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Moth and Spark: A Novel

Ir you are looking for something to satisfy your high fantasy or dragon withdraws, you might feel like you are missing something but it’s worth a read for the love story!


Repino is interested in showing us, if events like these were to somehow transpire, the one shred of hope that would exist.

The City Stained Red

A great deal of shouting, soul-searching and swordplay adding up to nothing very much.

The Just City

The Just City is a glorious example of one of the primary purposes of speculative fiction: serving as a map to the potentials and miseries of a possible world. But it is also a map that should be scrawled with the words, “here be dragons.”

The Just City

If you’re the kind of reader who keeps Edith Hamilton’s Mythology and Plato’s works handy at all times, and enjoys contemplating hard-core questions of sentience, justice, and free will, I’m confident that you’ll love The Just City.

The Globe: The Science of Discworld II: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : The Globe (January 20, 2015)

It's baffling why this appealingly distinctive offshoot (there are two volumes still to come) of the wildly popular Discworld yarns took so long to cross the Atlantic.

The Just City

Brilliant, compelling, and frankly unputdownable, this will do what your Intro to Philosophy courses probably couldn't: make you want to read The Republic.

The Whispering Swarm

This first book in a planned trilogy requires, but also rewards, patient readers and holds out plenty of promise for its sequels.

City of Dark Magic: A Novel

It was a good debut novel and I am glad that I read this though I am disappointed that I read this after reading the second book, I would much rather have read this one and then book two. Luckily I have the second book to re-read!

City of Stairs

City of Stairs is one of my favourite books of 2014 and I’ll definitely be back for more Robert Jackson Bennett in the future.

The King's Deryni

As you would expect, Kurtz writes beautifully, and she engages her readers with her deft accounts of history, genealogy and medieval ritual.

City of Stairs

City of Stairs is a fantastic cross-genre read, one I'd definitely recommend to anyone in the mood for a cerebral plot and fabulously rich world building.

The Silvered

While this is a stand-alone, I’m looking forward to reading more work from Tanya Huff.

The Magician's Land: A Novel

Like the first two books in this series, The Magician’s Land had me hooked from page one.


Endsinger proves that, with cultural appropriation issues taken into account, he can successfully bring the themes and action of a fantasy trilogy to a successful conclusion.

Broken Homes

While I was not too happy with the pace of this book (middle of a series doldrums), this book is a must read for those who love police procedural, London, and magic.

The Secrets of Life and Death

The Secrets of Life and Death suffers mostly from ambition and clutter.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things

There’s a sense that Rothfuss has chosen every one of those words with great care and precision, using them to tell a story that’s lyrical, heart-felt and unique.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things

The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a charming, if rather melancholic tale, that leaves the reader feeling rather sad that it has finished.