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Our Souls at Night: A novel

Those who have been immersed in Holt since Plainsong(1999) will appreciate one last visit.

I Nearly Died

I enjoyed hanging out with Will and look forward to sharing more of his adventures.


This is only a debut. It packs a huge amount of promise, ingenuity and sleight-of-hand into a rookie effort. And it’s mostly gimmick-free. Until that finale, there’s not a cheap trick in sight.

The Water Knife

What Bacigalupi achieves in The Water Knife is a violent and intelligent book fuelled by an angry and polemical argument, that makes compulsive, if slightly predictable, reading.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

I’m hard pushed to find fault in The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, and only wish that more science fiction would deliver even half of what can be found within these pages. Highly recommended.

Oh! You Pretty Things

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of Hollywood, any of the Kardashian shows, or just like to have E TV on in the background, you’ll definitely appreciate Oh! You Pretty Things.

The Royal We

Although this book is a very entertaining, light read, I do think these women will have a long, successful career.

The Year My Mother Came Back

A captivating and enjoyable read, one you will want to share with friends.


Dietland swerves suddenly and powerfully from chick lit to revenge fantasy.

Daughter of Deep Silence

Did I love and adore it as much as the Forest of Hands and Teeth books, not really. But did I enjoy it overall. Definitely!

Loving Day: A Novel

This novel about ambiguity and identity issues begins, around its midpoint, to have identity issues of its own. Mr. Johnson is a gifted writer, always worth reading on the topics of race and privilege.


It is ample praise to say that “Seveneves” would be a great way to pass the time while waiting for the end of the world.

The Shore: A Novel

The closed ecosystem of The Shore provides Taylor with an ideal setting for illuminating the course of Life over Time.


If you're looking for something dark and thrilling to read, please read Sarah Pinborough's Charm, because it offers you style, originality and good prose in a beautiful package.

Wearing God

How close can words come to capturing the infinite? But what else can we use, when words are all we have? Our language is capable, but the object of worship surpasses capability.

Have You Been Good?: A Memoir

Have You Been Good? reads as a jumble of archival bits and pieces, waiting for someone to ask the right questions, the ones that will begin to make sense of it all.