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The Strays

This story of bohemian living is about more than champagne and cigars; the strong bonds, bleak outcomes and moral struggles of its central female characters give? The Strays its substance.

Signs Preceding the End of the World

Herrera’s great achievement lies in elevating the harsh epic of “crossing” to the “other side” to soaring myth.

The Dirty Dust: Cré na Cille

Translating Cré na Cille cannot have been easy. Titley is one of the few — in the world — who possesses the necessary combination of linguistic and literary skills required for the task, and he has made a difficult work readable and accessible in more ways than one.

Binary Star

Binary Star suspends us in this state, and our stomachs lurch only when the ride stops.

The Other Joseph

Though the story remains quiet, the possibilities for disaster lurk everywhere.

Seiobo There Below

The seventeen pieces that make up Seiobo There Below are brilliantly crafted tesserae, but when we put all the pieces together the mosaic reveals more – more of Seiobo, more truth – than its individual parts.

Fifteen Dogs

Fifteen Dogs is the best written, cleverest, and most involving book I’ve read in a long time.

The Blondes

The Blondes is a sharp, funny, self-aware thriller that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and would be a great travel companion for plane flights, beach trips, or long train rides.

Whispering Shadows: A Novel

This novel explores a side of Hong Kong tourists rarely experience, but it has a conclusion that feels rushed despite action that moves at an almost glacial pace.

The Fishermen: A Novel

A powerful, haunting tale of grief, healing, and sibling loyalty.

Fifteen Dogs

A clever exploration of our essence, communication, and how our societies are organized.

Play for Me: A Novel

A promising premise sadly underdeveloped.

Adeline: A Novel of Virginia Woolf

Does Woolf really get so much positive attention that Vincent’s uncharitable portrait provides a needed corrective?

The Blondes
Kirkus Reviews : The Blondes (April 21, 2015)

A nail-biter that is equal parts suspense, science fiction, and a funny, dark sendup of the stranglehold of gender.

After Birth

Despite Ari’s hardships, After Birth is very much the battle cry of a fortunate, middle-class mother and sometimes smacks of privilege.

Whispering Shadows: A Novel

Whispering Shadows is wonderfully told and beautifully written. The ending is a surprise, a nugget that one hardly expects to find at the end of a path full of thorns.

The Fishermen: A Novel

This is a dark and beautiful book by a writer with seemingly endless promise.

The Children's Crusade: A Novel

So the long, aimless slog through “The Children’s Crusade” begins with not that fascinating a family. And it ends with not that revelatory a resolution.

Hausfrau: A Novel

As a study of malaise, Hausfrau is smart and well-rendered, but as tragedy it lacks resonance, flat-lining as it does from beginning to end.