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How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir

“How to Murder Your Life” feels like an artifact from a previous New York, previous internet, previous calculus of celebrity.

The Invention of Angela Carter

This biography is witchy, in the best sense, as well.

Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life

A potent journey of depression that effectively testifies to unbearable pain and the consolation of literature.

My Utmost: A Devotional Memoir
Kirkus Reviews : My Utmost (February 10, 2017)

A fine core soured by the writer’s own story.

Rise: How a House Built a Family

One suspects that practiced writer Brookins knew that interjecting Adam’s mad forays into the mix, far from distracting, would make the final completion of Inkwell Manor seem all that much more heroic --- and she was correct in that assessment.

This Close to Happy

Sixteen years in the writing, it is a brisk 288 pages of personal revelation and the kind of general perception that gives you information you didn’t know about yourself. Above all, it’s compelling.

My Utmost: A Devotional Memoir

Halford’s book is billed as a memoir, but it’s really an ardently told, diligently researched intellectual biography of Chambers.

Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life

In the end that final conjuring trick was beyond her, but her fiction remains to haunt us with phantoms of female power, and female defeat.

The Girl from the Metropol Hotel: Growing Up in Communist Russia

This memoir shows us how Soviet life hurt Ludmilla Petrushevskaya into crystalline prose.

Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation

You will be closer to what is today’s state of scientific knowledge about the nature of time: an enchanting enigma.

The Men in My Life

Bosworth’s coming-of-age tale is emblematic of the times, when women were poised to take control of their own bodies, yet still confined by restrictive cultural norms and legal hurdles. (

Disaster Falls: A Family Story

The book reads more like journal entries or notes toward a book rather than a finished project. But it is also a testament to its power that we long to know more and wish that Gerson had put it in a drawer until he was ready to fully examine the unbearable.

Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age

The book feels less like a conventional memoir and more like a Muslim Girl manifesto, a slim volume that successfully educates readers on the insidiousness of Islamophobia while furthering the media-savvy author’s brand.

How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir

What’s missing is humor. Every generation needs its Carrie Fisher, perhaps even its Hunter S. Thompson, but this isn’t it.

This Close to Happy

It’s hard to find much solace within the relentless gloom—however insightfully explored—of one writer’s depression.

Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin

A brave, heart-rending narrative from the parents who lost their son far too soon.

The Cancer Whisperer: Finding Courage, Direction, and The Unlikely Gifts of Cancer

Sabbage proves to be an empathetic advocate for patients confronting one of the world's most unsparing and mystifying diseases.

How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir

There is no triumphant conclusion to this book, which Marnell began writing on the day it was originally due. It is the memoir of an addiction still going on, being negotiated everyday.

This Close to Happy

It is standard fare to say that books on depression are brave, but this one actually is. For all its highly personal focus, it is an important addition to the literature of mental illness.

Once We Were Sisters: A Memoir

In the end, this is a memoir of love, sorrow, sisterhood and privilege. It’s also a memoir of the limitations of such privilege — in particular, the inescapable tragedy of being born female in a patriarchal world, where all the money, beauty and breeding cannot protect you from a man who takes what he wants without consequence.