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Alex Soong

Hong Kong, August 2017. On the eve of a crisis summit for world economic leaders, two Chinese Methodist ministers are killed in an apparently motiveless execution in Hong Kong's financial district....

Novela negra e histórica

10 títulos de novela negra et histórica.

Lighthouse Library Mysteries

Get bound up in murder in the first Lighthouse Library mystery!For ten years Lucy has enjoyed her job poring over rare tomes of literature for the Harvard Library, but she has not enjoyed the demands...

Le sourire du clown

Grocko et Clock sont deux vieux clowns quinquagénaires, qui n’ont jamais réellement connu le succès. Depuis des années, ils transportent, de villages en petites cités de banlieue, leur spectacle...

Bests et coups de coeur 2015

Une sélection spéciale noël des meilleurs titres 2015 à 7.99€ ou 9.99€ jusqu'au 5 janvier.

Promotion jeunesse

Du 18 décembre jusqu'au 15 janvier 2016, retrouvez 25 romans jeunesse Fleurus Numérique (12 ans et plus) à 1,99 € !

Gus Murphy

Gus Murphy is a retired Suffolk County cop, divorced and working as a courtesy van driver for the run-down hotel in which he has a room.

Publicaciones del mes de marzo

Conoce las publicaciones digitales dle mes de marzo 2016.

Zombie Fallout

Voilà l’histoire de Mike Talbot et de sa famille qui tentent de survivre alors que l’apocalypse est inéluctable.

Sister Fidelma

An de grâce 664. Tandis qu’hommes et femmes du haut clergé sont assemblés au synode de Whitby, où ils doivent débattre des mérites opposés des Églises celtique et romaine, les esprits s’échauffent....

Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective

There is a long tradition of Great Detectives, and Dirk Gently does not belong to it. But his search for a missing cat uncovers a ghost, a time traveler, AND the devastating secret of humankind! Detective...

La sélection polar

Une première sélection de romans policiers par votre libraire !

Enhanced ebooks

These books may contain audio or other multi-media content, in addition to text.

The Walk

"My name is Alan Christoffersen. You don’t know me. ‘Just another book in the library,’ my father would say. ‘Unopened and unread.’ You have no idea how far I’ve come or what I’ve lost....


Sookie Stackhouse ist Kellnerin in einer Kleinstadt in US-Bundesstaat Louisiana. Sie hat die Fähigkeit, Gedanken anderer Menschen zu lesen. Immun gegen ihre Kräfte sind Vampire, die sich mittlerweile...

The Godless World series

Now, as another winter approaches, the armies of the Black Road march south, from their exile beyond the Vale of Stones. For some, war will bring a swift and violent death. Others will not hear the...

Harmony series

Late in the 21st century an energy Curtain opened in the vicinity of Earth, making interstellar travel practical for the first time. In typical human fashion, thousands of eager colonists packed up...

La mia lotta

La vita di un autore oramai definito come il Proust norvegese.

The Left Hand of God Trilogy

Raised from early childhood in the Redeemer Sanctuary, the stronghold of a secretive sect of warrior monks, Thomas Cale has known only deprivation, punishment, and grueling training. When he escsapes...

Inspector Banks

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks is a policeman in Yorkshire (England).