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Grime Solvers Mysteries

The Grime Solvers mysteries feature cleaning wiz Sky Taylor.

Princess of Roumania

This is a truly magical tale, full of strangeness, terrors and wonders. Many girls daydream that they are really a princess adopted by commoners. In the case of teenager Miranda Popescu, this is literally...


Diffusée sur les ondes de Radio-Canada dans les années 1970, la série « Picotine » a marqué aussi bien le petit écran que les jeunes téléspectateurs devenus grands

Carina Kyreleis

Wenn Tote nicht mehr zu erkennen sind, wenn ihr Mörder sie entstellt hat oder nur noch Skelettteile übrig sind, wird Carina Kyreleis gerufen. Die junge Rechtsmedizinerin versteht es wie kaum eine...

James Bond

James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short-story collections.

The Body Finder

Violet Ambrose is grappling with two major issues: Jay Heaton and her morbid secret ability. While the sixteen-year-old is confused by her new feelings for her best friend since childhood, she is more...

The Blackwell Pages

In Viking times, Norse myths predicted the end of the world, an event called Ragnarok, that only the gods can stop. When this apocalypse happens, the gods must battle the monsters--wolves the size...

Call of the Wylde

Animal behaviorist Grace Wilde keeps her ability to psychically communicate with furry and feathered critters under wraps. But when a Doberman turns out to be the only witness to a crime, Grace will...

Merits of Mischief

Quirky and irreverent new middle-grade series about a group of kids being trained to cause trouble! For all of his 12 years, Seamus Hinkle has stayed out of trouble, but on one fateful afternoon in...

The Violet Eden Chapters

It starts with a whisper: “It’s time for you to know who you are…” Violet Eden dreads her seventeenth birthday. After all, it’s hard to get too excited about the day that marks the anniversary...

Hector Cross

Hazel Bannock is heir to the Bannock Oil Corporation, one of the major global oil producers. While cruising the Indian Ocean, her yacht is hijacked by Somalian pirates and her nineteen-year-old daughter,...

St. Jude's Academy

Don't go down to the woods today . . . You can’t get into St Jude’s Academy unless you’re gifted, talented and supremely rich.

Heiress in London

The Crompton sisters are the wealthiest and most beautiful women in London. Each is headstrong and believes she knows what she wants out of love...until she meets someone unexpected. Enter the world...

Mitchell and Markby

Detective Superintendent Alan Markby and his girlfriend Meredith Mitchell.

Sombre Héritage

Lan est un jeune garçon tout ce qu’il y a de plus normal : il va au lycée, y côtoie une bande de copains sympathiques, s’entend plutôt bien avec ses parents très compréhensifs...

The Risande Family

Darkly handsome and sensual, Lord Brand Risande—known as "The Passionate"—is temptation incarnate. But his prowess on the battlefield and in the bedchamber hides a bitter secret: the betrayal that...

Ladies of Lantern Street

Evangeline Ames has rented a country cottage far from the London streets where she was recently attacked. Fascinated by the paranormal energy of nearby Crystal Gardens, she finds pleasure in sneaking...

DC Gary Goodhew

Gary Goodhew is a Detective Constable in Cambridge (UK).

Eternity Springs

Spin-off from author's other series Callahan Brothers, under pseudo Geralyn Dawson.


Un poderoso secreto. Un camino peligroso. A Rigg le han enseñado a guardar secretos. Sólo su padre conoce el extraño don que le permite ver los rastros del pasado de las personas. Pero cuando éste...