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My Girls
Kirkus Reviews : My Girls (June 05, 2018)

Fans of Reynolds and Fisher should be pleased by this satisfyingly rich look at their lives, in which the shocking bits are always mitigated by love and understanding.

Never Lost Again

Informative, entertaining reading for nontechies.


A rousing, exciting true story of remarkable resilience.

A Higher Loyalty

Comey may be self-righteous, but in 2018 and given the alternatives, that has come to look like a rather tolerable vice.

A Dangerous Woman

“A Dangerous Woman” may fall short in exploring the complexities of a clearly captivating woman, but Ronald’s group portrait of people of great wealth [...] is breathtaking and quite modern.

The Kings of Big Spring

[Mealer] paints a vivid portrait of Big Spring and the alterations to the town and its overarching ethos in the years his family dwelt there.

Jackie, Janet & Lee

These women dealt in surfaces, but that doesn’t mean they lacked depth. They made no achievements by any modern standard, but this deliciously readable book is not in the business of judging: It knows its value better than that.

The Wife's Tale

The book is always about Yetemegnu and the capacity for an “ordinary” woman like her to be bold, brave and unconventional within the constraints of her time and place.


While McGowan can be sanctimonious and self-aggrandizing, young women, particularly the celebrity-obsessed, have much to gain by reading “Brave.”

The Audacity of Inez Burns

Bloom tells a captivating story of Burns’ ascent, presented alongside San Francisco’s breathtaking transformation in the first decades of the 20th century.

The Kings of Big Spring

A big, eminently readable story, deftly spun even if with few surprises.