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Secrets of the Lighthouse: A Novel

This book is fantastic and I would highly recommend it – just make sure you have tissues at the ready!

Island of Ghosts

The humor is something I hadn’t anticipated yet which I enjoyed immensely.

Me, Myself and Why?

This certainly isn’t a typical anything – not a cozy mystery, not a contemporary romance. It doesn’t quite fit into any one specific category – which is utterly refreshing.

SFFWorld : Farside by Ben Bova (January 24, 2015)

Although I enjoyed Farside a lot, I can see why many more recent converts to SF wouldn’t be impressed with its old-school tone and style.

Falling for Jillian

If you like your romance full of wonderful characters guaranteed to warm your heart, Falling for Jillian is definitely for you.

Master Sergeant

I found Master Sergeant to be a welcome addition to the military science fiction sub-genre and I expect other fans will agree

How to Grow Up: A Memoir

She's a unique talent with a distinguished career; she's written some wonderful books, and she'll probably write many more wonderful books. This is not one of them.


Repino is interested in showing us, if events like these were to somehow transpire, the one shred of hope that would exist.

West of Sunset

O’Nan captures the tragic beauty in the flawed person Fitzgerald was and the timeless work he created.

Vivid Faces: The Revolutionary Generation in Ireland, 1890-1923
Kirkus Reviews : Vivid Faces (January 28, 2015)

Readable and provocative. Students of contemporary Irish history have few better guides than the sometimes-dyspeptic but refreshingly agenda-less Foster.

88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary

A catalog of occasional victories and constant missteps that is eye-opening, illuminating and maddening.

Risking it All
Kirkus Reviews : Risking It All (January 27, 2015)

This intense, erotic romance pairs brisk action with well-developed characters.

Inside a Silver Box

Food for thought, if not entirely digestible.

One Step Too Far

One Step Too Far has the definite pacing and tension of a thriller, but there's a human aspect to it that I'd typically ascribe to a heartfelt drama.

What the Lady Wants: A Novel of Marshall Field and the Gilded Age

what the lady wants

Inside a Silver Box

Food for thought, if not entirely digestible.

Catch a Falling Heiress

A sexy, smart romance with a unique arc that's enhanced by its upper-class old New York social setting.