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In This Grave Hour

Winspear teeters on the brink of stating the emotionally obvious at times but largely pulls back and weaves a convincing historical drama together with a rocky journey for her heroine.

The Zero and the One: A Novel

The Zero and The One is a rare oddity within mainstream publishing: a small, complex novel that equally entertains and challenges the reader.

Ill Will: A Novel
Bookreporter : Ill Will (March 11, 2017)

Have you ever read a book that you liked so much that you were sad to have turned the last page, since you would never again be able to experience reading it for the first time? You will feel that way with this work.

Ill Will: A Novel

As usual, Chaon prose style is measured and full of melancholy. His voice is so perfect when it comes to describing the worlds of the marginalized.

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a wonderful topsy-turvy carousel of a mystery that begins at the end, continues after the ending, and leaves anything approaching linear storytelling in shambles.

Blue Light Yokohama

Fans of noir will delight in the tough-edged dialogue and the unsentimental characters.

The Girl Before: A Novel

The Girl Before may be a cautionary tale but it is also one that keeps you guessing until the very end and leaves you stunned with its conclusion. In other words, it is the best type of thriller.

The Devil Crept In: A Novel
Bookreporter : The Devil Crept In (February 25, 2017)

Ahlborn wisely keeps readers in the dark about some aspects of her story, creating scary mysteries that will keep them up at night. THE DEVIL CREPT IN is an entertaining page-turner that has surprising heart.

The Dime

If you dig intense crime thrillers with unpredictable twists and witty dialogue, I highly recommend you pick this one up. I enjoyed it for the most part

I See You
Kirkus Reviews : I See You (February 21, 2017)

The author’s meticulous detail to investigative accuracy and talent in weaving a thrilling tale set her work apart from others in the field.

A Cast of Vultures

The highlights of the third in this marvelous and often amusing series (A Bed of Scorpions, 2016, etc.) are neighborhood characters who are a basket of enjoyables and a complex and brainy heroine.

Most Dangerous Place

Grippando gets underway with a bang and never lets up, springing a series of carefully calibrated surprises in and out of the courtroom guaranteed to catch even the canniest readers unaware.

Old Bones
Kirkus Reviews : Old Bones (February 21, 2017)

Dispensing with anything like conventional exposition, Boyce lunges at the caldron of Atlanta racial/sexual/institutional politics as if she can’t wait to tear the lid off. Readers prepared for the deep dive will find themselves enlightened, sobered, and maybe even cautiously uplifted by the heroine’s reckless courage.

The Drifter

By honing in on the tiny details that make up the days leading up to and even beyond the crime in question, Lennon really gives readers a chance to get inside Betsy's life and mind.

Six Four

Yokoyama plays fair, rewarding our patience with an exceptionally clever and satisfying resolution of the case, and offering at least some provisional answers to the existential mysteries that have been nagging at his frazzled hero.

A Darkness Absolute

A dark, creepy story.

Where the Lost Girls Go: A Laura Mori Mystery

Ham-fisted—in both the pointedly ethnic characterizations and the clearly obvious identity of the murderer—and eminently forgettable.

Among the Ruins
Kirkus Reviews : Among the Ruins (February 20, 2017)

A lyrically written look into a country many think of as war-torn and bleak reveals many sides to the place and its people.

The Last Night at Tremore Beach: A Novel

A sadly squandered setting and a protagonist who’s more abrasive than empathetic make for a lackluster story of things, real or imaginary, that go bump in the night.

The Travelers: A Novel

The Travelers, once the real story begins to pull together, is an excellent addition to Pavone's growing list of thrillers.