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The Prince: A Novel

Easy reading, compelling characters, and a fascinating topic makes it easy to understand why this novel will end up as the basis for film very soon! Loved it!

World Gone By

As its title implies, “World Gone By” is a melancholy novel, presented in a minor key.

Leaving Berlin: A Novel

Kanon keeps the story humming along, enriching the main narrative with vignettes that heighten the atmosphere of duplicity and distrust.

The Stranger

Coben can always be relied on to generate thrills from the simplest premises, but his finest tales maintain a core of logic throughout the twists. This 100-proof nightmare ranks among his most potent.

Cold Betrayal: An Ali Reynolds Novel

J. A. Jance weaves a rich tale covering problems with the elderly and with charismatic men who start cults and turn them into prisons. Her characters are neatly drawn, and fans of the series will be delighted with this latest installment.

Season of Fear

Season of Fear is full of fear, of course, and suspense. And surprises as well. You won’t be able to read the last hundred pages or so quickly enough. Trust no one and believe nothing until you get to the end...

The Stolen Ones

THE STOLEN ONES will make you a believer if you have never read one of the Stevens and Windermere novels. You will also wonder why Owen Laukkanen is not a household name in the constellation of thriller authors.

The Kind Worth Killing

Swanson is clearly a writer for our times. Some reader at an airport is going to buy The Kind Worth Killing and be swept away for the duration of a transatlantic flight.

Werewolf Cop: A Novel

I think a lot of readers are going to pass Werewolf Cop by, which is a shame, because if you’re a horror or crime thriller fan, you’ll be missing out on one hell of ride.

The Pocket Wife

With surprisingly little suspense and a cast ranging from unremarkable to unlikable, this tepid whodunit fails to satisfy.

The Daughter
Bookreporter : The Daughter (March 13, 2015)

Readers will find themselves looking as closely for clues as Jenny does, following the twisty labyrinth that Shemlit has created. By the time they reach the end, they will be astounded by what really happened.

Leaving Berlin: A Novel

Leaving Berlin is a big book that will put Kanon even with [Alan] Furst, or maybe ahead.... Because almost everyone has at least two faces, the book is an onion that slowly gets peeled. For veteran readers of thrillers, this will be pure pleasure.

The Fifth Gospel: A Novel

A fun and eye-opening read, THE FIFTH GOSPEL deserves to be discussed in the same breath as Dan Brown's work and also calls to mind Umberto Eco's THE NAME OF THE ROSE.

Dark Rooms
Bookreporter : Dark Rooms (March 13, 2015)

Anolik delivers a shadowy, often sensual look at rebellion, passion, secrets and first love.... an entertaining, sometimes gritty and often engrossing novel.

The Counterfeit Heiress

This was a fun Victorian era read. It’s full of mistaken identities, intrigue, murder, exotic travels, madness, and a stunning setting. I loved it!

The Edge of Dreams

I’m thrilled to have found another great series featuring a female detective. I am excited to read more by Bowen…

The Shape of Sand

I’m delighted to see there are plenty more of Ms Eccles’ books in which I can lose myself.

Will Starling: A Novel

It was an interesting novel and worth the read as long as you are prepared for the reading the challenging slang.

The Daughter

The Daughter is as much a family drama as a thriller. More so, perhaps. It's really a wonderful blend of suspense and emotion.

Someone to Watch Over Me

The book suffers from Sigurdardóttir failure to use moments of violence or sex, or to hint at those moments, to elevate tension and stir depths.