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House of Cards

Un monde secret de vénalité, de corruption et d’insatiable ambition dans les coulisses du pouvoir...

Glory's Gate

Un immense domaine, en plein Texas. Quatre héritiers, dont trois filles : Lexi, Skye et Izzie. Un père puissant et manipulateur, qui fait tout pour forcer le destin de ses filles...

El secreto de Adán

Adán Roussos, un importante sexólogo que vive en Nueva York, recibe una llamada urgente de un amigo, el arqueólogo Aquiles Vangelis, quien le pide viajar a su natal Grecia para mostrarle descubrimientos...

Promotion Folio - Mars

Les titres sont proposés à 3,99 euros du 01/03 au 04/04 inclus.

Michel Thérais

Michel Thérais, détective amateur.


When blacksmith apprentice Fletcher discovers that he has the ability to summon demons from another world, he travels to Adept Military Academy. There the gifted are trained in the art of summoning....

Le Superintendant Battle

Les enquêtes de Battle, superintendant à Scotland Yard.

Un weekend di offerte

I titoli del nostro catalogo a 2,99€ dal 16 al 17 luglio (incluso).

Recomendaciones en femenino

15 títulos seleccionados de généro diverso escritos por mujeres que te recomendamos leer.

Songs of Submission

L'histoire d'amour entre Monica et Jonathan.

Miss Marple

With her twinkling eyes and white hair, Miss Marple looks sweet and inoffensive. But her keen observation of human nature makes her positively redoubtable when it comes to solving mysteries.

The Forerunner Trilogy

The Forerunner Saga is a trilogy of Halo novels focusing on Forerunner life 100,000 years before the Human-Covenant war, being written by Greg Bear and published by Tor Books.

The Dagger and the Coin Quintet

All paths lead to war...

Genesis of Shannara trilogy

The Genesis of Shannara is the title of a series of novels written by Terry Brooks.

Krieger des Lichts

Als Kara MacAllister ohne Vorwarnung entführt wird, weiß sie noch nicht, dass das noch lange nicht der letzte Schrecken war, der ihr bevor steht. Ihr attraktive Kidnapper ist Lyon, ein Gestaltwandler,...

The Shoal Sequence

For a quarter of a million years, an alien race has been hiding a vast and terrible secret In the 25th century, only the Shoal possess the secret of faster-than-light travel (FTL), giving them absolute...

Geschichten für schlaflose Nächte

Erzählungen bzw. Erzählbände

Anna Travis

Anna Travis is a Detective Inspector in London.

Black Cat Bookshop Mystery

Darla Pettistone may have inherited her great aunt Dee’s Brooklyn bookstore, but it’s the store’s mascot—an oversized black cat named Hamlet—who acts like he owns the place. And when someone...

Inspector Henrietta Mallin

Mystery series by Peter Lovesey.