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Loving Day: A Novel

Loving Day tackles a serious subject matter with a biting wit.

The Book of Speculation

There are a lot of things The Book of Speculation does well, from its sturdy premise to its rich language to its ultimate observations about family, history, and fate. Unfortunately, being a gripping read isn't one of them.

Lurid & Cute

“Lurid & Cute” does so many things right that it feels almost unfair to conclude that it nonetheless fails to do something essential. It is a series of traits in search of a character, a series of observations in search of a world, a series of events in search of a story.


this is a story that's haunted by death and sorrow and the terrible heartbreak of growing old. It captures the panic and the desperation of turning the corner on youth.

Muse: A novel

By the novel’s conclusion you feel like you can forgive Mr. Galassi for the rocky start and hope he writes a second one. But a quick synopsis from this reviewer would suggest a few words that every publisher dreads to hear: You may want to wait for the paperback on this one.

Eight Hundred Grapes: A Novel

A light but predictable story about growing up and taking responsibility.

The Book of Speculation

If you love the lure of old books and stories about long lost secrets, you will adore The Book of Speculation.

The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel

A charming novel that believes in the healing properties of fiction, romance, and a summer in the south of France.

Muse: A novel

What’s written on the ­pages remains just as powerful, just as real — and few know that better than Jonathan Galassi.

The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty

It captures an anarchic, contradictory strain of the spirit: We may brayingly announce ourselves to the world and crave its notice, but we desire freedom from the self too, the freedom to be someone else or perhaps to be no one at all.

In the Country: Stories

Clearly a writer with enchanting powers, Alvar wills us to crisscross the globe with them all over again.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry: A Novel

A touching, sometimes-funny, often wise portrait of grief.

China Rich Girlfriend: A Novel

Over-the-top and hard to stop. A third installment is promised.

A Head Full of Ghosts

Creepy, dark and often quite sad, Tremblay's latest is unique and unpredictable. The information readers have, in the end, proves unreliable, making A Head Full of Ghosts haunting in a psychological, postmodern way.

Book of Numbers: A Novel

Buried amidst the techspeak...is a fascinating story of the power of high-tech’s most successful firms and the fate of privacy in a world in which everyone is connected. Cohen the fledgling novelist is a riveting character, especially in the book’s quieter, more contemplative moments.

The House of Hawthorne: A Novel

For those who enjoyed Erika’s previous novels, you definitely have to pick this one up. And for all those historical fiction readers, this one definitely now belongs on your list!


It’s tempting to call the novel surreal or cartoonish, but it’s really only the violent retributions that are unrealistic – young girls and servicewomen are gang-raped in vignettes lifted wholesale from the headlines, and the suggestive images of women’s bodies targeted by Jennifer need no embellishment.

The Sunken Cathedral: A Novel

Reader, you may recognize pieces of yourself and beloveds here. Sharp, richly imagined, “The Sunken Cathedral” serves — like much of Walbert’s work — as a lovely manifesto: Attention must be paid.

The Illuminations

“The Illuminations” is deftly orchestrated and quietly moving. It satisfies in much the same way that his previous fine novel, “Be Near Me,” did.

The Green Road: A Novel

Enright’s writing is by turns lyrical and aphoristic, depending on whose story she is entering, but she never loses the fine sense of irony that is a thread throughout her work.