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Your Face in Mine: A Novel

Whereas Baldwin skillfully explained the ­minority experience of black rage to a ­majority white readership, Row gamely explains the experience of white guilt to the same audience.

Home Leave

Sonnenberg is most interesting when she allows herself flights into the otherworldly.

The Invention of Exile: A Novel

“The Invention of Exile” never really inhabits its historical setting as anything more than a costume.

F: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : F (September 01, 2014)

German writer Kehlmann takes us on a strange and enigmatic journey here.

Dear Committee Members: A novel

I do hope you’ll take a moment to pass this book on to others. If you are so inclined, feel free to include a note.

Astonish Me: A novel

There is so much drama and heartfelt emotion in the story and I loved every page of it.

Mr. Gwyn

The two intriguingly interconnected novellas that make up “Mr. Gwyn” are beguilingly strange, somewhat reminiscent of Haruki Murakami’s fiction in the way they wander in what’s actually a tightly controlled simulation of aimlessness.

Before, During, After

For all the novel’s lovely description of romance “before,” Bausch is even more insightful when he follows the corrosive effects of anxiety “after.”

One Evening in Paris

This is a beautiful, old-fashioned, simplistic love story, set in modern day Paris that will restore your child-like belief that anything can happen, no matter how surreal or magical.

Ruby: A Novel

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

We Are Not Ourselves: A Novel

We Are Not Ourselves took 10 years to write, and justifies every one of them.

We Are Not Ourselves: A Novel

We Are Not Ourselves is intense and uninhibited and beautiful.

F: A Novel

It’s a great book, stunningly written, but I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you are prone to melancholy.

Em and the Big Hoom: A Novel

More clarity would have been welcome. Em’s a star, but she can’t support a whole novel.

We Are Called to Rise: A Novel

We Are Called To Rise is a novel that despite an almost overwhelming sadness, manages to celebrate and give power to the ability of human beings to keep going when the odds are stacked against them.


Wonderland is built of fragments – scraps of memory, of the peripatetic life on the road, of sex and drugs and rock and roll as art – as it must necessarily be, to convey its hero’s passage into maturity. In chronicling her journey, D’Erasmo has again given us a wise, wonderful gift.