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Knife Creek

You won’t see the ending looming in this fine and well-balanced thriller.

The Force

“The Force” recalls Sidney Lumet’s great New York police films (“Serpico,” “Prince of the City”) and makes their agonies almost quaint by comparison.

She Rides Shotgun

This is a book that makes you seriously, fully emotionally invest in a character that is a stuffed teddy bear. This might be Jordan Harper’s first published novel, but it in no way reads like it. Harper is a goddamn pro and as good as anybody out there, and if you don’t believe me then you’re a fool.


Rebekah’s persistence and growing mastery of investigatory skill runs parallel to Julia Dahl’s growing ambition and mastery of her craft.

Since We Fell

Lehane is a virtuoso of popular narrative and he certainly gives us one here. But it’s difficult to dodge the sense that he’s stitching proven blockbuster ingredients together with sales rather than artistic success in his sights.

Thrill Kill

Fans of the series debut may be underwhelmed: Bruns provides few new details of the hero’s past and even less development of his relationship with his unlikely collaborator.

Lies that Bind

Cameron provides several elements that will delight series fans, from an interesting frame for her story to a protagonist who can be charmingly human, a trait as rare as it is welcome in the genre.

You'll Never Know, Dear

Diverting, if a little too easy to figure out. Would have been a great vehicle for Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, including all the slightly creepy dolls.

Kirkus Reviews : Endgame (June 13, 2017)

Middling, professional-grade work for this long-running series, whose most notable feature is a broad hint in its closing pages that it may well be its nameless hero’s last case.

Shadow Man: A Novel
Bookreporter : Shadow Man (June 03, 2017)

This is a remarkable work that you will want to read in one sitting, simply because its author sinks the hook so deeply from its first paragraph that it is impossible to put down until completed.

DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense

Entirely unsettling and undeniably thought-provoking, this is Joyce Carol Oates at her genre-bending best.

Since We Fell

The thriller that emerges in the last 100-plus pages is more than satisfying on its own merits.

Six Four

"Six Four" is also a fascinating portrait of contemporary Japan. Yokoyama spent 12 years as a reporter for a regional newspaper, experience that comes across in each scene. Late in the novel, for instance, Tokyo reporters descend on Prefecture D for a press conference:

Since We Fell

“Since We Fell” might not be Lehane’s absolute best book, but not-the-best Lehane is still worlds better than most anything else around.

The Dying Detective: A Mystery

A knotty, sinuous story that leads to a hard-won resolution—and a decidedly conclusive end.

Shadow Man: A Novel

An unusually deft blending of styles, Drew's engrossing novel works equally well as psychological study and cop thriller, literary novel and genre piece.

It's Always the Husband

[T]he twists and red herrings keep the pages turning. In the end, the truth comes out, but justice is a trickier question when everyone, victim included, ends up seeming a little bit guilty.

What My Body Remembers

The mystery that constitutes the foundation of What My Body Remembers will be the initial attraction for the reader, but the ultimate reason to remain with the book is Friis’ demonstrated ability to explore and investigate the social problems arising from substance abuse...

No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Short Stories

Whether you are a diehard Reacher fan or otherwise, No Middle Name is filled with unforgettable stories that feature a lesser known side of Child, as well as Reacher’s hidden history.