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Mister Monkey

In what presents itself as a modest, mischievous little novel, Francine Prose has, modestly and mischievously, given us a great work.

The Angel of History: A Novel

To dwell within Jacob’s mind and to read Alameddine’s prose is to see loss, if not mastered, then at least made into lively and living art.

Perfume River: A Novel

This novel is more a meditation than a page-turner; it’s mournful, with a literal funeral at its turning point. In spite of its various points of view, it returns, as it must, to the protagonist, a man in need of a reckoning.

News of the World

I loved the scenery painted by Jiles's prose. I am, somewhat, familiar with modern day Texas but admittedly haven't roamed the countryside that much.

The Nix: A novel

If you’re looking for a book that will keep you entertained and also make you think, and will take more than a couple of nights to read, you can’t go wrong with The Nix.

Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold

Caliban’s imagined afterlife sheds some light on Felix and the inmates’ possible futures, so perhaps the title is meant to call attention to that shift, which adds one last layer of The Tempest across Atwood’s brilliant tale, taking it past the last pages of the book and allowing it to linger in our minds even as we close its back cover.

The Other Einstein: A Novel

It’s a shame The Other Einstein isn’t better because it’s so relevant.

A House Without Windows

This, perhaps, is this novel’s greatest endeavor: When you finish this book, do not forget what you’ve read. Do something.

Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold
Kirkus Reviews : Hag-Seed (October 11, 2016)

Deliberate and carefully built, this novel rarely pulls off true theater’s magic of transforming glitter confetti into fairy dust.

The Angel of History: A Novel

The Angel of History is an allegory, a 304-page meditation on love and death in the post-AIDS era of terrorism, S&M, drones, and pet cats — a mock epic with nods to Milton and Walter Benjamin.

Under the Udala Trees

Despite the violence, Okparanta’s narrative style is graceful and understated.


The true impact of Jerusalem emerges from this strain of redemption, which reveals that all roads of loss—loss of money, family, friends, dreams—end in the place of our betters, where children, banded together from misery, watch over the rest of us like the angels we can become.

Do Not Say We Have Nothing: A Novel

Mythic yet realistic, panoramic yet intimate, intellectual yet romantic—Thien has written a concerto dauntingly complex and deeply haunting.


It’s a book that doesn’t quite measure up to its ambitions.

Do Not Say We Have Nothing: A Novel

Thien writes with the mastery of a conductor who is as in command of the symphony’s tempo as she is attuned to the nuances of each individual instrument.

The Televangelist

Hatem provides the witty-yet-slapstick brand of dark humor that Arabs expect from Egyptians.

News of the World

The beauty of this novel, and much of its emotional power, comes from the writer’s masterful ability to build absorbing, dramatic scenes.

The Story of a Brief Marriage

The Story of a Brief Marriage is a worthwhile read. It turns our focus not only on the brutality of war, but also on the blessing of life.

Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down

Valente is a promising writer. She should write something else.

Multiple Choice

It is funny, melancholy, surprising. It is silly at times, profound at others.