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4 3 2 1

In 4 3 2 1 Auster has combined these two genres to show what fiction can do in the real world, and to offer a defense of art in a time of political turmoil.

The Impossible Fortress: A Novel

Rekulak’s writing style is so visual and his story so neat and contained it practically begs to be adapted into a movie.

A Separation: A Novel

The buried grief and emotional distance that first seem so off-putting are what ends up lending A Separation its haunting force.

Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel

Lincoln In The Bardo is a postmodern masterpiece.

The Twenty Days of Turin: A Novel

Some of the allegorical meaning might be lost on those unfamiliar with Turin's history, but for anyone with a computer living in the 21st Century, it is rife with eerily accurate commentary on our current situation.

The Keeper of Lost Things

Readers looking for some undemanding, old-fashioned storytelling with a sprinkling of magic will find it here.

Autumn: A Novel

Smith’s writing is light and playful, deceptively simple, skipping along like a stone on the surface of a lake, brimming with humanity and bending, despite everything, toward hope.

The One Inside: A novel

“The One Inside” may be a minor Shepard work, but it provides a sharp-edged distillation of the themes that have preoccupied him throughout his career,

All Our Wrong Todays: A Novel

All quibbles aside, the mechanics of this time-travelling adventure do lead to some fascinating insights.

Universal Harvester

Universal Harvester warns that the art you make may not matter to anyone but you. The story you tell may not be heard. Your grief may go unheralded.


Shadowbahn isn't the novel we deserve, it is the novel we need. The novel we need to Save American From Itself.

Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel

Lincoln in the Bardo may not be what you would describe as a read-in-one-sitting kind of novel, but it will stick with you long after you've finished it.

The One Inside: A novel

Cheerless but atmospheric and precisely observed, very much of a piece with Shepard’s other work.

The Woman Next Door

Throughout the novel, the historical legacy and ongoing implications of structural racism are apparent, but Omotoso also touches on issues such as resentment, betrayal, secrecy and shame, all of which give THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR broad emotional resonance beyond its cultural specificity.

Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel

Lincoln In The Bardo is not an easy book, but it gets easier with the reading. At the start, it jags, loops, interrupts itself a thousand times.

Perfect Little World

The utopian Infinite Family Project may be flawed from the get-go, but Wilson's "perfect little world" of a novel pretty much lives up to its title.

4 3 2 1

It's a stunningly ambitious novel, and a pleasure to read. Auster's writing is joyful, even in the book's darkest moments, and never ponderous or showy.

The Twenty Days of Turin: A Novel

It was a book written for a different world. And the most disturbing thing about it is how appropriate it is for ours.

Autumn: A Novel

Free spirits and the lifeforce of art — along with kindness, hope, and a readiness "to be above and beyond the foul even when we're up to our eyes in it" — are, when you get down to it, what Smith champions in this stirring novel.

Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel

What's not a question is the achievement of Lincoln in the Bardo. Like the president who graces its pages, it's monumental.