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La suite du temps

En cette fin de siècle, sur Terre, les grandes puissances se concertent en secret : il faut contrer ce nouvel adversaire, récemment découvert, qui vient de l'espace. Sur Érymède, dans la chatoyante...

Charm Bracelet Trilogy

Dear Reader, What comes to mind when you think of a diamond slipper? Cinderella, perhaps? That's what Cordelia Brandenburg imagines when her godparents arrange a marriage for her with a man she's never...

Daniel O'Connell

Patrick Geoghegan's biography of Daniel O'Connell, groundbreaking Irish politician and activist.


Sie glauben an das Blut der Erde – und hüten ein uraltes Geheimnis!

Culture cycle

The Culture series or Culture cycle refers to a series of novels and short fiction written by Scottish author Iain Banks. The stories center around the Culture, a post-scarcity semi-anarchist utopia...

Pretty Little Liars

Quattro ricche amiche e una rete di misteri...

Valor Confederation

Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr's aim is to keep both her superiors and her company of space marines alive as they deal with lethal missions throughout the galaxy


SALEM, Massachusetts, le 22 septembre 1692 Katherine, une jeune femme de 17 ans, voit sa vie changer à tout jamais lorsqu’elle visite son père à Boston. Elle est la réincarnation d’Alice Parker,...

Paddy Meehan

Mystery series featuring Paddy Meehan as she moves through the Glasgow newspaper industry during the turbulent eighties and nineties.

Fools' Guild

The Fools' Guild historical mysteries are set in the early 13th century.

Cincuenta sombras de Grey (Versión mexicana)

Narra la historia de Anastasia «Ana» Steele, una estudiante de 21 años que cursa la carrera de Literatura en la Universidad de Washington, y que vive con su mejor amiga, Katherine Kavanagh, quien...

Ava Lee

Methodical. Resourceful. Courageous. Determined. Strong. Confident. Ava Lee is a young Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant who specializes in recovering massive debts that aren’t likely to be recovered...

Rebecka Martinsson

Rebecka Martinsson, a tax attorney in Stockholm, called back to her hometown Kiruna, north of the Arctic Circle, in Sweden.

The Arkwell Academy

Sixteen-year-old Dusty Everhart breaks into houses late at night, but not because she’s a criminal. No, she’s a Nightmare. Literally. Being the only Nightmare at Arkwell Academy, a boarding school...

Cazadores Obscuros

Cuando una persona muere injustamente o de manera brutal, su alma grita por venganza. La fuerza y la furia de sus gritos llegan como ecos hasta los salones del Olimpo, y Artemisa se dirige al agraviado...

Immortal City

Jackson Godspeed is the hottest young Angel in a city filled with them. He's days away from becoming a full Guardian, and people around the world are already competing for the chance to be watched...

The Labyrinths of Echo

Max Frei is a twenty-something loser-a big sleeper (during the day, that is-at night he can't catch a wink), a hardened smoker, and an uncomplicated glutton and loafer. But then he gets lucky. He contacts...

The Dark Apostle

England in the fourteenth century: a land of poverty and opulence, prayer and plague, witchcraft and necromancy. Where the medieval barber-surgeon Elisha seeks redemption as a medic on the front lines...

DCI Lorimer

DCI Lorimer and Dr. Soloman Brightman, a psychologist and criminal profiler, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Assassini

Venice in the early fifteenth century is at the height of its power. In theory Duke Marco commands. But Marco is a simpleton so his aunt and uncle rule in his stead. Within the Serene Republic, their...