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Exile on Bridge Street: A Novel

Exile on Bridge Street is a gangster story that reads more like “Robin Hood” than The Godfather because of these men’s inner strength and the love they have for each other.

The Sleeping Beauty Killer

Fleet, conscientious, and utterly true to its carefully wrought formula.

Bronx Requiem
Kirkus Reviews : Bronx Requiem (November 09, 2016)

Readers who take their novels strong and dark will savor this one. But if you want sweetness and light, move along. There’s nothing to see here.

The Secret Life of Souls: A Novel

Novelist Ketchum and screenwriter McKee deliver an otherworldly, satirically streaked thriller about a precocious young actress, her psychically bonded dog, and her increasingly unhinged stage mother.

Night School: A Jack Reacher Novel

It’s not always easy for Mr. Child to juggle Reacher’s chronology. But he knows the juggling is necessary to keep the series exciting, and the choices he’s made for “Night School” are smart ones.

Escape Clause

The humor makes this novel a pleasure to read. Some of it is earthy and ribald, but on the whole, is in good taste.

A Christmas Message: A Novel

The parchment that’s been so contested, along with two others equally sought, turns out to be something priceless, inspiring, and not at all likely to disturb any readers of this extended greeting card who keep Christmas.

The Whistler

The book feels more like the first half of an episode of “Law & Order,” with much of the story focused on Stoltz and her crime-fighting squad as they snoop around gated communities and golf courses, chasing a basket of Florida deplorables who would make Carl Hiaasen proud.

The Whistler

“The Whistler” also has a strong and frightening sense of place, painting part of the Panhandle as a lawless region where terrible things might happen, and do.

Behind Closed Doors

It’s one for the re-read stack for sure.

The Queen's Accomplice: A Maggie Hope Mystery

While I was left wanting more romance at the end of this book, I was excited to see that Maggie’s adventures might take her back to the ‘spy’ role and that sounds intriguing!

A Murder in Time

While this book had a few rough edges, in the end it was still a great read! I love how the ending left the reader wondering what would happen next and I am excited to read the next installment.

A Girl Like You: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel

It was rough around the edges and could use some polishing but as I said before, it wasn’t terrible and I was invested enough in the story to see it through until the end.

The Trespasser: A Novel

The Trespasser is a complex, multi-layered mystery. French does a beautiful job of presenting the surface mystery—she gives all the forensic explanations you could want as a reader.

A Study In Scarlet Women

I’m eagerly looking forward to the next adventure and this is most definitely a series I’ll be keeping up with.

Night Watch

Filled with frightening twists and terrifying turns, this book is intrigue at its best.

A Terrible Beauty

If you’re looking for a nice fall read with a dash of romance, along with mystery and a taste for Greece, give this one a shot.

Sex, Lies & Serious Money

Reads like a remake of Family Jewels (2016) with nary a homicide until very close to the end. Not much sex, no more lies than usual, but some very serious money does indeed get spent on every possible status symbol you can imagine.

The Whistler
Kirkus Reviews : The Whistler (October 25, 2016)

Yes, it’s formula. Yes, it’s not as gritty an exercise in swamp mayhem as Hiaasen, Buchanan, or Crews might turn in. But, like eating a junk burger, even though you probably shouldn’t, it’s plenty satisfying.