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Dark Corners: A Novel

What a shame that we won’t be able to enter Rendell’s world again — except by rereading. But with writing of this calibre, that is no hardship.

Career of Evil

This fresh scope makes for the best novel she has written as Robert Galbraith. It’s not Harry Potter; that universe is an irreplicable astonishment. The good news is that its creator evidently has some magic left.

The Ghost Fields

A gentle, meandering plot with a tense ending, and enjoyable as always.

Career of Evil

A book that abounds with ideas, only some of which are stomach-churning.

Career of Evil

If Georges Simenon is a simple, perfect kitchen stool and Agatha Christie a sensible wingbacked chair, then Robert Galbraith is a vast, overstuffed sofa, complete with dog hair and something unmentionable behind the cushions.

Dark Corners: A Novel

Dark Corners, although a minor work compared to Rendell titles such as Simisola or the Vine book A Fatal Inversion, enjoyably and honourably concludes Rendell’s six decades of exploring the death force that, as her last book demonstrates, may be triggered in unexpected people and places.

Strong Light of Day

Jon Land once again masterfully keeps many balls in the air at once in a novel full of breathtaking suspense and extremely relevant current topics. Quite frankly, Strong Light of Day delivers and pulls no punches in the process.

Wrath of the Furies

The book’s saving grace, as in so many of Saylor’s stories, is the way the author brings the tumultuous political world of Rome and its allies and enemies to vivid life.

The Third Place: A Viennese Historical Mystery

The book provides a very interesting backdrop to these events, well written and entertaining.

Career of Evil

Rowling's writing is velvety and fluid, making the book pure pleasure.

Pop Goes the Weasel

If dark and twisted is what you're looking for, Arlidge is a great choice. I'd compare him to Elizabeth Haynes in terms of content and tone and Jeffrey Deaver in terms of pacing and the can't-put-it-down quality.

Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls was a fantastic read, one that lived up to every expectation I had based on the short. It's twisted and excellently plotted and paced.

The Riddle of St. Leonard's: The Owen Archer Series - Book Five

If you love intriguing mysteries, historical setting, and fabulous characters, I highly recommend giving this series a try!

Career of Evil

Robin is the real star of this novel — as spirited, resourceful and vulnerable as one of the heroines in a Shakespeare comedy — and readers cannot help but root for her and Strike to finally fall for each other.

Dangerously Dark

A minor mystery supplemented with romance, a brace of recipes, and a loving description of the food scene in Portland.

A Beeline to Murder

A series debut with plenty of tips and recipes and a modest mystery that takes a back seat to the details of the heroine’s private life.

Savage Lane

Long story short, Savage Lane is a fun, darkly humorous ride that you’re going to want to take.

The Killing Kind
Bookreporter : The Killing Kind (September 28, 2015)

As the pages quickly dwindled away, I thought that the ending was either going to seem rushed or be one of those 'to be continued' conclusions. I was wrong on both counts. Holm’s pacing is nearly perfect from beginning to end.

The Murder House
Bookreporter : The Murder House (October 03, 2015)

Patterson and Ellis provide a great number of twists and turns along the way, creating, even at this late point in the season, a beach read that is suitable for vacation at any time of the year.

Little Black Lies

Little Black Lies is an intriguing book, which weaves in the backdrop of the Falklands Islands very effectively.