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Bathing the Lion

Though short, the novel is not a breezy read; it's a quiet, character-driven musing on the value of life and death that lovers of magical realism should embrace but that readers wishing for a more cohesive story will find frustrating.

Of Bone and Thunder

Memorable and deeply satisfying—a fitting tribute to those who serve.


We read this book for its engaging plot, and perhaps we do think about what it means to connect, for as the characters wander through Richard’s house, the vistas of the present, the past, and the future reveal that neither the living nor the dead are able to grasp how to understand one another while staying true to themselves.

We Are Not Good People

An action-filled urban fantasy that offers absorbing storytelling in a gritty atmosphere of crime and a merciless, often ugly, magic built on violence.

Die and Stay Dead

A repetitive and unfocused setup for a third novel.

Die and Stay Dead
Kirkus Reviews : Die and Stay Dead (September 30, 2014)

A repetitive and unfocused setup for a third novel.

Die and Stay Dead
Kirkus Reviews : Die and Stay Dead (September 30, 2014)

A repetitive and unfocused setup for a third novel.


The rooms of the Walker house aren't haunted, but haunting.

Kirkus Reviews : Rooms (September 25, 2014)

This satisfying novel will be enjoyed by Oliver's fans and bring new ones to the fold.


It is not an escapist novel. It is not something one can read from cover to cover and expect to glean any meaningful insight from it.


I could never quite get to the bottom of the “so what?” question with Rooms. Life (and even the afterlife) is hard, and people get hurt. So what? Well, I’m still not really sure.


Rooms is a fun, engaging and fast read. There is real content in the very believable characters’ attempts to make sense of their lives.

City of Stairs

City of Stairs is just shy of utter perfection for two reasons. The second half comes with several moments of clunky exposition in marked contrast with the sophisticated first half of the novel. It actually dangerously veers toward “idiot lecture” i.e. let’s make sure our readers understand exactly what we are doing here.


Ultimately, Rooms is a frustrating read, a book that has promise but fails in its execution.

City of Stairs

As someone with a deep and abiding interest in war, colonialism, power, genocide, oppression, and a love of bad-ass monster killing scenes, City of Stairs was just the right mix of awesome for me.

The Angel of Losses

In terms of subject and style this won't be a book that fits every reader's tastes - but what book ever does? It's likely too the kind of book that needs to be approached in a frame of mind.

City of Stairs

Exciting, extremely well-written, and thought-provoking, City of Stairs is a perfect example of high fantasy and in general an amazing novel.

Broken Homes

Much of Broken Homes feels like groundwork being laid for future books, and for the explosive twist that comes at the end of Broken Homes.

The Midnight Queen

Sylvia Izzo Hunter has crafted an impressive debut novel and begun a provocative series.

Child of a Hidden Sea

Child of A Hidden Sea is a fantastic journey of self-discovery and coming of age, all set against a vibrant fantasy world backdrop.