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Because of my fondness for this series and all of the characters, I do recommend starting from the very beginning. I have to admit, though, that X wouldn't make a bad diving in point if you you absolutely must go with the latest.

Hangman's Game

Syken does so well with small-scale matters that you can’t help rooting for him to master the business of unfolding a story that’s more than a succession of effective scenes.

The Reckoning: Book Three of the Niceville Trilogy
Kirkus Reviews : The Reckoning (August 26, 2015)

Clunky closure for a series that’s taken on too much ballast.

Woman of the Dead: A Novel

Gory, explicit, and crammed with dialogue that is often profane as well as curt, this tale of a woman brimming with hate and vengeance won’t be for everyone.

Kirkus Reviews : X (August 26, 2015)

Grafton’s endless resourcefulness in varying her pitches in this landmark series (W Is for Wasted, 2013, etc.), graced by her trademark self-deprecating humor, is one of the seven wonders of the genre.

Candy Corn Murder

All this musing and fretting pushes the murder, when it finally arrives, into the back pages of Meier’s 25th, and the solution is barely a footnote.

Brush Back

For this reviewer, Brush Back is clearly one of Paretsky’s best books. The mystery unravels throughout the story with surprises at every turn.

The Devil's Share

The Devil's Share is the fourth Crissa Stone novel, a slowly building smoker that incrementally ratchets up the narrative tension before commencing a chain reaction of explosions that continue up to and through the book’s conclusion.

The Novel Habits of Happiness: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel (10)

As thought-provoking as the plot line regarding incarnation may be, and it surely is, The Novel Habits of Happiness would be as satisfying for fans of one of Smith’s most popular characters just to sit back and explore her musings on a wide variety of life’s conundrums.

Woman with a Secret

Reading a Sophie Hannah psychological mystery/thriller is never a passive activity. Pieces of a puzzle, often introduced in creative and quizzical ways, are given to the readers bit by bit throughout the book, and Woman with a Secret is no exception.

A Pattern of Lies

Charles Todd has now taken a series that was once the lighter of their two recurring sagas and produced perhaps their darkest tale yet.

The Beat Goes On: The Complete Rebus Stories

Ian Rankin was and is at the pinnacle of his writing in this heady collection. All of the stories are tightly wrought and entertaining. He moves ahead at great speed to deliver work that is potently inspiring, bringing readers a gem in each one.

Black-Eyed Susans: A Novel of Suspense

Heaberlin combines a strong sense of pacing with powerful literary flourishes to create a memorable and engaging narrative.

Double Mortice

I truly loved reading this book and enjoyed it tremendously and didn't want it to end

A Pattern of Lies

There is satisfaction in seeing Bess puzzle through the ways that war and modernity and the world conflict with the very villages the English soldiers are fighting to protect. And I look forward to seeing how these themes play out in her next adventure.


Even great detectives in long-running series may run out of steam, but as far as I’m concerned, Kinsey Millhone is a gumshoe for the ages.

Woman with a Secret

Woman With a Secret is something of a polarizing read, at least based on what I've seen.

Woman with a Secret

It’s always comforting to be back among the misfits and malcontents of the fictional Spilling police department.