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A Darkness Absolute

A dark, creepy story.

Where the Lost Girls Go: A Laura Mori Mystery

Ham-fisted—in both the pointedly ethnic characterizations and the clearly obvious identity of the murderer—and eminently forgettable.

Among the Ruins
Kirkus Reviews : Among the Ruins (February 20, 2017)

A lyrically written look into a country many think of as war-torn and bleak reveals many sides to the place and its people.

The Last Night at Tremore Beach: A Novel

A sadly squandered setting and a protagonist who’s more abrasive than empathetic make for a lackluster story of things, real or imaginary, that go bump in the night.

The Travelers: A Novel

The Travelers, once the real story begins to pull together, is an excellent addition to Pavone's growing list of thrillers.

Behind Her Eyes

Smartly plotted and smartly paced - grabbing the reader and pulling them along into stories that start off (in cases like this one) fairly innocently before becoming a dark rabbit hole of secrets and surprises.

The Dark Room

If you prefer your reading to be more substantial, to educate as well as entertain, your time will be better spent elsewhere. But if you’re looking for fast, fun read, The Dark Room may be just your cup of mayhem.

The Girl Before: A Novel

Prediction: the Ron Howard movie, already in the works, will be much better than the book.

Rather Be the Devil

If the word "dour" hadn’t already been in the English vocabulary, it would have had to be invented for Rankin (Even Dogs in the Wild, 2015, etc.) and his enduring detective. Luckily, the author is as tireless in delivering the goods as his creation is in solving tough cases.

Right Behind You

With its shaky armchair psychology and excessive plot threads, this is a series low point.

The Girl Before: A Novel

The book has more trouble bringing its women to life. We know about their past problems, their secrets and their reactions to Edward. But they never really emerge as strong characters.

A Puzzle to Be Named Later

The Puzzle Lady, who seems to improve with each new adventure (Presumed Puzzled, 2016, etc.), spreads red herrings with reckless abandon this time out.

Burning Bright

From start to finish, Burning Bright is a rollicking rollercoaster of an adventure.

A Puzzle to Be Named Later

The characters are well-formed and the plot is clever, leading you through a maze of puzzles and clues that eventually end with the killer.

An Unsettling Crime for Samuel Craddock: A Samuel Craddock Mystery

There are many small town, modern lawman stories out there—too many, in fact—but Samuel Craddock earns his place for realistic characterizations and steady plotting.

The Dry

Harper does a wonderful job ratcheting up the suspense in The Dry.

The Dry

“The Dry” is a breathless page-turner, driven by the many revelations Ms. Harper dreams up for Falk during his visit.

The Ice Beneath Her: A Novel

While the plot expertly twists and turns in upon itself, the fully realized memorable characters help to propel the book as well.... Those who are eager to begin a new nordic crime series from the beginning can start right here.

The Hollow Men: A Novel

A first in a series that is well worth your time, and I'm very much looking forward to the return of Dr. Harry Kent.

All the Missing Girls: A Novel

A bit too gimmicky but still an interesting story that did keep me guessing.