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Challengers of the Unknown

This list encompasses all of the DC2/DC3 continuity appearances of the Challengers of the Unknown.

Le Cycle des Démons

Il y a parfois de très bonnes raisons d'avoir peur du noir... Dans le monde du jeune Arlen, dès que le soleil se couche les démons sortent de terre et dévorent les êtres vivants. Le seul espoir...

Les enquêtes de Charlie Salter

Charlie Salter est malheureux : à la suite d’un changement à la direction du service de police de la ville de Toronto, il a été relégué aux oubliettes et ne s’occupe plus que de broutilles....

Lords of the Two Lands

After a gradual and mostly bloodless invasion, Egypt has fallen into the hands of a foreign power known as the "Rulers of the Upland." Using subtle means of political power and economic country, plundering...

La Crucifixion en rose

Interdite dans son pays pour les mêmes raisons, publiée en France entre 1949 et 1960, la trilogie de la Crucifixion en rose qui comprend Sexus, Plexus et Nexus représente le projet littéraire le...

Judy Moody

Keep up with the 100% non-boring adventures of Judy Moody.

Derek Strange and Terry Quinn

Derek Strange is a black ex-cop in Washington D.C. who now makes a living running his own private detective agency.

Die Tribute von Panem

Die Tribute von Panem (Originaltitel: The Hunger Games) ist eine dystopische Romantrilogie der US-amerikanischen Schriftstellerin Suzanne Collins.

Dragonlance: Heroes

"To the West Huma rode, to the High Clerist's Tower, On the back of the Silver Dragon And the path of their flight crossed over a desolate country where the dead walked only, mouthing the names of...

The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars unabashedly challenges the world’s Carrollian Wonderland assumptions of tea parties, dormice and a curious little blonde girl to reveal an epic, cross dimensional saga of love,...

der Elfen-Reihe

Humor für Mädchen und Frauen von neun bis neunzig.

La caduta dell'Impero Romano

La caduta dell'impero romano raccontata da Giulio Valerio Maggiorano, l'ultimo vero imperatore di Roma.

Skyship Academy

A devastated Earth's last hope is found in Pearls: small, mysterious orbs that fall from space and are capable of supplying enough energy to power entire cities. Battling to control the Pearls are...

The Passage Trilogy

“It happened fast. Thirty-two minutes for one world to die, another to be born.”

The Crown Colonies

The colonies of Mistria are in turmoil. They face wars between the competing empires and and insurrection from natives and colonists alike.

Joona Linna

This series concerns the investigations of the police inspector Joona Linna.

Gabriel Allon

Gabriel Allon is the key figure in Daniel Silva's thriller and espionage series that focuses on agents of Israeli intelligence. The main characters refer to their employer as The Office, although it...

Holmes On The Range

Cowboys Otto “Big Red” Amlingmeyer and his brother Gustav “Old Red” in 1890s Montana, who got interested in being detectives after reading a Sherlock Holmes story, in the Holmes on the Range...

Molly Forrester

All Molly Forrester wants is to find that one big story that can redirect her journalism career away from the sex/relationship advice column she writes for Zeitgeist magazine ("wedged somewhere between...


First there are nightmares. Every night Ellie is haunted by terrifying dreams of monstrous creatures that are hunting her, killing her. Then come the memories. When Ellie meets Will, she feels on the...