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Beauty's Kingdom

Hard-core? Yes. Overwritten? For sure. Guilty pleasure? Absolutely.

The Grace of Kings

There are such excellent things about The Grace of Kings and the book gets better and better toward the ending. The female characters, when they appear, are wonderful.

A Crown for Cold Silver

A Crown for Cold Silver drags epic fantasy through the mud — but it does so with wit, wonder and wisdom.

The Grace of Kings

I'm astonished to note that this is a debut, that Liu can pull something like this off after an amazing, award-sweeping run of short fiction.

The Grace of Kings

A reasonable start, on the whole; let’s see where the series goes.

A Blink of the Screen: Collected Shorter Fiction

This collection of shorter fiction contains flickers of what would become future characters in the Discworld series, along with personal observations on, and grumblings at, the human condition.

The Wicked: A Novel

The Wicked is dark and suspense driven.

Voyage of the Basilisk

It's a stylistic pastiche aware of how interconnected the world is, a Victorian travelogue that tries to laugh at itself, and a character study of a woman who never lost that childhood love of dragons.

Old Man's Ghosts

A strong, confident effort from Lloyd, who is surely set to dominate the genre with an opulent, tangible world, captivating readers’ imaginations. It’s even worth reading for the wonderfully inventive exclamations and cuss words alone.

The Skull Throne

I have been enjoying The Demon Cycle through the first three books and even more after The Skull Throne; I love the world building and enjoy the characters, but is also rewarding to see a writer’s skill and prowess grow from one novel to the next.

The Whispering Swarm

Moorcock’s premise is intriguing, and without a doubt he can still produce some of the most polished and skilful prose of anyone working in the field.


If you've ever read fairy tales and have found them fascinating, do yourself a big favour and read this retelling of Snow White.

Madness in Solidar

If you're already familiar with this series, I can recommend this novel to you, because it's immersive and well written entertainment.

The Just City

I have no doubt that The Just City will appeal to fans of previous works by Jo Walton who enjoy this writer’s intelligence and clarity of prose.

The Mechanical

While merely the warm-up for what promises to be a uniquely compelling series, The Mechanical is as intricate and exquisite as the clockwork wonders it brings to life.

The Fire Sermon

The Fire Sermon is an undeniable page-turner.

The Fire Sermon

With its well-built world, vivid characters and suspenseful plot, this book, the first in a planned trilogy, is poised to become the next must-read hit.

The Mechanical

Not quite yet peak Tregillis, but his fans—and other readers with an interest in dark, intelligent fantasy—will find much to admire here.

Vision In Silver

The world building is wonderful. There’s lots of conflict between the HFL, the crumbling relations between humans and the Others, and the ticking time bomb of Meg’s addiction.

Trigger Warning

He’s like a conjurer who shows us how the magic trick is worked, joins us in laughing at its transparency and simplicity, and makes us believe in it anyway.