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The Drop

Lehane spins compelling characters (not least Boston itself) and neat twists into a story that's contemplative and dramatic, gloomy and redemptive.

The Monogram Murders

Hannah certainly has fun with Poirot, and fans will undoubtedly lap up the chance to return to the 1920s.

Perfidia: A novel

In Ellroy’s jaundiced vision, the city is riven by political and police corruption and he dilates cynically on the moral turpitude (as he sees it) of pre-cold war Uncle Sam.

The Tottenham Outrage

I lapped up The Tottenham Outrage: jam-packed both with characters and with character: funny, vivacious and enthralling.

Perfidia: A novel

His is still an awe-inspiring artistic vision and this is a novel that should surely be read by new readers as well as fans.

Perfidia: A novel

It's business as usual—the business of masterful storytelling on an enormous scale. Nobody does it like Ellroy. Grok its groin-grabbing gravity.

Kirkus Reviews : Broadchurch (September 17, 2014)

Kelly folds a loving portrait of rural Dorset and a well-made whodunit into a painstaking account of the grief and unimaginable pain that follow in the wake of one child’s murder.

Life Deluxe
Kirkus Reviews : Life Deluxe (September 17, 2014)

Through it all, Lapidus wastes no opportunity to explore the labyrinthine affinities between his heroes and villains. Better put aside the whole weekend for this guided tour of his Swedish hell.

The Blood of an Englishman

Agatha’s 25th is another rollicking mixture of clever mystery-making and love gone wrong.

The Blood of an Englishman

I continue to be entertained by M.C. Beaton and Agatha Raisin and hope to be for many years to come.

Beware Beware

Nathanael West and Raymond Chandler would be proud.


As with the best dystopian fiction, Chimpanzee taps into many contemporary issues and fears — in this case, everything from the surveillance state to the student-debt crisis.

The Monogram Murders

The Monogram Murders is a fun return to such a beloved character and one I think will please even the most persnickety mystery readers!

Perfidia: A novel

His LA might not be a city of angels, but the devils he conjures up tell one hell of a tale.

The Monogram Murders

“The Monogram Murders” has a life and freshness of its own. Poirot is still Poirot. Poirot is back.

Last Kiss

If you like books that are a fairly quick read and don’t mess with your head but do keep you hooked then you are really going to love Last Kiss.

Perfidia: A novel

“Perfidia” is a powerful roar of a story with wonderfully flawed characters and a richly conceived plot that will keep you turning every last one of its 700 pages.

Perfidia: A novel

Perfidia is at its heart about betrayal, and he reminds with his structure that it’s chiefly about the four characters he’s chosen to represent his complicated, corrupt, beloved city.

Murder 101

Kellerman hits her stride with MURDER 101, as the straightforward police work, diverse characters and engaging whodunit all add up to an entertaining read.

The Drop
Bookreporter : The Drop (September 05, 2014)

With realistic, memorable characters, dark humor, twists and turns galore, and an addictive, riveting plot --- all of it shot through with some of Lehane’s most craftworthy prose to date --- what’s not to love?