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Blood on Snow: A novel

You’d imagine there was far more meat to dig into, investigating a man who kills for a living; he does his best, but in the end, Olav doesn’t possess the sheer, page-turning magnetism of Harry Hole.

What You Left Behind: A Novel

Fortunately Lorraine is such a strong character that she easily carries the plot, making What You Left Behind (aka Before You Die) a pretty fun read over all.

Reykjavik Nights

Indridason's prequel unfolds with the same precision, economically depicted characters and authenticity as his Inspector Erlendur novels, but a livelier energy replaces the middle-aged Erlendur's noir melancholy.


Locke does a fabulous job of weaving these aspects into the story while still maintaining a pacing and momentum that any suspense fan can appreciate.

Falling in Love: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery

Leon once again has combined familiar elements with variations on a theme against an exotic backdrop to provide another entertaining installment in one of mystery fiction’s most consistent series.

Falling in Love: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery

Falling in Love spends less time on the grandeur of Venice, its beauty, and magnificence, and unlike other books in the excellent series, makes Commissario Guido Brunetti into the bit player.

Medium Dead: An Alexandra Gladstone Mystery

Medium Dead delves into the Victorian obsessions with mysticism and nobility, and presents us with an authentic look at how the two might have converged in a sleepy British seaside town.

Medium Dead: An Alexandra Gladstone Mystery

Medium Dead does work as an introduction to Alexandra and Newton-upon-Sea and Alexandra herself - a female doctor in an era when women weren't even supposed to get a basic eduction much less become physicians - is generally appealing, but unfortunately the book as a whole is kind of underwhelming.

Thieves Fall Out

“Thieves Fall Out” is not an aberration but one more link in the chain: A writer making the choice to write. Even if he knew it wasn’t for the ages.

The Arc of the Swallow

Among the latest crop of Scandinavian thriller writers, Gazan combines the broad scope of Jo Nesbø with the ability to focus as closely and remorselessly as Karin Fossum.

Someone Is Watching: A Novel

Fielding’s cinematic, first-person present narrative, told by Bailey, makes the story more immediate and suspenseful, particularly as it reaches its rapid-fire conclusion.

Leaving Berlin: A Novel

Story, suspense, substance, and style are inextricably linked in a work that masterfully exploits and exquisitely transcends spy-genre possibilities.

World Gone By

“World Gone By” is, of necessity, the most elegiac of the three. But it’s also suspenseful, devious, well-constructed and as filled with ethical questions as it is with gangsters.

Game of Mirrors

Brisk, biting and cleverly plotted, Montalbano's 18th (Angelica's Smile, 2014, etc.) is both droll and suspenseful.

Killer Gourmet

McKevett proves that marriage doesn’t stop the fun, as Savannah and Dirk bicker and banter their way through their 20th case before retiring to the bedroom to enjoy a generous dollop of Chantilly cream for dessert.

The Mourning Bells

The pace is glacial, despite, or perhaps because of, the extensive and interesting exploration of Victorian mourning practices.

All the Old Knives

Over the course of nine previous novels, Steinhauer has created elaborate puzzles, and this latest is no different — it remains coiled and alive until the very last page.

Soil: A Novel
Bookreporter : Soil (March 27, 2015)

On the one hand, you are compelled to keep reading as quickly as possible; on the other, the electric power of the prose requires a breath here, a respite there. The events are tragic and unpleasant, but told well and wonderfully.

The Bullet
Bookreporter : The Bullet (March 27, 2015)

There is a sense of urgency in the writing that is developed in the storyline, so they work hand in hand to do what all good thrillers do: make you race to finish one page to get to the next, as there is new information being uncovered all along.