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Sharp Investigations

Jasmine Sharp, a former actress turned private investigator, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Le sorelle Dempsey

Durante le riprese del documentario su unattrice di Hollywood in declino, le sorelle Dempsey si imbattono in una serie di situazioni rocambolesche ed esilaranti, che le porteranno a conoscere aspetti...

The Uplift Saga

No species has ever reached for the stars without the guidance of a patron--except perhaps mankind. Did some mysterious race begin the uplift of humanity aeons ago? Circling the sun, under the caverns...

Spook Squad

Sam Ryan has no memory of her past. All she has is a crayon drawing of a woman with the word ‘Mummy’ scrawled underneath. For the ten years Sam’s been with the State Police, she’s used their...

Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone

Una rilettura della tradizione del giallo all’italiana, capace di coniugare lo sguardo dolente del neorealismo e la risata sfrontata di una commedia di avanspettacolo.

The Blue Raven

Phillippa Benning is the unrivaled beauty of the Season. But when another lady challenges her for a marquis's attentions, Phillippa entices him to a secret rendezvous-only to stumble upon The Blue...

Shadow Stalkers

Una serie di romanzi autoconclusivi, fiabe erotiche moderne.

Zoé et Théo

Série d'albums signés Marc Vanenis.

The Gothic Saga

Series of gothic novels by Joyce Carol Oates.

Pierre d'Angle

Les aventures de Pierre d’Angle.

La reine oubliée

Une série consacrée à l'Empire romain

Francesca Cahill

Mystery and romance in turn of the Century New York City.

Les rebelles au Rendez-vous de l'histoire

L'édition des Rendez-vous de l'histoire de Blois avait pour thème "Les Rebelles".

Les Cités obscures

Dans cette série, le mythe et l'histoire se confondant constamment.

Dos amigas. La amiga estupenda

Con La amiga estupenda, Elena Ferrante inaugura una trilogía deslumbrante que tiene como telón de fondo la ciudad de Nápoles a mediados del siglo pasado y como protagonistas a Nanú y Lila, dos...


Nessuno ne conosce la causa, ma una cosa è certa: dal 1980, l’1% dei nuovi nati è un genio...


Falcio is the first Cantor of the Greatcoats. Trained in the fighting arts and the laws of Tristia, the Greatcoats are travelling Magisters upholding King’s Law. They are heroes. Or at least they...

Veronica Speedwell

A Victorian mystery series about "a natural historian with a specialty in lepidoptery which makes her a butterfly hunter and world traveler who is always up for adventure."

Domaine du Possible

Une sélection de lectures pour la COP21 et pour l'avenir!

Earthend Saga

The first novel from iconic X-Files star Gillian Anderson and New York Times bestselling author Jeff Rovin: a science fiction thriller of epic proportions.