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Mercy Gunderson, a former Army sniper who is one-quarter Minneconjou Sioux, returning home to South Dakota.


No Mercy: A Mystery

Mercy Gunderson #1

Shamus Best P.I. Hardcover 2011

by Lori Armstrong

From award-winning author Lori Armstrong comes a gripping tale of brutal murder, as former army sniper Mercy Gunderson learns anew when she returns to the family ranch that, for the weak, the western plains...

Mercy Kill: A Mystery

Mercy Gunderson #2

by Lori Armstrong

Former Black Ops army sniper Mercy Gunderson isn’t adjusting well to the laid-back rhythm of civilian life on her family’s ranch in South Dakota. To fill her time, Mercy accepts a temporary bartending gig...

Merciless: A Mystery

Mercy Gunderson #3

by Lori Armstrong

Torn between her duties to the FBI and her need to keep her loved ones safe, former black-ops army sniper Mercy Gunderson must unleash the cold, dark, merciless killer inside her and become the predator . ....

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