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The Fortress at the End of Time

It’s a bleak book about clones stationed at the shittiest outpost of the galaxy, where they struggle to find meaning and purpose for their lives.

Empire Games

Empire Games is a challenge, but a worthwhile one. It won’t be for everyone, but there’s a lot to enjoy if you’re up to it.

Death's End

This is the finest book in the trilogy, the broadest reaching, the most terrifying. I loved it, and cannot think of a better book to end 2016.

Caliban's War

I love this world! I love the characters! I love everything about it!


Faller is a fun read that'll appeal to lighter science fiction readers.

Children of the New World

Weinstein is a fearfully prescient writer, and his stories are compelling depictions of people like ourselves, struggling in a future that’s almost here.

A Closed and Common Orbit

Orbit is a more intimate story than its predecessor, exploring trust, the mind/brain paradox, and unease with one’s body, while examining the ways someone without a family makes their way in the world and forms their own connections.

Invisible Planets

it makes the implicit point that the rapid growth of Chinese sci-fi in recent decades have made it both difficult to define and a microcosm of the various things that speculative fiction can be.

Alien Morning
Kirkus Reviews : Alien Morning (November 08, 2016)

Intergalactic sibling rivalry that toggles between fun and familiar.

A Murder in Time

While this book had a few rough edges, in the end it was still a great read! I love how the ending left the reader wondering what would happen next and I am excited to read the next installment.

The Terranauts

Boyle navigates his well-worn territory with sensitivity and finesse.


Crosstalk feels, ultimately, like someone's half-hearted and unsuccessful attempt at writing a Connie Willis book.


The moments of brilliance – and there are those, it is Connie Willis after all – are not enough to make Crosstalk one for the Connie Willis Keeper Shelf (I do actually have one).

A Closed and Common Orbit

A Closed and Common Orbit, Becky Chambers’ stand-alone follow-up to The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet is as good, smart and satisfying as its predecessor.

Everything Belongs to the Future

If you like your science fiction with a healthy does of too close to home, Everything Belongs to the Future is for you.

Everything Belongs to the Future

Everything Belongs To The Future excites and irritates in equal measures. It asks thoughtful and compelling questions, and Penny’s prose frequently, and charmingly, recalls the prose of pulpy ’50s science fiction.

The Long Cosmos

Scientist Baxter’s naturally rather pedantic and dispassionate tone needed more of the warmth and wit of the late fantasist Pratchett (who died in 2015).

Time Siege
Kirkus Reviews : Time Siege (July 12, 2016)

Computer-game style: formulaic but exhilarating.


The Michigan of David Means’ brilliant debut novel is actually modern America. And we don’t need no Tripizoid—we have TMZ.