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King Arthur

Uther Pendragon, High King of Britain, is dying. As he weakens, Britain is being torn apart by the squabbling of kings. Only one man can bring them together. This is the legend of Artorex, the man...

Sir Clinton Driffield

A really first-rate detective story' T. S. Eliot When twin brothers Roger and Neville Shandon are murdered by poisoned darts in Whistlefield's famous hedge maze, Sir Clinton Driffield arrives to restore...

Riley Jenson Guardian

In this exciting debut, author Keri Arthur explodes onto the supernatural scene with a sexy, sensuous tale of intrigue and suspense set in a world where legends walk and the shady paths of the underworld...

The Remaining

In a steel-and-lead-encased bunker 40 feet below the basement level of his house, Captain Lee Harden of the United States Army waits. On the surface, a plague ravages the planet, infecting over 90%...

I ladri della Madonnina

Da un'idea di Luca Crovi, il noir a tre penne.

The Trap Trilogy

Violet Brantford has always longed for the passionate embrace of Adrian Winter, the wealthy Duke of Raeburn. Problem is, he’s set to marry Violet’s vivacious, more socially polished look-alike...

Crowther and Westerman

Harriet Westerman, mistress of Caveley Park manor, and anatomist Gabriel Crowther, in the 1780s, in West Sussex, England.

La Première Guerre formique

Cette trilogie est coécrite avec Aaron Johnston.


Figlia del Re degli Assassini, Zahirah è stata addestrata per essere tanto letale quanto è bella. Quando entra furtivamente nell’accampamento deserto dell’esercito inglese, ha un unico obiettivo:...


Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead. So did his father before him, until he was gruesomely murdered by a ghost he sought to kill. Now, armed with his father's mysterious...


El hecho es que Alex y Jenny se comunican telepáticamente y, ansiosos por conocerse, se citan por fin en el muelle de Altona Beach, en Melbourne. Ambos están allí. O al menos eso dicen. Porque ninguno...

Il giovane Sherlock Holmes

Le imprese d'infanzia del famoso detective.

Beach reads

A selection of titles published by Harper Collins.

Cornish Mystery

Eleanor Trewynn, a plucky widow running a charity shop in the fictional village of Port Mabyn, in 1960s Cornwall, England, in the Cornish Mysteries.

Discursos y escritos

El quehacer personal y profesional de Reinhard Mohn se caracterizó por la responsabilidad y el compromiso. Así, asumió la responsabilidad de la empresa familiar Bertelsmann, que volvió a levantar...

Cupcakes et compagnie

La pâtisserie rend toujours la vie d’Hayley plus douce !

La dinastia degli Elliott

Amore e affari.

La Isla

Leia vive en la Isla, un mundo en el que los niños dejan a sus padres para aprender a cuidar de sí mismos cuando cumplen los diez años. A lo largo de la Isla, hay un Muro que nadie ha cruzado jamás....


Un secolo di crimine a New York.

La Banda delle Ragazzine

La Banda delle Ragazzine: una serie di storie per bambine, ricche di avventura, sentimento e libertà.