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Those Who Wish Me Dead

As described by Mr. Koryta, the fire and the lightning bolts turn out to be (pardon the expression) illuminating. This novel’s knowledge about the ways that forest fires move is another of its unexpected bonuses.

The Butcher

The Butcher is an adequate thriller. The story itself is interesting and exciting, but there are enough issues to prevent the story from being a great one.


A worthy addition to the list and one which kept me reading.

The Heist
Kirkus Reviews : The Heist (July 15, 2014)

With "a fallen British spy, a one-eyed Italian policeman, a master art thief, [and] a professional assassin from the island of Corsica," Allon’s 14th caper is a fun read.

The Fever: A Novel
Bookreporter : The Fever (July 11, 2014)

The Fever is the very definition of a stay-up-all-night-until-you-finish-it page-turner. Once begun, readers will be unable to stop reading just one more chapter and then another to see how the disparate threads weave together.

The String Diaries

It's a beach read, an airport novel, a page-turner—none of which is meant as an insult. If you like a fast-paced story full of intrigue and cliff-hanger chapters, this is the book for you.

Power Play
Kirkus Reviews : Power Play (July 08, 2014)

Coulter introduces new characters to her FBI series, reinforces old ones and provides plenty for them all to do. But the result, however action-packed, is less thrilling than her best.

The String Diaries

The String Diaries is a strange and compelling story with a haunting premise and an increasingly frantic pace.

Mr Mercedes

King’s talents as a storyteller for the ages haven’t shown themselves to be this sharply honed for a few years, as he concentrates more on plot and exposition at the welcome expense of the overly drawn-out character building which slows down so many of his books.

The String Diaries

The String Diaries is a strong debut novel that entertains as well as highlights Stephen Lloyd Jones’ potential.

Elizabeth Is Missing

This is an incredible debut, which neatly blends voices we can trust and those we can’t: the joy of Elizabeth is Missing is that it’s impossible to differentiate the two.

The Fever: A Novel

“The Fever” is not so much a book about fear as it is deeply fearful. And fear loves nothing so much as punishment.


The author has no trouble putting her ‘darlings’ through the wringer, and is a master at taking the reader by surprise.

The Farm

The book’s construction is so off-putting and contrived it robs the narrative of any momentum. Instead, it serves up chapter after chapter of vague threats, laughable explanations and dire warnings.

Elizabeth Is Missing

Like Ian McEwan’s Atonement, Elizabeth is Missing is a redeeming force for its main character, even if she’ll never know it.

The Fever: A Novel
NPR : Elizabeth Blair (June 20, 2014)

In Megan Abbott's The Fever, the mystery of adolescence is nearly impossible to solve.

The Fever: A Novel

For a fascinating and terrifying modern-day study of mass hysteria and the mob mentality in the Internet era, one need look no further than Megan Abbott’s latest.

The Fever: A Novel

“The Fever” is all about innuendo, which Ms. Abbott handles expertly from the first page onward.

The Fever: A Novel

The Fever is easily one of the best books I've read this year. Highly recommended.