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Jake and Jouma

Ex-Scotland Yard cop Jake Moore’s career was cut short by a bullet; ten years later, he runs a game fishing business that is about to go broke. But old habits die hard, and when cerebral Mombasa...

Homecoming Saga

In this science fiction epic from Orson Scott Card, it is 40 million years in the future, and humanity long ago abandoned Earth, rendered uninhabitable by their destructive wars. Now, mankind survives...

Gears of War

For the first time, fans of the blockbuster Gears of War video games get an in-depth look at Delta Squad’s toughest fighters–soldier’s soldier Marcus Fenix and rock-solid Dominic Santiago–as...

Ripple Creek Werewolf

On the werewolf reservation of Ripple Creek, a killer is on the loose. Three women are dead, their bodies mutilated and faces slashed. A fourth, Neva Grant's twin, lies in the hospital, fighting for...

Jack Lark

The new Richard Sharpe bursts onto the historical adventure scene in a brilliant, action-packed debut of Redcoat battle and bloodshed.

Les enfants d'Evernight

Le roman adapté de la bande dessinée Les Enfants d’Evernight.


En 2012, la série Émilie est adaptée à la télévision sur France 5.


Doomed to a life of unending toil, Heather Simmons fears for her innocence—until a shocking, desperate act forces her to flee . . . and to seek refuge in the arms of a virile and dangerous stranger.

David Creem

« Bienvenue à l’Institut Californien de Parapsychologie. Cette année, nous travaillerons autour de trois grands axes : perceptions extra-sensorielles, psychokinèse et décorporation. »

Younger Gods

Jacob Greene was a sweet boy raised by a loving, tight-knit family…of cultists. He always obeyed, and was so trusted by them that he was the one they sent out on their monthly supply run (food, medicine,...

Le Cycle de Corum

Le chef d'œuvre de Michael Moorcock dans le domaine de l'épopée fantastique.


Vivi’s animal instincts are her legacy—and maybe her downfall—in this start to a romantic fantasy series that will appeal to fans of The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

Il maresciallo Bellomo

Anche nella profonda provincia italiana ci sono dei misteri...

Alex Soong

Hong Kong, August 2017. On the eve of a crisis summit for world economic leaders, two Chinese Methodist ministers are killed in an apparently motiveless execution in Hong Kong's financial district....

Novela negra e histórica

10 títulos de novela negra et histórica.

Lighthouse Library Mysteries

Get bound up in murder in the first Lighthouse Library mystery!For ten years Lucy has enjoyed her job poring over rare tomes of literature for the Harvard Library, but she has not enjoyed the demands...

Le sourire du clown

Grocko et Clock sont deux vieux clowns quinquagénaires, qui n’ont jamais réellement connu le succès. Depuis des années, ils transportent, de villages en petites cités de banlieue, leur spectacle...

Bests et coups de coeur 2015

Une sélection spéciale noël des meilleurs titres 2015 à 7.99€ ou 9.99€ jusqu'au 5 janvier.

Promotion jeunesse

Du 18 décembre jusqu'au 15 janvier 2016, retrouvez 25 romans jeunesse Fleurus Numérique (12 ans et plus) à 1,99 € !

Gus Murphy

Gus Murphy is a retired Suffolk County cop, divorced and working as a courtesy van driver for the run-down hotel in which he has a room.