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All the Rage

As a look at rape culture, All The Rage is straightforward and unnuanced; Romy's peers selfishly trying to diminish her to reduce their own possible guilt, while the authorities shut out a situation they don't want to face. But as a look at the trauma after an assault, it has a queasy power and some bold insight.


By baring a bit of blood to the world, she reminds readers we're blood-bearing creatures after all, not just selves but bodies with beating hearts.

Michelle Obama: A Life

Perhaps in that book Mrs. Obama will feel freer to provide readers with a welcome dose of the pre-White House candor she demonstrated on the South Side of her youth.

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon: A Novel

Her talent is evident, even exciting. If she has the requisite single-mindedness, she could well turn out to be one of Nabokov’s enchanters.

Man at the Helm: A Novel

“Man at the Helm” is densely peppered with funny lines, but even more striking is the sustained energy of the writing. In almost all the space between jokes, there remains a witty atmosphere, a playful effect sentence by sentence.

The World Before Us: A Novel

[A] strange and absorbing ­novel.

Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

Norris is a master storyteller and serves up plenty of inside stuff.

The Fishermen: A Novel

In his exploration of the mysterious and the murderous, of the terrors that can take hold of the human mind, of the colors of life in Africa, with its vibrant fabrics and its trees laden with fruit, and most of all in his ability to create dramatic tension in this most human of African stories, ­Chigozie Obioma truly is the heir to ­Chinua Achebe.

The Last Days of Video: A Novel

The Last Days of Video is a warm bucket of popcorn. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy.

Where They Found Her

Where They Found Her is still a fine second release for McCreight and yet another read you won't want to put down until you've turned the final page.


I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys New York in the Gilded Age. A good historical read!


Carriger is a wonderful, amazing and very talented author.

Discount: A Novel

A circus without a ringmaster.

The Dream Lover: A Novel

Berg may have crafted a deliciously intriguing novel about the life of a woman writer in the 19th century, but her insights are as relevant today as they were over a century ago.

The Other Typist

I would recommend The Other Typist to anyone that enjoys the 1920s, as well as multiple twists and turns.

Come to Me Recklessly: The Closer to You Series

Come to Me Recklessly is a story of second chances, true love and overcoming painful past events.

All Who Go Do Not Return

An often wrenching memoir of lost faith.

How to Grow Up: A Memoir

Her intent is so clear, her tone so conversational and grounded in the mess and splendor of the everyday, that it doesn’t feel lofty. It stays fresh.

Born with Teeth: A Memoir

The open-ended ending leaves the reader hoping that Mulgrew has enough life experience in her later decades to add a second volume to her lyrical autobiography.

The Language of Paradise: A Novel

Moss clearly put a lot of research into The Language Of Paradise and it’s an ambitious debut that hints at her potential as a novelist.