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California: A Novel

California was a good read and one that I did enjoy, for the most part.

Limonov: The Outrageous Adventures of the Radical Soviet Poet Who Became a Bum in New York, a Sensation in France, and a Political Antihero in Russia
Kirkus Reviews : Limonov (October 21, 2014)

A searching portrait of an arrogant, heroic and willful man—a mix of Jean Genet, Don Quixote and King Lear.


Even where the plot is stormy, her prose is serene. Not even gorgeous is a strong enough word for what grandeur charges the pages of Lila.

The Last Lover

The Last Lover proves exhausting. The crispness of Annelise Wasmoen’s translation notwithstanding, much of the prose is irritatingly fey.


The book is, like Robinson’s other books, a little jewel. Her finely crafted text sometimes takes on a poetic feel and she is a master of those moving denouements that bring a tear to the eyes.

The Betrayers: A Novel

“The Betrayers” can serve as a master class for fledgling writers, and an inspiration for any reader trying to figure out how novels will be saved.

The Zone of Interest: A novel

The Zone of Interest is a frustration. Amis only has so many books left in him. This is a rather large mulligan very near the end.

Nora Webster: A Novel

"Nora Webster" is a surprising book. It's provincial, gray, pensive, good-hearted and may actually be a perfect work of fiction. At the least, it's very very good.

Some Luck: A novel

The rolling out of all those life events, big and small, have a cumulative, thought-provoking effect.

The Zone of Interest: A novel

This turns out to be a much more volatile irony, and a more resonant one, than any of Amis’ more controlled and controlling satirical interventions.

Wolf in White Van

The book is not the kind of rallying cry or dark comfort that Mountain Goats fans are used to, but a complex meditation—partially about the potential costs of those very cries and comforts.

How to Build a Girl

Johanna may fumble in projecting her vision to the world, but her internal monologue speaks with the steady wisdom and pointing wit of a certain world-famous 39-year-old humorist.

Slate : A Likeness of Wings (October 06, 2014)

Lila is easily the richest and most satisfying in this triptych of masterly works.

Consumed: A Novel
Slate : Bibliodrome (October 07, 2014)

Cronenberg’s prose reads as though he’s transcribing the sound and image of a movie he hasn’t made.

The Human Body

All of the elements for this to be an amazing novel are there; they just need more page space to take root and to blossom – something they did not get.

Some Luck: A novel

“Some Luck” resembles the kind of series that now reign on television, where every episode concludes with loose ends. Still, we get hooked on the characters’ foibles, flaws and unresolved dilemmas, and we can’t stop. We don’t care if we have to wait another week to find out what happens.

On the Edge
Kirkus Reviews : On the Edge (October 15, 2014)

Diverting but minor early work from a major novelist.