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Trilogie du marchand de reliques

Italie, an de grâce 1205. Par une nuit glacée, de mystérieux cavaliers noirs se lancent à la poursuite du père Vivïen de Narbonne, dépositaire d'un manuscrit inestimable. Au cours de sa fuite...

Sentients of Orion

A drifting lost scout ship finds God, and Orion academics scramble for the Entity’s favor. Baronessa Mira Fedor, her planet invaded by giant tardigrades, seeks aid from the Orion League of Sentient...

Captain Alexei Dimitrevich Korolev

Alexei Korolev, a captain in the militia’s Criminal Investigation Division under Stalin, in 1930s Moscow, Russia.

Gerin the Fox

In the northern reaches of the Empire of Elabon, Gerin, called the Fox, battled to save his domain from destruction by the warlike Trokmoi and their wizard-leader, Balamung.

Dave Brandstetter

Fadeout is the first of Joseph Hansen's twelve classic mysteries featuring rugged Dave Brandstetter, an insurance investigator who is contentedly gay. When entertainer Fox Olson's car plunges off a...

Subinspectora Martina de Santo

Subinspectora de la brigada de Homicidios de la Policía ejerce en de Bolscan, una ciudad ficticia del norte de España. Pálida, estilizada y alta, se viste a la moda masculina. Es culta, elegante...

Banned books

These books have all been, at some point, banned or challenged by individuals or groups to be removed from schools or libraries. Here is a non-exhaustive what is actually often great literature.

Killer Style

Sylvie Bissette may be one of Harbor City’s youngest glitterati, but only her best friends know her most closely guarded secret. She’s the woman behind The High-Heeled Wonder, a must-read blog...


When Helen, a young hard-working nurse, meets aristocratic artist Sebastian, she doesn't expect to even like him, let alone fall in love. But against the troubled backdrop of wartime London, an unlikely...

National Book Award Poetry finalists

Discover the titles selected for the National Book Award for Poetry.

Jason Wander

Mankind's first alien contact tears into Earth: projectiles launched from Jupiter's moon, Ganymede, vaporize whole cities. Under siege, humanity gambles on one desperate counterstrike. In a spacecraft...

Titus Bass

Titus Bass drifts westward and is caught up in the powerful currents of the Mississippi River. From Louisville past the Chickasaw bluffs and the Natchez Trace all the way to New Orleans, he plunges...

Alex Van Helsing

The Van Helsing name reborn ...

The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy

The Scions of Arrabar trilogy by Thomas M. Reid, is about the deadly feuds between and among the powerful families of Arrabar in Chondath.


Fantasy Tetralogy by Tad Williams

Queste oscure materie

Due ragazzi e la liberazione di molti universi.

The Fire and Thorns Trilogy

Once every century, one person is chosen for greatness. But the prophecy is vague, and Elisa, always overshadowed by her accomplished older sister, has no idea why she was chosen or how she will fulfill...


John O'Ryan is not a god...not exactly. He is an eternal warrior destined to combat the Dark Lord through all time for dominion of the Earth. Follow him, servant of a great race, as he battles his...

The Dead Rivers Trilogy

From the acclaimed author of Fires of the Faithful comes the tale of an impetuous young woman, freeborn in a world of slavery and magic.

The Last Vampire

At five thousand years old, the vampire Alisa thought she was smart enough to stay out of trouble. But when her creator returns to hunt her, she must protect herself by befriending Ray, the boy who...