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Annihilation is the first of a trilogy, so there may well be more answers ahead. There will definitely be more mysteries.


Prototype more than lives up to the high expectations fans of the first novel will have.

Last Orders

Some readers may find the conclusion messy and unsatisfying, but that’s part of Turtledove’s argument: War often is.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

He has created a towering, trippy, potent first novel with a delicious and distinctive voice.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Vividly and beautifully written but extraordinarily bleak.


Robogenesis is wide open for a sequel, more or less setting up a giant confrontation between multiple big bads with the good guys finally teaming up to try saving what little remains of the human race.

The Man with the Compound Eyes

The Man With The Compound Eyes is an entrancing, multi-faceted elegy for a beautiful world like the imaginary island of Wayo Wayo, a lost world, a world we have sent away, a world we need to find and reclaim.

Memory of Water

Memory of Water is impressive in the warning it presents rather than the story it tells of a world gone dry.

Cibola Burn

With each book in this series James S.A. Corey continues to prove why The Expanse is the best (or at least my favorite) space-based Science Fiction series currently being published.

The Long Mars

Panoramic and fascinating, if sometimes vexingly discursive.

The Silent History

Even without the interactive elements, The Silent History is a unique exercise in genre. It is a zombie novel without the zombies.

The Bees

Paull’s prose envelops the senses just as the sounds and smells of the hive hypnotise the bees, drenching her readers with nectar and honey, then switching the pace to depict frenetic, spiralling flights.

The Bees

This period setting combined with the nightmarish authoritarian society Paull has constructed makes for an inventive and slightly unsettling read. You will never look at bees the same way again.

The Dark Between the Stars

Avoid. Unless you’re an Anderson addict.

My Real Children

My Real Children feels to some degree like having a cake and eating it too.

The Immortal Crown: An Age of X Novel

While The Immortal Crown does not quite fall prey to the second book syndrome, it is not as thrilling as the first book.

Heaven's Queen

The Paradox Trilogy is edge-of-your seat science fiction that is fun and entertaining.

The Immortal Crown: An Age of X Novel

The Age of X series is coming along beautifully, and once again Richelle Mead has ended the book with some very troubling circumstances to lead us into the third installment.

The Man with the Compound Eyes

I couldn't put it down. Not because it's some canned thriller or amped-up page-turner all full of furious action, but simply because I missed the story when I wasn't living inside it.

The Bees

Few novels create such a singular reading experience. The buzz you will hear surrounding this book and its astonishing author is utterly deserved.