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Disappearance at Devil's Rock

Even more head-spinning than its predecessor — the kind of book that takes the simple premise of a lost child and twists it into a dizzying emotional vortex.

Nitro Mountain: A novel

Nitro Mountain feels like sixty polished pages stapled to another hundred of unedited notes.

Wilde Lake

“Wilde Lake” is a real success.

Wilde Lake

With Wilde Lake, Lippman hasn't deviated in the enjoyment department one bit. But this is the first time I felt like I was unsure how the two parts were going to wrap up in the end.

Fool Me Once

I dare you not to get totally engrossed in this one. In fact, I dare you to try and abandon it after reading the first chapter. I'm willing to bet you won't be able!

Kill and Be Killed: A Novel

In “Kill and Be Killed,” Jack is writing a book that sounds very much like this book’s predecessor.

Noble Chase: A Novel

A dandy debut novel featuring lawyers with both integrity and nautical skills.

The North Water

It is a mark of McGuire’s subtlety as a novelist, however, that he leaves this in the shadows while placing at the forefront enough felt life and closely imagined detail to resist any simple categories.

The North Water

A great white shark of a book — swift, terrifying, relentless and unstoppable.

Twisted River: A Novel

Our perception as readers begins in one inevitable place and changes almost with each new chapter, making Twisted River a truly twisted and surprising read. And I loved every minute of it!

I Met Someone

Emerging from the flurry of climaxes, each more elaborate than the last, we enter a series of troubling and poignant aftermaths in which — for some of the characters, anyway — the baroque twists give way to an eerie, uncomfortable calm.

The North Water

This thing is intense as hell with some moves you won’t see coming.

Only Ever You
Bookreporter : Only Ever You (March 25, 2016)

Rebecca Drake’s fourth novel has much potential. It’s up to the reader to ascertain the acuity of her vision for this endeavor.

Twisted River: A Novel
Bookreporter : Twisted River (March 26, 2016)

One never really knows what's going to happen from one moment to the next; the only near-certainty is that it won’t be good.... MacDonald’s strong eye for locale detail is an added plus...

The Advocate's Daughter

Ultimately, the novel suffers from too many red herrings, coincidences, and farfetched plot points — frequent pitfalls for first-time novelists.

Only Ever You

Unlikable people and unlikely situations redeemed by decent writing and the only truly appealing character in the book: a little dog named Cosmo.

Fool Me Once

Once again, Coben marries his two greatest strengths—masterfully paced plotting that leads to a climactic string of fireworks and the ability to root all the revelations in deeply felt emotions—in a tale guaranteed to fool even the craftiest readers a lot more than once.

Gone Again

Gone Again revives the legal thriller genre yet again and hopefully will earn Grippando some much-deserved new followers.

Ten Days

Slovo has put her experience of verbatim theatre to good use by beginning each section of the book with fictional police reports, certain words and phrases tantalisingly blocked out.