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My Boss

Qui se cache vraiment derrière ce boss odieux et terriblement sexy ? Un adepte de new romance ?

Chez Gigi

Deux jeunes femmes, leur bande d’amis et leurs familles.

Addison Cooke

Smooth-talking, refined twelve-year-old Addison Cooke loves a grand adventure, especially one that involves using his vast knowledge of history and archaeology, learned from his aunt and uncle, both...

Le Steampunk à l'honneur !

Fans de Miyazaki, de Jules Verne, de Sherlocke Holmes : aventure, fantastique, mystère sont au rendez-vous, faites vous plaisir !

Prix des lectrices Milady : promotion

Pour la cinquième année consécutive, les lectrices Milady s'apprêtent à distinguer par leur vote leur titre préféré parmi les nouveautés 2017. Les 10 best-sellers sont en promotion exceptionnelle...

Andy Carpenter

Attorney Andy Carpenter is an unabashed animal lover, and he has a reputation for saving both dogs and humans from Death Row. With the help of his beloved golden retriever Tara, Andy solves cases and...

Vampire Kisses

Raven, 16 ans, est une originale, avec son look gothique et son esprit rebelle. Elle vit à Dullsville, la ville de l'ennui. C'est bien simple: il ne s'y passe jamais rien et tout le monde se connaît...


Helen muss die Hölle gleich zweifach durchstehen: Nachts schlägt sie sich durch die Unterwelt, noch schlimmer quält sie tags, dass Lucas und sie sich unmöglich lieben dürfen.

The Age of Steam

In steam age America, men, monsters, machines, and magic battle to claim the same scrap of earth and sky. In this chaos, one man must fight to hold on to what is left of his humanity…

Without Warning

A new stand alone universe by John Birmingham

The Snow White, Blood Red Anthology Serie

This six-volume anthology series filled with Fairy Tales for Adults, features short stories and poetry by contemporary writers inspired by classic fairy tales. Susanna Clarke, John Crowley, Charles...

The mammoths books of new sherlock holmes adventures

Since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's death other mystery writers have produced innumerable new stories featuring the Great Detective, but never has there been as voluminous a collection as The Mammoth Book...

The Diaries of the Family Dracul

Trilogy, which spans fifty years, reconciles the historical personage of Prince Vlad the Impaler (d. 1476) with the fictional vampire in Stoker's famous novel. Stepped in the history and lore of medieval...

The Unincorporated Man

The Unincorporated Man is a provocative social/political/economic series that takes place in the future, after civilization has fallen into complete economic collapse. This reborn civilization is one...

Morty Martinez

Morty Martinez is a “feeler” who empties homes for resale, hoping to find cash left by dead owners who didn't trust banks, in Brooklyn, New York

Natalie Price

Natalie Price, superintendent of a halfway house for prison inmates in Boston, Massachusetts

The Grail Quest

A brutal raid on the quiet coastal English village of Hookton in 1342 leaves but one survivor: a young archer named Thomas. On this terrible dawn, his purpose becomes clear -- to recover a stolen sacred...

Annals of Lindormyn

It has been five hundred years since the Peladanes stormed the distant stronghold of Vaagenfjord. There, the dreaded rawgr Drauglir and his supernatural minions had held sway over the mortal world,...

Merlin's Dragon

When Basil the dragon discovers a terrible threat to his world and the wizard merlin, he begins and epic journey from the Great Tree of Avalon to the outermost edge of the spirit realm to save Merlin—and...

Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine

A trilogy that will tell the story of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.