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Bloodstains with Bronte

This sequel to Arsenic with Austen (2016) is pleasant but predictable, with just enough intrigue to prevent it from becoming Zzzz’s with Zola.

A Murder for the Books

Gilbert’s series kickoff offers an intricate mystery, an interesting look at the past, and a clever and determined heroine.

Colorado Boulevard

A smart, noirish mystery loaded with clever dialogue and vivid characters. The Crush series is as good as it gets.

Not Safe After Dark

If you are unfamiliar with Robinson’s work, you couldn’t ask for a better introduction. If you know his novels, his shorter work will show you a different side to him, and you will treasure it just as much as the Banks series.

The Vanishing Season

The Vanishing Season has a sharply drawn heroine, a number of creatively grisly crimes, and a twisty, creepy mystery at its center.

Blood Truth

Each of these books raises the hard-boiled thriller bar, but this multifaceted Chandler-like installment rockets that measure to Himalaya heights.

Lie To Me: a gripping thriller with a shocking twist!

Woven in suspense, yet scented with the familiar, Lie to Me is a reminder that life can be hell, but sometimes we get second chances.

The Man in the Crooked Hat

“You’re really something,” the incredulous police chief tells the hero. “You want everything tied together.” Well, yes. This investigation, at once remorselessly logical and remarkably diffuse, invites readers who want the same thing to take a closer look in the mirror.

Count to Ten: A Private Novel

The book mixes the political and medical thriller subgenres along plot tracks that intersect each other more often than they parallel.

Three Days and a Life

Lemaitre has the ability to show how a single action or two can send one’s life (and several others) careening off into unexpected directions in the present while rippling into the future.

The Man in the Crooked Hat

The Man in the Crooked Hat, Harry Dolan’s latest mystery, sinks the hook from the first page and leads the reader --- step by step, word by word --- in a forest that is at first dim, then dark, and always unsettling.

The Shadow District

Konrad is an intriguing character, and I hope we learn more about him as the series progresses. Indridason spins a complex mystery that is (relatively) easy to follow.

Murder in the Manuscript Room

All in all, Murder in the Manuscript Room was an easy to follow, good-hearted mystery novel. The depictions of winter in New York—with freezing, snow-coated streets and warm, welcoming neighborhood bars—were both accurate and relatable.

The Best American Mystery Stories 2017

“Best Of” collections don’t often ignite my interest as much as they used to, but The Best American Mystery Stories 2017 is a fine collection for your shelf.

Killing Pace

Killing Pace is a fast-paced, unputdownable read—perfect to pass a weekend!

The Man in the Crooked Hat

Dolan is a fantastic stylist, adding an almost old-fashioned noir feel to a contemporary thriller.

A Study In Scarlet Women

Long story short: I loved this book. Oh, I loved it a LOT. I cannot wait to devour book 2 very soon, and I urge everyone to read A Study in Scarlet Women as soon as possible.