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The Unwanteds

Every year in Quill, thirteen-year-olds are sorted into categories: the strong, intelligent Wanteds go to university, and the artistic Unwanteds are sent to their graves.

Secrets at St Jude's

A YA series created by Carmen Reid.


Like most Manhattanites, aspiring artist Tate can't resist a good rental deal-even if it's in the city's strangest neighborhood, Golgotham, where for centuries werewolves, centaurs, and countless other...

Les Folles Années

1919. Comme le reste du monde, Québec émerge de la grippe espagnole et du ralentissement économique dû à la fin de la guerre.

Sloan & Crosby

British Inspector Sloan and Constable Crosby investigate murders.

Bill Slider

Bill Slider, a police inspector at Shepherd’s Bush CID, in London, England.

Silas Cade

Silas Cade is a black-ops Iraq war veteran and contract consultant working for Wall Street hedge fund managers and investors, based in New York City.

Dark Secrets

Something is haunting Megan... She had seen Scarborough House only in her dreams. Now Megan was here, visiting the grandmother she'd never met, and her newfound cousin Matt, too handsome by far, who...

Los Hijos del Grial

Esta pentalogia es una epopeya enmarcada en la edad media del siglo XIII y trata de las aventuras de dos muchachos que por su ascendencia están destinados a reconciliar las grandes religiones y a...

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans

Find out how it all came to be in this brand-new arc that reveals the origins of the four Clans. Featuring a new cast of characters, a richly developed world, and a never-before-seen look at the history...


Danny North's family is different, and he is different from them. His cousins have long been able to create fairies, ghosts, golems, trolls, werewolves, and other such miracles, but Danny has yet to...

Children of Paranoia

Since the age of eighteen, Joseph has been assassinating people on behalf of a cause that he believes in but doesn't fully understand. The War is ageless, hidden in the shadows, governed by a rigid...


There are no men in Claysoot. There are boys—but every one of them vanishes at midnight on his eighteenth birthday. The ground shakes, the wind howls, a blinding light descends…and he’s gone....

The Engelsfors Trilogy

On a night after the apparent suicide of high school student Elias Malmgren, a blood-red moon fills the night sky. Minoo wakes up outside her house, still in her pajamas, and is drawn by an invisible...

Nestor Burma

Nestor Burma es detective privado en París. Es conocido como "dinamita Burma", "el hombre que pone KO al misterio" o "Burma, detective de choque".

La marque des anges

Partout sur la Terre, des êtres ailés laissent des empreintes noires sur des portes.

The Blessed

From the author of the New York Times bestselling ghostgirl series, the start to a captivating and haunting teen trilogy about three girls who become entangled with an enigmatic boy—a boy who believes...

Broken Well

For a millennium the lands of Fenvarrow and Kainordas have been at war, ever since the gods of shadow and light broke the Great Well of Souls. In absence of victory a stalemate persists- until a prophecy...

Las guerras del mundo emergido

Hace siglos, el Mundo Emergido pertenecía a los elfos, criaturas purísimas que vivían en armonía con la naturaleza… pero los hombres y los gnomos pusieron fin a su vida pacífica al invadir sus...

The Deed of Paksenarrion

Paksenarrion — Paks for short — is somebody special. She knows it, even if nobody else does yet. No way will she follow her father’s orders to marry the pig farmer down the road. She’s off...