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Grief Is the Thing with Feathers

Porter’s book is a gift in its understanding of the sounds and reverberations of grief.

The Reactive

The Reactive allows us the privilege of waiting along with him.

The Girls: A Novel

Much of the novel plays out like a coming-of-age story, tracking Evie’s journey of discovery and growth into the world.

Swallowed by the Cold

In the face of life’s random violence and disquieting volatility, Beach’s collection offers an unforgettable affirmation of the interconnectedness of all things.

Barkskins: A Novel

With Barkskins it seems that Proulx cast the net too wide, overlooking what can be captured only by going deeper, bringing up to the surface the attributes of storytelling that excite and move us.

The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai is not about the mysteries of genius, male or female, but rather a return to an old ancient Greek lesson about fate and chance.

Girls on Fire

. As a novel for adults, it’s a teenager dressed up in provocative clothes and garish make-up, desperately trying to look old enough to get served at the bar.

Heat and Light

Haigh’s story is so even-handed that you will come away with sympathy for both the buyers and the sellers, and with real compassion for those who struggle with the technology that has invaded and in some cases, transformed their lives.


This mighty thriller will exhaust you and fool you, astonish you and hold you in its clutches. You may wish you could close your eyes, but they’ll be stuck wide open.

Nitro Mountain: A novel

Nitro Mountain feels like sixty polished pages stapled to another hundred of unedited notes.

Girls on Fire

Girls on Fire illustrates, at times brutally, the powerful hold teenage girls’ friends and friendships can exert on their beliefs, their self-image, their entire lives.

Smoke: A Novel

Vyleta, whose previous novel, The Crooked Maid, was shortlisted for the Giller Prize in 2013, has a knack for world building, and ambition to spare. His philosophical musings, on the other hand, feel a bit simplistic by novel’s end. Smoke, like sin, doesn’t have to be seen as wholly good or bad.

The Girls: A Novel

So finely spun, it’s as if Cline’s prose is holding up a magnifying glass to the atmospheric pressure that surrounds fast friendship between girls – these girls, that is.

Kirkus Reviews : Guapa (March 08, 2016)

Those looking for a nuanced portrait of gay life in the modern Middle East will find plenty to admire in this flawed but promising debut.

Grief Is the Thing with Feathers

Elegant, imaginative, and perfectly paced. A contribution to the literature of grief and to literature in general.


The novel is gracefully composed, though its final envoi feels extraneous – an unusual case of leaving one wanting to know less about the story’s end.

The Queue

Along with this doubling effect of truth and fiction, the book operates within a number of similar binaries.

Kay's Lucky Coin Variety

Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety is the kind of book for which many have been hungering for too long.

The Painter of Souls: A Novel

In contrast, the process of creation is finely drawn, both the physical labor — the grinding of the pigments, the scraping of the palette knife, the boiling of the glue — and the meditative concentration it ­induces.

Modern Lovers

“Modern Lovers” is a wise, sophisticated romp through the pampered middle-aged neuroses of urban softies.