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Unbecoming: A Novel

If you are looking for a modern suspenseful novel similar to The Goldfinch, then I think this would be a great starting place!

The Deep

The Deep is actually quite good; an effective horror yarn, well-versed in atmospheric tension and a good dose of mutation-style gore.

The Deep

The Deep is not for the faint of heart. It is not for anyone who gets overly attached to animals or characters in books.

Mark of the Beast

Thriller fans comfortable with mixing science and the book of Revelations might enjoy this one, but others will have a devil of a time liking it.

Cold Cold Heart

A top-notch psychological thriller.

Winter at the Door: A Novel

Lizzie Snow is a feisty and smart character with an excellent future. Sarah Graves has created a heroine with all of the attributes readers look for in their cops.

Descent: A Novel
Bookreporter : Descent (January 08, 2015)

It is everything a novel should be: unpredictable, poignant, ironic, redemptive, and beautifully and wonderfully told.... Oh, and if you have children, you will want to construct a portable security fence around them.

Bred to Kill: A Thriller
Kirkus Reviews : Bred to Kill (January 08, 2015)

French author Thilliez's follow-up to his international hit Syndrome E is nearly as good, leaving us eager to have the rest of his efforts released in the U.S.

White Plague

Abel's/Reiss's debut/latest hit all the right notes for me in terms of action and suspense and I can't wait to see what Rush will be up against next.

Descent: A Novel

To put it simply, Descent is a powerful novel. Mr. Johnston captures all of the turmoil and determination of a desperate family.

Sometimes the Wolf

In the book's thin spots, you can sense an author either straining against the confines of the commercial thriller format, or running up against the limits of his current literary ability.

Descent: A Novel

You'll want to set this one down so you can take a breath, and pick it up and keep reading — all at the same time.

Kirkus Reviews : Gideon (January 06, 2015)

This novel will thoroughly satisfy readers looking for suspense, horror and a grisly good time.

Fifty Mice: A Novel

It’s an exciting, disturbing read. The words fly. The story twists and turns inward, then outward, then in on itself again, and everything that happens might be a ruse – social, mental, or both.

Rain on the Dead

A good read for those who want bullets without the complexity or distraction of a tight narrative.

Die Again: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel
Kirkus Reviews : Die Again (January 05, 2015)

Mystery lovers not familiar with the author’s work should brace themselves, because they might trip over a bucket of entrails. But they will also find a terrific storyteller.

No Fortunate Son: A Pike Logan Thriller

A surefire page-turner that is nearly impossible to put down.

Syndrome E: A Novel

Honestly this is a tough one to put much about in writing given so much of what I liked about it was what I didn't know at the start.

Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect

Mark Greaney has succeeded in breathing continued life into these beloved and important characters. The true spirit of Clancy and his vision lives on in the pages of this lengthy and satisfying novel.

Genocide of One: A Thriller

Genocide of One becomes a slog of a novel that disgusts, distracts, and disturbs rather than educates, entertains, or enlightens.