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Turtles All the Way Down

This is Green’s darkest, most complex work to date but I suspect many readers will thank him for it.

Future Home of the Living God

Clearly, as the widespread heightened appreciation of The Handmaid's Tale indicates, this is the right cultural moment for feminist dystopian fiction. That's good news, at least for literature.

Future Home of the Living God

Future Home of the Living God is a deeply frustrating novel, all the more so because Erdrich is capable of much better than this.

Future Home of the Living God

Future Home of the Living God not only lives up to Ms. Erdrich’s reputation and surpasses it.

Manhattan Beach: A Novel

I enjoyed the novel for its historical perspective, but this appears to be yet another book I enjoyed that others are not able to finish.


Whichever way you choose to read it, print or audio, Sourdough is unique and fabulous. Definitely one I highly recommend!

Across the China Sea

The title of the book comes from a crate filled with oranges that came across the China Sea and ended up in the attic of Norway’s psychiatric hospital, where Papa finds it and decides to use it as a bed for the children he has with Mama.

The End We Start From

Certainly the environmental crisis that propels the action in Hunter’s debut is compelling and horrific, even/especially since its true toll is glimpsed only in tiny shards and fragments... But the true drama is something far more universal, prosaic and nevertheless wondrous...

The Ninth Hour

Young Jane Young: A Novel

Throughout Zevin’s exploration of how women manage this behind-the-scenes work runs the question: Can you ever really escape your past? By the end of Young Jane Young, the question has shifted: Should you even have to?

This Is How It Begins

In other hands, it is easy to imagine this story as an unwieldy Goldfinch-like brick of a novel. But Dempsey does not succumb to meandering prose or even particularly evocative imagery. The power of the story lies in its parable-like simplicity.

The Power

It's a dark story, to be sure, and a pretty brutally violent one as well. And things don't necessarily come to a nice neat ending for any of our main characters. But it's also a powerful and thought provoking read as well, one that's earned Alderman heaps of praise so far.

Wolf Season

Told with honesty and empathy, Wolf Season is a contemporary tale about how the war always comes home.

Flood: A Novel

In a way, Flood paints a depressing portrait of middle America that could be the image of Anytown, USA.

Turtles All the Way Down

The beauty of the language contained within these pages alone is enough to make this novel worth the read.

The Red Beach Hut

It would be a shame if this book were not widely read, as it has a profound message for the way we live.

The Floating World: A Novel

What's more, Babst brings the reader so close to her characters that intimacy periodically comes at the expense of basic logistics.

Mrs. Osmond: A novel

Words, words, words, as Hamlet says. It is not in this verbal frou-frou but rather in the drama of Isabel's revenge that Banville's story shows its true strength.

Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance

A lean, fantastical, swift-kick-in-the-pants of a read, Radio Free Vermont may not save the world — but it succeeds wildly in making the formidable prospect of resistance feel a bit more fun.