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The Everything Box

After the 4th kidnapping, the werewolf fight, and the broken office microwave that was secretly a portal to another dimension, I wasn't anything except along for the ride.

Every Heart a Doorway

Every Heart a Doorway is the story about portal fantasies I never knew I needed.

The Everything Box

A supernatural comic caper that reads like one of the late Donald Westlake’s Dortmunder novels sprinkled with some fairy dust.

Springtime: A Ghost Story

There is much to love about this book, which is not a novel, but rather a short story—at its longest, possibly a novelette.

Arcadia: A novel

“Arcadia” leads readers into an escalating series of interconnected textual worlds and deliberately avoids helping them to achieve any final utopian vision.

Son of the Morning: A Novel

Son of the Morning lacks the traditional single hero...but its strength lies in the interesting elements of the mythology that Alder has constructed...

The Last Days of Magic: A Novel

While I enjoyed reading it, there is just a bit too much unfulfilled potential to allow me to gush about it the way I hoped I would.

A Gathering of Shadows

What else can I say about the wonder that is A Gathering of Shadows? I loved it, very, very much. I cannot believe I have to wait a whole year for the next book–I don’t quite know how I’ll manage.

The Last Days of Magic: A Novel

Mark Tompkins's debut is not an easy read. It's a dense tale packed with history (maybe overpacked) but if you have the patience for a bit of a slower read I think you'll find it's quite fascinating.

The Bands of Mourning

The Bands of Mourning is largely more of the same in terms of action, adventure and mystery, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it would have been nice to have a better-paced development of the overall plot driving the trilogy.

A Gathering of Shadows

A Gathering Of Shadows is still a lively, quick-moving fantasy that makes sure fans will know its characters well enough to care when, at long last, that otherworldly threat comes for them.

The Library at Mount Char

The Library At Mount Char is the book for you. Just as long as you can stomach gore and violence.

Arcadia: A novel

An excellent book but it definitely requires patience to understand what is happening.


Winterwood does work quite well as a standalone, though, so while it will be a welcome return to the world and the characters there's not really a crazy cliffhanger waiting to be resolved.

In Another Life

In Another Life is the kind of romantic and mysterious read that gives you tingles even from the start. You know, that feeling that tells you you're embarking on a fabulous fictional journey.

In Another Life

A compelling tale of forgiveness and redemption, weaving together “then” and “now,” and revealing the steadfast power of love.

Eleanor: A Novel

Gurley’s attempts at genre bending just leave the novel feeling broken.

Kirkus Reviews : Kingfisher (February 02, 2016)

Fantasy lovers looking for a lighter touch amid all those vampires, zombies, werewolves, and industrial-strength malefactors will find this a refreshing change of pace.

City of Blades

Blades is the better entry point into the series. Read this one first and then, if you fall just as hard for the world as I have, go back and read Stairs to get your fill of all the strangeness and wonderment of the world in the days when the gods still walked tall upon it.

City of Blades

City of Blades brings back all of the favorite characters from City of Stairs, which is a great thing because they all had a genuine connection with each other.