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The Abyss Beyond Dreams: A Novel of the Commonwealth

Solidly engrossing fare for the series’ faithful.

Consumed: A Novel
Slate : Bibliodrome (October 07, 2014)

Cronenberg’s prose reads as though he’s transcribing the sound and image of a movie he hasn’t made.

A Vision of Fire

It’s a deeply confused and almost anti-suspenseful book, lumbering grimly towards the cumulative cliffhanger through a fog of implausible chit-chat.

The Time Roads
Kirkus Reviews : The Time Roads (October 15, 2014)

Feels slightly unfinished but in an interesting and appropriate way.

War Dogs
Kirkus Reviews : War Dogs (October 15, 2014)

An intriguing story, but fiction at this high a level deserves just a little more.

Consumed: A Novel

I can assure you that fans of Cronenberg's cinematic work as well as fans of dark literary fiction will be delighted with what he's produced.

A Vision of Fire

Readers can only hope they, along with Anderson, learn enough from this first trial to improve on the next one.

The Clockwork Dagger

The Clockwork Dagger is a skilfully-woven tale, complete with a love-story, an elaborate conspiracy, and a fascinating magico-spiritual healing system.

Consumed: A Novel

the whole thing — with all its artfulness and all its flaws — rolls out like a long-lost film from the man's wilder days, expansive and strange and pulled, wet, dripping and whole, out of Cronenberg's own head.

Ancillary Sword

Many a time I was tempted to quit the book altogether but persisted to little avail and I won’t be returning for book two.

Ancillary Sword

Breq’s tale becomes less crowd-pleasing, but even more complex, layered and thought provoking.

Ancillary Sword

Ancillary Sword is a worthy follow-up to the widely praised Ancillary Justice. However, it lacks some measure of verve and energy that’s missed even while Leckie snares the reader’s imagination in new ways.

Ancillary Sword

Ann Leckie has shown herself more than capable, and I trust that she will enthrall and amaze to round out the trilogy.

Ancillary Sword

Sword is more directly political than Justice, which lends some wonderful breathing room to all the telling details that adorn this military-Rococo empire like a memorial badge, and means that the unsolvable conflicts within the empire get their messy due.

Consumed: A Novel

By the abrupt and menacing end, you feel that you've lived in, and been forced to look at, an intense and surreal modern vision of the thousand unnatural shocks that flesh is heir to. And then you might begin to feel a bit peckish.

Spark: A Novel

Does the fact that a computer thinks means that it exists? Think you can answer that easily? Not so fast: John Twelve Hawks would like to spend a lot of “Spark” mulling that over with you.

Final Days

Final Days ultimately ends up being a fast-paced and fun adventure filled with action, intrigue and sense of wonder that leaves the reader wanting more.

Kirkus Reviews : Goodhouse (October 01, 2014)

Well-plotted and written but lacking any truly original spark that would distinguish it in the increasingly crowded genre of dystopian fiction starring hard-pressed young adults.


Atwood doesn't just ask what if, she raises an eyebrow and says, See where we're going?


Thoughtful, sardonic, and full of touches that almost resemble a fairy tale, MaddAddam will stick with you long after you've put it down. It's an apocalypse story about new life, and a condemnation of humanity that ends, however uneasily, with a celebration of it.