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Lizzy & Diesel

A spinoff of the Stephanie Plum series.

Clay and Crime

The Clay and Crime mysteries feature Carolyn Emerson, a paint-your-own-pottery shop in Vermont.

Sheriff Cotton Burke

Virgil Cruz has kidnapped the woman Sheriff Cotton Burke loves--so the lawman turns to his old partner, Memphis Jack Stump, to infiltrate the outlaw gang and stop Cruz from harming her. First in a...

The Boleyn Trilogy

An alternate-history in which Queen Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII have a son.

Imogen Quy

Imogen Quy is a nurse at St. Agatha's College, Cambridge University.


Cos’è veramente la magia? Per gli esseri umani è possibile mutare il proprio destino? Una ragazza, Myra, sta per vivere un’avventura che la cambierà per sempre.

Mark Beamon

Mark Beamon is a special agent for the FBI.

Odd Singsaker

Odd Singsaker is a police inspector in Trondheim, Norway.

Jennifer Hunter

Working under the code name 'Ashlyn', Jennifer Hunter leads a double life. Her friends and family all think she's an investment banker who's too busy to date. In reality, Jennifer is a professional...

Settling Accounts

In 1914 they called it The Great War, and few could imagine anything worse. For nearly three decades a peace forged in blood and fatigue has held sway in North America. Now, Japan dominates the Pacific,...

Le avventure di un guardaparco

Sandro Di Ianni è il guardaparco del Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo ed il suo compito è proteggere gli animali...

Jeunes Filles en fleurs

Une série de Lee Gurhke

Cycle Nemesis

de Philip Roth.

Jack West Jr

Jack West, Jr., an adventurer from the Australian Outback.

Nick Gallow

After losing his starting position as a college quarterback to a shoulder injury, Nick Gallow has remade himself as a punter. Now in his fifth year in the pros with the Philadelphia Sentinels, Nick...


“Blacksad” è sicuramente all'altezza delle opere dei grandi maestri del polar più “nero”, una tragedia classica, narrata con stupefacente maestria e stupendamente disegnata.

Série Nikki Heat

Un journaliste, Jameson Rook, travaille en partenariat avec l'inspectrice de police Nikki Heat...

Las Wallflowers

Cuatro bellas jóvenes forman un grupo unido por un mismo objetivo: usar su complicidad y sus armas femeninas para conseguir marido. Una serie divertida, sensual y soberbia de novela romántica."


Dotée de pouvoirs extraordinaires, capable de capter les énergies cosmiques, Anastasia nous fait découvrir les grands équilibres et les vertus de la Nature.

Les nuits tentatrices

L’interdit a comme un goût de paradis...