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The Magister trilogy

A new trilogy of epic adventure from one of the finest writers in modern fantasy

Chroniques de Tramorée

Zémal est une épée de feu. Elle est le symbole suprême du pouvoir et objectif principal de tout guerrier.

Molly Doyle

Molly Doyle is an antiques shop owner in Carmel-by-the-Sea (California).


MacKayla Lane, ventiduenne biondina americana, dopo la morte della sorella avvenuta a Dublino, si trasferisce nella città irlandese e scopre un mondo fatto di magia e misteri...

Lucy Trimble Brenner

Lucy Trimble Brenner is a private eye and librarian in Toronto, Canada.

Instrumentalities of the Night

Imps, demons, and dark gods rule in the spaces surrounding upstart humanity. At the edges of the world stand walls of ice which push slowly forward to reclaim the land for the night. And at the world’s...

Shadow Ops

Army Officer. Fugitive. Sorcerer. Across the country and in every nation, people are waking up with magical talents. Untrained and panicked, they summon storms, raise the dead, and set everything they...

Blue Rose Trilogy

Koko. Only four men knew what it meant. Now they must stop it. They were Vietnam vets-a doctor, a lawyer, a working stiff, and a writer. Very different from each other, they are nonetheless linked...

Vintage Kitchen Mysteries

Jaymie Leighton is a cookware and cookbook collector, living with her sister in an old house in Queensville, Michigan, across the St. Clair river from Ontario, Canada, in the Vintage Kitchen mysteries.

Harlem Cycle

Their protagonists are two black NYPD detectives—Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson—whose names suggest the nature of their police methods and reputation. Jones and Johnson generally go easy...

Knitting Mysteries

Kelly Flynn is a corporate accountant from Washington DC, who has relocated to Ft. Connor, Colorado, and is learning to knit at the House of Lambspun.

Terminal War

Una pentalogia ambientata nel mondo post-Ultima Luce.

The Fangover

When her brother, Johnny, dies, Stella Malone’s grief lands her in the buff arms of The Impalers’ bass player. While her tryst with Wyatt had some serious bite, Stella isn’t looking for a relationship,...



Matthew Scudder

Matt Scudder, a reformed alcoholic and unlicensed private eye, in New York City.

Fault Lines

Set in Las Vegas, Last Call concerns the fate of Scott Crane, former professional gambler, recent widower, blind in one eye--and also the lost natural son of the man who is determined to kill him....

Abel et Léo

Abel et Léo parviendront-ils à s'apprivoiser ?

Highland Knaves

Meet the Highland Knaves, an infamous clan of outcast Scots who live for justice, lust for freedom, and long for lovers bold enough to tame them...

The Winter of the World

In the Northlands, beleaguered by the ever-encroaching Ice and the marauding Ekwesh, a young cowherd, Alv, saved from the raiders by the mysterious Mastersmith, discovers in himself an uncanny power...

The Lycanthropy Files

First it was ADD. Then pediatric bipolar. Now the hot behavioral disorder in children is CLS, or Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome. Public health researcher Joanie Fisher was closing in on the cause in...