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Vinegar Girl: A Novel

Vinegar Girl is a fizzy cocktail of a romantic comedy, far more sweet than acidic, about finding a mate who appreciates you for your idiosyncratic, principled self — no taming necessary.

We Were Never Here

No matter how small each character’s role in the tale is, Gilmore provides insight into their complex life.

Grief Is the Thing with Feathers

Porter’s book is a gift in its understanding of the sounds and reverberations of grief.

The Reactive

The Reactive allows us the privilege of waiting along with him.

The Girls: A Novel

Much of the novel plays out like a coming-of-age story, tracking Evie’s journey of discovery and growth into the world.

Proxies: Essays Near Knowing

Proxies manages not just to answer How do you find yourself? for Blanchfield via this recessive, implicitly aerial view, but also to connect the reader to the essayist and maybe to make a likeness from that contact, to create a community.

The Narrow Door

The Narrow Door is also a memoir about what things writers choose to write down, and what things are better left to the analogs of memory and life.

Swallowed by the Cold

In the face of life’s random violence and disquieting volatility, Beach’s collection offers an unforgettable affirmation of the interconnectedness of all things.

Barkskins: A Novel

With Barkskins it seems that Proulx cast the net too wide, overlooking what can be captured only by going deeper, bringing up to the surface the attributes of storytelling that excite and move us.

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai is not about the mysteries of genius, male or female, but rather a return to an old ancient Greek lesson about fate and chance.

The Secrets of Flight

No spoilers here — except to say that, in the end, this reader didn’t believe it.

Girls on Fire

. As a novel for adults, it’s a teenager dressed up in provocative clothes and garish make-up, desperately trying to look old enough to get served at the bar.

Heat and Light

Haigh’s story is so even-handed that you will come away with sympathy for both the buyers and the sellers, and with real compassion for those who struggle with the technology that has invaded and in some cases, transformed their lives.

This Brave New World: India, China and the United States

Manuel's numbers are persuasive. Her chapters twinkle with engaging anecdotes. Her plea for greater integration is compelling and heartfelt.


anks’ life of adventure isn’t done yet, but after he climbs closer to the heavens, we can all rest a little more in peace.

Golden Boys

Ultimately, Golden Boys races forth like the Jensons’ sleek new BMX, hurtling readers toward an intense, thriller-like ending that’s far from sugarcoated.

Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service

It’s been over five years since Leonard wrote the article that became his impetus for this book. And in that time, we haven’t gotten to the end of mail — not yet, anyway.


This mighty thriller will exhaust you and fool you, astonish you and hold you in its clutches. You may wish you could close your eyes, but they’ll be stuck wide open.