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Depth is also starkly glamorous, telegraphed in clipped prose and sharp dialogue that's as taut as a garrote.

The Dead Lands: A Novel

Benjamin Percy has added his own post-apocalyptic narrative to the mix --- and his The Dead Lands might be among the most provocative and frightening examples of the genre yet.

The Blondes

The Blondes is a sharp, funny, self-aware thriller that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and would be a great travel companion for plane flights, beach trips, or long train rides.

The Dead Lands: A Novel

In a literary world peppered with post-apocalyptic novels, Percy’s stands out.

The Affinities

An intriguing and seriously innovative attempt to grapple with some of the issues raised by the 21st century’s obsession with social media.

The Blondes
Kirkus Reviews : The Blondes (April 21, 2015)

A nail-biter that is equal parts suspense, science fiction, and a funny, dark sendup of the stranglehold of gender.

The Dead Lands: A Novel

His story of broken weirdos wandering a dead America in search of a better life is a great read no matter how you approach it.


Carriger is a wonderful, amazing and very talented author.


A win, win all around.

Something Coming Through

Even if Something Coming Through feels like a minor work in his oeuvre when compared to landmarks of the genre such as Fairyland or The Quiet War series, it is still a considerable work that I would recommend to anybody interested in the contemporary state of science fiction.


Persona has a broad appeal that will invite readers who may not dip their toes into the genre with regularity to take longer, more considered swims in its waters.


Persona is a tense, wonderfully satisfying tightrope walk of a novel, that will make sure you never look at red carpets the same way again.

Kiss of Steel

There’s a lot of excellent build up and action in this book, too. It’s four-hundred plus pages that breezed by due to excellent pacing.

Something Coming Through

Full of exciting plot twists and an intriguing mix of human and non-human characters, this murder mystery set in a dystopian backdrop is future history at its very best.

Willful Child

Willful Child is enjoyable if you can take the humour it contains. Erikson clearly knows his source material well, but it’s far from perfect and will easily divide the opinion of its readers.

The Martian: A Novel

The Martian is a brilliant novel, which took me by surprise from beginning to end. It's unexpected, full of characters to love, laugh and despair with, and is a book about humans being tested to the extreme.

The Peripheral

The Peripheral is to be celebrated as a return to futuristic science fiction for a writer who revolutionized the genre thirty years ago.

Karen Memory

Karen Memory breezes by at a leisurely pace, a bracing yet charming adventure yarn that never feels forced, despite the brassy confidence of its delivery.

Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

If Trichter’s novel had been better edited to keep it focused, it could have been something great, too.

The Eterna Files
Kirkus Reviews : The Eterna Files (February 03, 2015)

Gloomy froth for the teen goth enamored of petticoats and séances.