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The House War

Set in the Essalieyan universe, The House War chronicles the story of Jewel and her rise in House Terafin. The first three novels return to the origin of Jewel and the discovery of her den. They also...

The Bridei Chronicles

In the mid 6th century, the homeland of the Picts in northern Britain was under threat from the Gaels, who had invaded the west coast and established themselves in their new kingdom of Dalriada. At...


Riley Bloom a quittée sa soeur, Ever, dans le monde des vivants et a traversée le pont de l'au-delà, un endroit appelé Ici, où le temps est toujours Présent.

Farmer's Market Mysteries

Becca Robins, who makes jam on her farm and sells at her twin sister Alison’s farmers market, in rural South Carolina, in the Farmer’s Market mysteries.

Brian McNulty

Brian McNulty is a bartender in New York City.

Legends of Dune

The Legends of Dune series tells of events 10,000 years before the classic Dune sequence.

I 7 demoni reggenti

Scoprire di far parte del clan più potente dell’Inferno e cercare di sfuggire al proprio destino...

Sherlock Holmes

I romanzi e i racconti dedicati al celeberrimo personaggio di Sherlock Holmes.

The Fitzwaren Novels

A medieval tale of pride and strife, of coming-of-age in a world where chivalry is a luxury seldom afforded, especially by men of power.


1062, a time many fear is the End of Days. With the English King Edward heirless and ailing, across the grey seas in Normandy the brutal William the Bastard waits for the moment when he can drown England...


Parker is a fictional character created by Donald E. Westlake. He is the main protagonist of 24 of the 28 novels Westlake wrote under the pseudonym Richard Stark.

Dork Diaries

Nikki Maxwell is not popular, in fact Nikki Maxwell is the opposite of popular; she's a total dork! But Nikki's hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends...

Un voyage vers la passion

Deux destins brisés, un amour hors norme.

Victor, professione sicario

Victor è un sicario, un uomo senza passato e senza identità. Nessuno ne conosce le fattezze, nessuno sa dove viva...

The Hundred

In the future, humans live in city-like spaceships orbiting far above Earth's toxic atmosphere. No one knows when, or even if, the long-abandoned planet will be habitable again. But faced with dwindling...

Poseidon's Children

The Poseidon's Children is a hard science fiction trilogy which follows humanity's development in a utopian future. It deals with the expansion of the human species into the solar system and beyond,...


Deux mondes. Deux millénaires. Un amour unique.

Le top 10 des meilleurs romans 2013

Comme chaque année, avant la déferlante des remises des prix littéraires, les libraires de Feedbooks vous proposent leur liste des 10 meilleurs romans 2013.

Affairs By Moonlight

Three English ladies on a holiday escape. Three dashing bachelors competing in a wager to remain chaste. Three scandalous affairs in an enchanted castle. One wildly romantic new series from a brand-new...

Brother Petroc

England, 1235, and Brother Petroc is living a simple life as a novice monk. Struggling to keep his soul fairly clean and worrying most about resisting the local girls, he inadvertently stumbles headlong...