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Dictionnaires amoureux

Pour les passionnés, ou ceux qui ne demandent qu'à se passionner...

Rentrée hiver 2012 : Essais

En cette année électorale, Feedbooks vous invite à regarder aussi du côté des documents.

The Key

Fate brings three women together for a chance to unlock their deepest desires. Malory has the soul of an artist and an eye for beauty. She must find the Key of Light--on the first of three dangerous...


L'Odyssée d'Ulysse en 4 tomes.


Im Jahr 2014 geschieht das Unbegreifliche: Künstlich hergestellte Viren entweichen aus einem Labor und verbinden sich zu einem neuen Krankheitserreger, der die Toten zum Leben erweckt. Millionen Menschen...

Saga of Seven Suns series

The series is set in a not-too-distant future where mysterious alien benefactors, the Ildirans, have helped humanity to spread out among the stars, colonizing a number of planets in the Orion Spiral...


TimeRiders is a series of young adult science fiction novels written by Alex Scarrow. The novels revolve around teenagers known as the TimeRiders who are recruited by an entity known as 'The Agency'...

Takeshi Kovacs

In the novel's somewhat dystopian world, human personalities can be stored digitally and downloaded into new bodies, called sleeves. Most people have cortical stacks in their spinal columns that store...

The Cleveland Portal Series

Meet Kline Maxwell. City Hall reporter for the Cleveland Press. He's the kind of guy who's seen it all-if "it all" includes a fellow reporter sprouting eyeballs all over his body....

Hawk Queen series

The armies of the Outlanders crushed the highlanders at the battle of Colden Moor-killing their finest warriors and breaking their freeborn spirit. The highlanders are now a conquered people, ruled...

A Tale of Eron

An epic new fantasy of passion, power, and enchantment--

Scrapbooking Mysteries

Carmela Bertrand, owner of a scrapbooking shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Scrapbooking Mysteries.


Béatrice Nicodène reprend le personnage inventé par Arthur Conan Doyle. Wiggins est un gamin des rues employé par le grand détective pour mener des recherches sur le terrain…

Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries

Peggy Lee is a detective's widow and owner of the Potting Shed, a garden center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mysteries in this series include garden journals and information about plants in each chapter.

The China Thrillers

Li Yan, a Chinese detective, and Margaret Campbell, an American pathologist, in Beijing, China.

Maria Viani

Maria Viani, biologa in pensione, detective per passione.

Les Pensionnaires de La Patoche

Avec Nina, Rose et Louis, une nouvelle série démarre sur les chapeaux de roues... des roues de fauteuil roulant! Irrésistiblement attachants, ces personnages contournent les obstacles liés à une...

Detective Ella Marconi

Mystery series featuring detective Ella Marconi.

Witch Hunt

When young women start dying, Boston cop Samantha Ryan is the perfect person to investigate, for only she knows what the archais symbol carved into their flesh means. The last in a long line of ruthless...

Fencer Trilogy

Perimadeia is the famed Triple City and the mercantile capital of the known world. Behind its allegedly impregnable walls, everything is available—including information that will allow its enemies...