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Lincoln Perry

Lincoln Perry is a private investigator working in Cleveland.

Leopard People

In The Awakening, a beautiful naturalist's dream of a life among the feral jungle creatures comes true. But an untamed, irresistible beast of another sort inspires her to explore her own wild side....

Vatta's War

Kylara Vatta is the only daughter in a family full of sons, and her father’s only child to buck tradition by choosing a military career instead of joining the family business. For Ky, it’s no contest:...

Revolution Quartet

Historical fiction following Wellington and Napoleon in the Revolution series.


A selection of essays, both personal and wide-ranging, erudite and enthralling, about subjects as diverse as pop culture, lisps, and 1960s American counterculture.


The Polity Collective is the pinnacle of space-faring civilization. Academic and insightful, its dominion stretches from Earth Central into the unfathomable reaches of the galactic void. But when the...

Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell

Portland detective Archie Sheridan spent years tracking Gretchen Lowell, a beautiful and brutal serial killer known as the Beauty Killer. In the end, she was the one who caught him…and tortured him…and...

Once Upon a Time in the West

Cathleen Chase is no killer—but as Cat O'Banyon, she is a ruthless bounty hunter who always gets her man. Catching one lowlife after another, she continues her search for the only man she really...

“Smoke” Bellew

Il pigro rampollo di una famiglia agiata nel duro Klondike.


Kasker Rampart: a derelict refinery platform moored in the Arctic Ocean. A skeleton crew of fifteen fight boredom and despair as they wait for a relief ship to take them home. But the world beyond...

Wars of the Realm

Tragedy and heartache seem to be waiting for Drew Carter at every turn. Sydney Carlyle, a mysterious and elusive girl offers encouragement through her faith, but Drew is too logical and scientific...

The Hunters

The Hunters: a team of renegades - an ex-military leader, a historian, a computer whiz, a weapons expert and a thief - financed by a billionaire philanthropist are tasked with finding the world's most...

The Tower and the Hive

Told in the timeless style of Anne McCaffrey, The Rowan is the first installment in a wonderful trilogy. This is sci-fi at its best: a contemporary love story as well as an engrossing view of our world...

Alla ricerca del Santo Graal

Un arciere inglese sotto il regno di Edoardo III.

Les dames de Bretagne

Fille illégitime du duc François II de Bretagne, Françoise de Maignelais a seize ans, une forte personnalité et le don de prédire l’avenir.

Sublimes créatures

Une série de Margaret Stohl

Almas obscuras

Desde hace siglos, vampiros y licántropos mantienen un pacto que protege a los humanos de un mundo de peligros y oscuridad. William es uno de ellos, un vampiro temible y letal. Callado y distante,...


Trapped between two very different worlds, newly made vampire Moth is struggling to find her place in either. Not only does she have to answer to her strict Irish-Catholic Dad, but her over-protective...

Un cavallo nell'ombra

Non è facile cominciare a costruirsi una nuova vita...

Father Anselm Mysteries

Larkwood Priory, England: Father Anselm is stopped by an old man. What, he is asked, should a man do when the world has turned against him? Anselm's response: claim sanctuary. But the answer sets off...