginning to look a lot like murder…

The holidays are domestic diva Sophie Winston’s favorite time of year. But this season,...

The Diva Serves High Tea

Domestic Diva Mysteries #9

by Krista Davis

The New York Times bestselling author of The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss serves up a new mystery steeped in murder...


When The Parlour opens up in town, domestic diva Sophie Winston finally has a place to...

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