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Friends and Traitors

A page-turner that’s steeped in recent history, John Lawton’s eighth Inspector Troy is a real tour de force.

Old Scores

It also sets up intriguing possibilities for the future of Llewellyn himself, his employer, and Barker’s former ward, Bok Fu Ying, whose role in the proceedings is both complicated and memorable. I’m looking forward to reading more.

The Witches' Tree

The Witches’ Tree is an intoxicating (and subtly seasonal) concoction that goes down dangerously easy but packs enough of a punch to ensure that you’re still thinking about it the morning after.

Murder Under the Fig Tree

The big reveal caught me by surprise, earning respect for a phenomenally talented author.

The Essence of Malice

I hate to give this one a 3 star rating based on the fact that I haven’t read the other books, but because I didn’t have all the pieces from earlier books, I felt like I couldn’t enjoy it to the degree that I wanted to.

A Most Extraordinary Pursuit

The second book made so much more sense after reading this one and in my opinion the second book is much better but this book is the necessary book for foundation purposes.

Death at the Seaside

Death at the Seaside is a fine addition to the Kate Shackleton series: light, well-paced, and stocked with interesting characters and exciting revelations. A near-perfect balance of detail and substance.

Bluebird, Bluebird

Bluebird, Bluebird is Southern noir at its best, an intricately plotted, character-driven story with a solid twist at the end.

A Conspiracy of Ravens

Terrence McCauley’s A Conspiracy of Ravens will fill a few page-turning hours with some fast-paced action and spy intrigue.

Murderous Mistral

Murderous Mistral is a novel as satisfying for its mystery as for its beautifully rendered characters and location.

Whispers of Warning

Well-paced and appealingly quirky. The ideal entertainment for the reader’s own restorative visit to the seaside.

Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed

Although not as spectacular as his debut, the hero’s first outing as a full-fledged constable offers more than its share of adventure.

That Last Weekend: A Novel of Suspense
Kirkus Reviews : That Last Weekend (September 08, 2017)

DiSilverio’s signature easy-to-follow plotting draws readers in without relying on a specific theme, as proven by recent forays into science fiction (Incubation, 2016, etc.) and political thrillers (Close Call, 2016, etc.).

House. Tree. Person.: A Novel of Suspense

Although the idea isn’t original, the clever way McPherson (Quiet Neighbors, 2016, etc.) reveals each hint of the truth makes this a one-sitting read.

Good Me Bad Me

Reader, I was enthralled. Land sets a steady pace for the action in this novel, and Milly’s inner dialogue as well as her relationships with the people around her give a sense of foreboding without really giving too much away.

House. Tree. Person.: A Novel of Suspense

This suspenseful, paranoid, and eerie story is why I love mysteries and suspense. Get a hold of this one ASAP.

The Seagull

The Seagull—in both versions—offers a realistic portrayal of love and the bonds that sometimes only violent death can break.

The Child

Unlike her first novel, The Child is a much more engaging story from start to finish.