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Plague World

Fredsti’s book is populated by four-square, well-developed characters, and its witty and naturalistic dialogue, throbbing action sequences and sky-rocketing high stakes ensure that Plague World is as effortlessly readable as the first two entries in the series.

Fool's Assassin

[I] was more than happy with the whole of the novel and can’t wait to see where Hobb takes the story.

Slimy Underbelly

Anderson’s obviously found his niche. Readers who share it will be in zombie heaven, or wherever zombies would go if there were life after undeath.

Fool's Assassin

The novelists in any genre are rare who achieve it with Hobb’s combination of accessibility and moral authority.

Kirkus Reviews : Visions (August 25, 2014)

A thrilling mystery and multiple love interests leave plenty to explore in the next book.

The Angel of Losses

Readers may enjoy this two-tier story more for its accessible romantic and family dramas than its convoluted religious arcana, but Feldman devotes passionate storytelling and powerful narrative skills to both.

We Are All Completely Fine

Even if you’re not much of a horror fan, even if Lovecraft isn’t your jam, We Are All Completely Fine is worth your attention. Just pull up a chair, sit in on the support group. You’ll be drawn in in no time.

The Supernatural Enhancements

Spirits, ciphers, secret societies, and some funky pseudoscience involving the dangers of dreams make The Supernatural Enhancements a fun and addictive read.

The Angel of Losses

It has an interesting premise almost ruined by its lack of fundamental storytelling cues—and not in the good sense, where formal experimentation rewires the narrative in an unusual way.

The Queen of the Tearling

The Queen of the Tearling is a wonderful novel. If Johansen carries on the way she does, the series is sure to be well deserving of the epic fantasy tag.