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Danny North's family is different, and he is different from them. His cousins have long been able to create fairies, ghosts, golems, trolls, werewolves, and other such miracles, but Danny has yet to find his talent. He's beginning to think he's a drekka--a mage with no magical ability. But when Danny finally discovers his gift, it is greater than he ever imagined--but that could earn him a death sentence.


The Lost Gate

Mithermages #1

by Orson Scott Card

Danny North knew from early childhood that his family was different, and that he was different from them.  While his cousins were learning how to create the things that commoners called fairies, ghosts, golems,...

The Gate Thief

Mithermages #2

by Orson Scott Card

In this sequel to The Lost Gate, bestselling author Orson Scott Card continues his fantastic tale of the Mages of Westil who live in exile on Earth in The Gate Thief, a novel of the Mither Mages.

Here on Earth,...

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