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In these pages, Ms. Straub gives us lots of sharp, unfiltered snapshots of a Brooklyn in the throes of transition.

Sweetbitter: A novel

Bittersweet and as vainglorious as any young, first-heartbreak, ’I Will Survive’ scenario could be, the book matches in confidence and self-belief its author’s pitch to the dining publisher.

Sweetbitter: A novel

This excellent writer knows too well that “a certain connoisseurship of taste, a mark of how you deal with the world, is the ability to relish the bitter, to crave it even, the way you do the sweet.”

The Sky Over Lima

Charming if a bit precious, Bárcena’s novel is both a love letter to the creative process and a contemplation on the sometimes-blurred line between life and art.

Girls on Fire

Simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming.

The 100 Year Miracle

A vivid setting, credible science, and flashes of dry wit aren’t enough to balance the gloom of this not-so-thrilling thriller.

Girls on Fire

I didn't really like Girls on Fire. It's just a little too everything for my taste.

A Country Road, A Tree: A novel

Yet for all its deliberate obscurities, “A Country Road, a Tree” is much less radical in style and conception than the man Baker has chosen to honor.

Mothering Sunday: A Romance

Swift is a writer’s writer, and his language is devastatingly sharp (not for nothing did he win the Man Booker Prize). He dances us through Jane’s inner monologue, finding every single mot juste for stained sheets or contraceptive caps or orchids.

Girls on Fire

In a world where Gen-X holds no sway because we are too small a generation to drive much of anything, Girls on Fire reminds us of who we are and what we have overcome.

The Sport of Kings

Her pace frequently slows to a dream-crawl as she scrutinizes the natural world as if cell by cell. Then, with the flick of a thoroughbred’s tail, we are catapulted generations forward or back.


She mingles the enduring pain with humor, ceremony, ritual, legacy, reparations both real and false, and so much love, blending ceaselessly until no separate parts remain but one beautiful novel.

The Sport of Kings

“The Sport of Kings” roils with anger and shimmers with beauty. It is a contemporary masterpiece.

Ways to Disappear

Novey has crafted a delightfully metafictional and metatranslational exploration into the creation and appreciation of literature, and about choosing to live a meaningful life, whatever that means to each of us.

Eleven Hours

An indelible portrait of two women coming to terms with the desire, fear, crushing losses and fragile joys that have carved their lives, and who know what it means to fight every hour, every minute, to take another breath.

Before the Wind: A novel

Unlike his namesake, Joshua Slocum Johannssen doesn’t circumnavigate the globe, but in this lovably obsessive work, Lynch’s microcosm will do just as well.