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Like Flies from Afar

Though ultimately unsatisfying as a mystery, it works as an existential parable, with a protagonist whose character is destiny.

The Only Child
Bookreporter : The Only Child (February 22, 2020)

In addition to The Bad Seed, THE ONLY CHILD carries overt references to The Silence of the Lambs. It’s easy to imagine this suspenseful, multilayered novel being adapted into a pretty sinister film in its own right.

The Only Child

Good elevator pitch, not so great final result, though I can actually picture a fairly cool movie coming out of this if adapted properly. Netflix, take note.

Perfect Little Children

Readers will quickly turn the pages of Perfect Little Children to discover whether those things really are there.

Perfect Little Children

Perfect Little Children is one of the most ingenious psychological thrillers I have ever read, and the ending is completely satisfying.

The Devil’s Due
Kirkus Reviews : The Devil's Due (November 01, 2019)

Loose-limbed, prodigiously inventive, plotted with infernal logic, and riotously implausible from beginning to end.

Your House Will Pay

Cha’s storytelling shows how fiction can delicately extract deeper revelations from daily headlines.

Tinfoil Butterfly

However, the most important thing about this horrific read is that it doesn't need monsters to scare you — just cancer, heartbreak, abuse, and cocaine, all of which are normal things in our world. Now do yourself a favor and let Moulton's darkness invade your blood.

The Last Widow

Slaughter's books are massively exciting reads for me. Her plots are always so tightly planned and executed that even the most unbelievable points become spectacularly real in her deft hands.

Death by Dumpling

It's a wonderful light and breezy read, featuring a great cast of characters and a charming lead you'll absolutely adore.

Before She Knew Him

Peter Swanson definitely knows how to write a page turner.

Deadly Camargue
Kirkus Reviews : Deadly Camargue (November 20, 2018)

The leisurely journey to the solution of Rademacher’s second Provence whodunit is adorned with droll characterizations, pungent dialogue, and zingy chapter titles.

Uneasy Lies the Crown

UNEASY LIES THE CROWN will bring joy to anyone who loves delving into challenging mysteries of the past, particularly those involving British history and the monarchy

Quill and Quire : Left (August 31, 2018)

Bischoff does succeed in building suspense and keeping it going.

A Gathering of Secrets

Castillo, who cannot write badly, continues to improve and sharpen her vision with each book, casting her sympathetic and believable protagonist in a variation of the fish-out-of-water setting, which is both familiar and unique.

Bookreporter : Hangman (July 27, 2018)

Cole pushes the envelope with grisly homicide scenes, each more gruesome than the previous. Squeamish readers may want to close one eye.

The Butterfly Conspiracy

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book and to watch their relationship grow—not to mention the cryptid name drop that has me chomping at the bit. I’m looking forward to the second book in the series.

After the Monsoon

The plot? Not this novel’s particular strength. Although the setups are plausible and gripping, characters make too many credulity-straining choices that are explicable only in the contrived service of heightening drama

A Gathering of Secrets

Undoubtedly, fans of Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder series are immersed in a massive reread before A Gathering of Secrets (10th in the series) is released.