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It’s a frank depiction of modern indecency, and a reflection of a generation that lacks any shred of a moral compass.


This leads to a surprising, provocative finale — more exclamation point than full stop — which captures the wary standoff between the sexes that runs through these three novels. It also aptly underscores just how daring and remarkable a literary feat Cusk's trilogy is.

Now We Can Talk Openly About Men

There is a garrulous humanity and humour in Evans’s writing – her women are both spendthrift talkers.


It's a book that fulfills its basic requirements; the sentences are in the right places, and many of them are fine. But it's impossible to read without thinking that Wood the critic would demand so much more from a book than this.

Mariam Sharma Hits the Road

For all of its facing of issues, Mariam Sharma feels like a celebration of being young and on the road with good friends by your side.

Another Side of Paradise

A remarkable story of love, loss and the cost of creativity. It is an impressive accomplishment.


This is less a book than a tapestry – a finely wrought work of delicate art.

The Patchwork Bride

A gently entertaining yet oddly flat effort from Dallas.

My Girls
Kirkus Reviews : My Girls (June 05, 2018)

Fans of Reynolds and Fisher should be pleased by this satisfyingly rich look at their lives, in which the shocking bits are always mitigated by love and understanding.

How Hard Can It Be?

An aspirational fantasy in which the heroine not only survives, but flourishes through every crisis known to middle-age women in the higher income brackets.

The Captives

Ingenious and riveting, this is a book that should not be missed by anyone interested in the way love affects us, the way the past haunts us, and the way we trick ourselves into believing in impossible futures.

Three Days in Moscow

Three Days in Moscow does not deliver any new information about Reagan. Thus, the history lover in search of fresh angles on his life or presidency will come up empty.


In writing Barracoon, Hurston found a way to ensure that the earth didn't swallow Cudjo Lewis' precious words.


Whatever your jam is — mind-bending logic, beautiful, lyrical writing, or a deep dive into contemporary life — there is something brilliant here for everyone.

A View of the Empire at Sunset

Phillips' new novel is a mesmerizing, atmospheric story set in the waning years of the British Empire, following Queen Victoria's death in 1901.

Chosen Country

As a lover of the West with a rebellious nature of his own, Pogue turns out to be uniquely qualified to explain how discontent in the West led to a series of breakdowns that have broken our country, and are far from over.

My Ex-Life

Like the best of comic fiction writers — I'm thinking, in particular, of the immortal Laurie Colwin — McCauley draws his readers into reflecting on some of the big questions — sexuality, mortality, failure — with the lure of laughter.

Messing with the Enemy

A solid, highly useful owner’s manual for a leaky internet—and a damaged democracy.

Never Lost Again

Informative, entertaining reading for nontechies.