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The Idiot

“The Idiot” is not just a campus novel but also a vibrant novel of ideas, and we see in young Selin a nascent literary scholar and travel writer with a propensity for analysis, connections and mordant wit.

Exit West: A Novel

“Exit West” is lit with hope. Hamid has said that “part of the great political crisis we face in the world today is a failure to imagine plausible desirable futures,” and that “fiction can imagine differently.”

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

The novel is an alluring escape, a satisfying and vivid fable that uses an Akha belief to tap into our own longings for coincidence.

Edgar and Lucy

For all of its existential searching, “Edgar and Lucy” ends up being a riveting and exuberant ride, maybe best described by its young protagonist’s musings about his nascent life.

The Kingdom

While it lacks the force of Carrère’s magnificent Limonov, and though the interventionist approach can be irksome, The Kingdom is full of riches, impassioned and fanatically honest.

Exit West: A Novel

The skies in Hamid’s novel are as likely to be populated by helicopters, drones and bombs as they are by dreams and twinkling stars.


Vivid and immersive, Pachinko is a rich tribute to a people that history seems intent on erasing.

The Zero and the One: A Novel

The Zero and The One is a rare oddity within mainstream publishing: a small, complex novel that equally entertains and challenges the reader.

The Idiot

The central meaning here seems to be simple: Life is a mundane process that plays out over dull conversations and seemingly unimportant crushes, but it’s the banal that creates a self.

The Weight of This World

The story is what brings you to THE WEIGHT OF THIS WORLD, but you will want to stay (and keep reading non-stop) because of Joy’s exquisite prose, particularly his rough-hewn dialogue, which is as authentic as it can possibly get.

Ill Will: A Novel
Bookreporter : Ill Will (March 11, 2017)

Have you ever read a book that you liked so much that you were sad to have turned the last page, since you would never again be able to experience reading it for the first time? You will feel that way with this work.

Exit West: A Novel

Hamid has crafted an incredibly moving antidote to the unseen world of refugees and immigration in Exit West. He masterfully embarks on a journey through the eyes of two lovers.

The Night Ocean

This is an impressive feat, and it makes me want to see what else La Farge has to offer.

Ill Will: A Novel

As usual, Chaon prose style is measured and full of melancholy. His voice is so perfect when it comes to describing the worlds of the marginalized.

Celine: A novel
Kirkus Reviews : Céline (March 07, 2017)

An imperfect but largely satisfying detective novel anchored by a charming and unforgettable heroine.

The Weight of This World

Mr. Joy’s primary addendum to the gritty story subcategory (he has cornered the “Appalachian Noir” market) is realism. Aidens, Thads, and Aprils exist beyond the pages of Mr. Joy’s imagination.

The Night Ocean

“The Night Ocean” is a book full of pleasures. Though La Farge’s prose is as postmodernly fervid as Lovecraft’s is nostalgically formal, echoes of the horror writer’s work abound.

Exit West: A Novel

“Exit West” is likely to draw a much broader audience, and seems poised to become one of this year’s most significant literary works.

Universal Harvester

The title of “Universal Harvester” could simply be a brand of farm equipment. Or it could refer to the Grim Reaper who comes to cut us all down. Either way, it perfectly suits this slim but powerful novel of grief, abandonment, obsession and compulsion.

Idaho: A Novel

Idaho is a meditation on the power and limits of the individual imagination, as well as on memory and its aberrations.