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The Long Cosmos

Scientist Baxter’s naturally rather pedantic and dispassionate tone needed more of the warmth and wit of the late fantasist Pratchett (who died in 2015).

Time Siege
Kirkus Reviews : Time Siege (July 12, 2016)

Computer-game style: formulaic but exhilarating.


The Michigan of David Means’ brilliant debut novel is actually modern America. And we don’t need no Tripizoid—we have TMZ.

The Long Cosmos

As a standalone novel, The Long Cosmos feels more like an epilogue than a story of its own.


In Persona, Suyana survived a gunshot. In Icon, Suyana calls the shots, and every shutter-click drives a bullet through the heart of her world.

The Big Sheep

Dystopian novels these days continue to be pumped out faster than greenhouse gases, but The Big Sheep offers a welcome break: a tale of our miserable tomorrow that's simultaneously sobering and fun.

The City of Mirrors: A Novel

The City of Mirrors, for all its pleasures, and there are many, is more overtly plot-driven and strains to be profound while being merely obvious and sentimental.


“Hystopia” casts its cold, unforgiving light further and deeper. It denounces the hubris of throwing soldiers into battle, whether in ancient Troy or Vietnam and Iraq, and expecting them to return to civilian life unscathed.

Dark Run
Kirkus Reviews : Dark Run (May 24, 2016)

Brooks delivers a predictable, formulaic, old-fashioned space Western peopled with likable, flawed characters who gallop across an entertaining page-turner, pausing infrequently for either emotion or depth.

Sleeping Giants

Not only is Sleeping Giants one of the most promising series kickoffs in recent memory, it's a smart demonstration of how science fiction can honor its traditions and reverse-engineer them at the same time.

The Regional Office Is Under Attack!: A Novel

Gonzales’s world of shifting allegiances and magical bad girls will suck you in and keep you up late. Just don’t read it at work. You never know what might happen.

Sleeping Giants

Creative and fun even while it shows mankind at its greediest.


[A] fiendishly convoluted and complex novel.

The Regional Office Is Under Attack!: A Novel

Like the best of the stories it satirizes so gently, it’s rollicking good fun on the surface, action-packed and shiny in all the right places; underneath that surface, though, it’s thoughtful and well considered.

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

Stories are the language we speak to each other. In A Paper Menagerie and Other Stories, Liu speaks it with devastating eloquence.

All the Birds in the Sky

All The Birds In The Sky is a strong debut that will allow Charlie Jane Anders to gain the attentions of fans from many genres. A bright new author, destined to do well.

All the Birds in the Sky

All the Birds in the Sky is an entertaining read that, if you can see beyond the contrivances (which of course may be the point of a Fantasy novel), is a good read.

All the Birds in the Sky

“All the Birds in the Sky” often walks the line between quirky and the cutesy, but it also displays a tough-mindedness that counterbalances the more whimsical aspects of its plot. The novel is clearly something special, already a contender as one of 2016’s better books, with or without regard to genre.

Every Anxious Wave

Wave achingly, hilariously probes these issues as if they were loose teeth; along the way, it becomes a wise, witty, whipcrack sci-fi romp about how our passions can both lift us up and hold us back.