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The Blood Journals

It starts off simply. Draw a circle... place a dead leaf in the center... sprinkle some salt... recite a little Latin... add a drop of blood... Maybe that last part isn’t exactly simple. Yet somehow...

Shay O'Hanlon

As co-owner of The Rabbit Hole, a quirky-cool Minneapolis coffee shop, Shay O'Hanlon finds life highly caffeinated but far from dangerous. That is, until her lifelong friend Coop becomes a murder suspect....

Seneca - Opere

Seneca, nato a Corduba in Spagna nel 4 a.C. e vissuto a Roma fino al 65 d.C., è stato filosofo, poeta, politico e drammaturgo romano. Vasto il corpus letterario da lui composto di cui Utet dà conto...

Lowlands écossais

Au XVIIIe siècle, au coeur des landes et des vallées des Lowlands écossais...

Les filles au chocolat

Cherry, 13 ans, et son père Paddy s'installent en Angleterre chez Charlotte, sa nouvelle compagne qui a quatre filles : Coco, 11 ans ; les jumelles Summer et Skye, 12 ans, et Honey, 14 ans. Cherry...

Las dieciséis lunas

Ethan Wate solía pensar que en su pueblo, en el profundo sur americano, nunca pasaba nada, hasta que llegó Lena Duchannes y le reveló un mundo secreto que hasta ese momento había permanecido oculto....

Jason et Robur

Jason et Robur ont en commun deux choses : ils sont à la fois frangins et journalistes... mais des journalistes d'un genre un peu spécial. Envoyés spéciaux du magazine Mondes Parallèles...

Beautiful Bastard

Un parfait playboy anglais.

Tony Hill & Carol Jordan

Tony Hill is a criminal psychologist.

Jane Yelloweock

Una serie dove il paranormale è il protagonista assoluto.

The Subterrene War

War is Oscar Wendell's ticket to greatness. A reporter for The Stars and Stripes, he has the only one way pass to the front lines of a brutal war over natural resources buried underneath the icy, mineral...


Deep in the folklore of Tallinore lies a dark story of betrayal and destruction, the story of a powerful sentient called Orlac who once razed the famed city of Caremboche, and almost destroyed the...

Riley Spartz

Riley Spartz is a television investigative reporter.


WARP: nom de code d'un programme de protection ultra secret du FBI.

Les 10 romans de genre de 2014

Une sélection des libraires.

Runaway Brides

A three-year-old girl sitting on the steps of Brown’s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen insists that one of its members is her papa. So begins Celeste Bradley's historical romance series, in which...

Max Revere

Maxine Revere has dedicated her life to investigating murders that the police have long since given up any hope of solving. A nationally renowned investigative reporter with her own TV show and a tough-as-nails...

Diana Porteous

Mystery series by Frances Fyfield.

The Neptune Project

With her weak eyes and useless lungs that often leave her gasping for air, Nere feels more at home swimming with the dolphins her mother studies than she does hanging out with her classmates. Nere...

Les Amantes

Une série de Jess Michaals