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Les Mystères du peuple

Histoire d’une famille de prolétaires à travers les âges Le ton de cette immense fresque historique et politique en seize volumes est donné par son exergue : «Il n’est pas une réforme religieuse,...

Anne Perry's World War One

Through Anne Perry’s magnificent Victorian novels, millions of readers have enjoyed the pleasures and intrigue of a bygone age. Now, with an extraordinary new series, this New York Times bestselling...

Mr. Parker Pyne

Mrs Packington felt alone, helpless and utterly forlorn. But her life changed when she stumbled across an advertisement in "The Times" which read "Are you happy? If not, consult Mr Parker Pyne".

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Series of urban fantasy novels, narrated by title character, Anita Blake. Anita lives in a parallel universe, much like our own, save that not only do things like vampires and shapeshifters exist,...

Trylle Trilogy

Seventeen-year-old Wendy Everly has always been different, but she never thought she was more than human. However, when she’s thrown into a world unlike any she’s ever imagined, Wendy must uncover...

The Griffin Mage Trilogy

Griffins and mages, blood and kings. The Griffin Mage trilogy is a tale of fury and majesty – a tale of consequences in love, in war, and in death.

Legends of Shannara

Legends of Shannara is the title of a series of novels written by Terry Brooks.


Die erfolgreiche Schönheitschirurgin Dr. Alexandra Keller erhält eines Tages einen Anruf vom Millionär Michael Cyprien. Was Alexandra nicht weiß - Michael ist ein vierhundert Jahre alter Vampir,...

Precious Ramotswe - Ladies' Detective Agency N.1

Investigatori in gonnella in Botswana.

Die Legende der Roten Sonne

Die Stadt Villjamur ist das Zentrum eines Jahrtausende alten Reiches. Hinter ihren Mauern verbergen sich große Wunder und düstere Geheimnisse. Seit Kurzem hält eine grausame Mordserie die Ermittler...

Princess Series

Danielle De Glas, aka Princess Whiteshore, aka Cinderella, is having a hard time adjusting to palace life. She loves her prince, Armand, but going from the life of a slave to that of princess is not...

Chroniques du Grimnoir

États-Unis, début des années 1930. Les dirigeables sillonnent le ciel, Berlin est peuplée de zombies et la magie, apparue depuis près d’un siècle, a changé la donne.

Sergeant Cribb

Mysteries solved by Sergeant Cribb, a Victorian policeman.

Buscadores de rosas

Desesperada por sacar a sus hermanas y a ella misma de la pobreza, Kate Nash Blackburn se embarca en un viaje por el norte de Escocia para conquistar a un acaudalado aristócrata y conseguir un matrimonio...

Les enquêtes de Crispin

Londres, 1384. Chevalier privé de son titre et des droits pour avoir comploté contre le jeune roi Richard II, Crispin Guest vit depuis huit ans d’expédients et son aptitude à sortir ses concitoyens...

Milady Romance : opération #saintvalentin

Une promotion sur 6 titres le jour de la Saint Valentin.

Fortune Teller Mysteries

Sunny Meadows is a fortune teller leaving New York City for rural Divinity, in upstate New York, in the Fortune Teller mysteries.

Your Face Tomorrow

Our hero, Jaime Deza, separated from his wife in Madrid, is a bit adrift in London until his old friend Sir Peter Wheeler—retired Oxford don and semi-retired master spy—recruits him for a new career...

Thomas Hill Trilogy

England is at war with itself. King Charles I has fled London, his negotiations with Parliament in tatters. The country is consumed by bloodshed. For Thomas Hill, a man of letters quietly running a...

The Blood Journals

It starts off simply. Draw a circle... place a dead leaf in the center... sprinkle some salt... recite a little Latin... add a drop of blood... Maybe that last part isn’t exactly simple. Yet somehow...