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Self-Portrait with Boy

The writing is beautiful and unafraid. Lyon captures Brooklyn in the ’90s wonderfully as she builds the battle between squatters, the landlords to whom they pay rent, and the developers on the verge of a real estate revolution.

The Château

The Chateau suffers for this occasionally (mostly in odd, over-long passages about design or the repeated misplacement of plot threads), but it is also the book's strength.

How to Stop Time

In How to Stop Time, Mr. Haig capitalizes on society’s fascination with living forever to show us what it might be like to truly do so.


Asymmetry is a guidebook to being bigger than ourselves.

Don't Skip Out on Me

A powerful, haunting portrayal of lives rendered in unflinching, understated prose.


Writing, says Halliday, is a challenge that should be taken on with humility — and with the understanding that you might get something wrong. But just because a situation is complicated, she says, doesn't mean you should back away from it.

Self-Portrait with Boy

Self-Portrait With Boy is a smart novel about the narcissistic ambition that's needed to succeed, especially in the art world, especially in New York.

Stickle Island
Kirkus Reviews : Stickle Island (February 06, 2018)

An English social comedy that begins with promise but fails to develop into a fully satisfying novel.

Kirkus Reviews : Asymmetry (February 06, 2018)

A singularly conceived graft of one narrative upon another; what grows out of these conjoined stories is a beautiful reflection of life and art.

King Zeno

Rich sabotages his tale with a melodramatic, violent climax that would make a B-movie director blush. This material is more Stallone than Tarantino. Nathaniel Rich is better than this.


With a novel that is inventive in scope, masterful in execution, she does for Ugandan literature what Chinua Achebe did for Nigerian writing.