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The Story of Land and Sea

Smith is obviously a deeply intelligent writer, and she has a real gift for describing both hope and despair, which is one of the hardest things for an author to do well.

We Are Called to Rise: A Novel

We Are Called To Rise is a novel that despite an almost overwhelming sadness, manages to celebrate and give power to the ability of human beings to keep going when the odds are stacked against them.

The Devil in the Corner

I thought The Devil in the Corner was a brilliant book that left you with questions; thought-provoking in the way that it left you curious as to how far someones love will take them.

Where the Rock Splits the Sky

I would recommend this to people who like science fiction and a bit of horror.

Fool's Assassin

The novelists in any genre are rare who achieve it with Hobb’s combination of accessibility and moral authority.

One Kick

A dark, dangerous journey into evil to find the vanished children, and entirely hide-away-until-you-finish-it gripping.

Secrets of the Lighthouse: A Novel

Secrets of the Lighthouse is a traditional love story that just so happens to have a ghost as the antagonist.

The Story of Land and Sea

A bleak, unsentimental but ultimately static evocation of early American lives.

The Story of Land and Sea

For fans of lyrical language, this is a recommended read.

The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan

So heavily reliant is The Invisible Bridge on quotations from the writings of journalists past that it can have the feel of pastiche.

Bulletproof Vest

Told in sparse, Spanish-infused prose, Bulletproof Vest mythologises a family history that is – for the most part – compelling and impactful.

Ukraine Diaries

In this way, Ukraine’s recent history is made all the more human and real.

Hack Attack

Hack Attack is the book of a very bold reporter about a passage of arms that he won, to our great benefit.

The Disappearance Boy

The Disappearance Boy is a tender homage to all those unseen figures who enable dazzling onstage wizardry.

Outlaws: A Novel

In typical Cercas style, the key questions remain unanswered but the twisting journey towards a solution offers tantalising glimpses into the human heart.


Wonderland is built of fragments – scraps of memory, of the peripatetic life on the road, of sex and drugs and rock and roll as art – as it must necessarily be, to convey its hero’s passage into maturity. In chronicling her journey, D’Erasmo has again given us a wise, wonderful gift.

Your Face in Mine: A Novel

Your Face In Mine is an incredibly smart book, but not really a narratively satisfying one.


It is a clever, harmless enough thriller that his name will sell, and one that can while away a few summer hours for the undemanding reader.