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Troy Soos wrote a series of historical mysteries featuring professional baseball player Mickey Rawlings. All but the last feature a baseball team name or park in the title. Soos has written that he named his character after his own baseball glove.


Murder At Fenway Park

Mickey Rawlings #1

by Troy Soos

Delightful. . .mixing suspense, period detail that will leave readers eager for subsequent innings. --Publishers Weekly

Red Sox Rookie Knocks ‘Em Dead!

It's 1912, the golden age: Fenway just opened, Ty Cobb...

Murder at Ebbets Field

Mickey Rawlings #2

by Troy Soos

It's One. . .Two. . .Three Strikes You're Dead

Mickey Rawlings will do whatever it takes to help his New York Giants get past the Brooklyn Dodgers and into the World Series. If that means playing a bit part in...

Hunting a Detroit Tiger

Mickey Rawlings #3

by Troy Soos

Murderer's Row

It's 1920, and perennial 25th man Mickey Rawlings has found a spot on the Detroit roster with a .250 average and 20 stolen bases. Respectable numbers for a utility infielder. Unfortunately that...

Murder at Wrigley Field

Mickey Rawlings #4

by Troy Soos


While the nation wages war against Germany in 1918, utility infielder Mickey Rawlings has been traded to the North Side of Chicago. He's batting a career high (a respectable .274) and the...

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