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Fox Is Framed

Lachlan Smith really has something going on here, consisting of a plot that has held up well over the course of three books and has been sustained by interesting, if occasionally quirky, characters.

Killer, Come Hither: A Novel

Killer, Come Hither is enjoyable reading. The ending is foretold early on, but knowing your destination is far different from knowing how you will arrive.

Finding Jake

I think you'll understand when I say that Finding Jake is an emotional read!

Memory Man
Kirkus Reviews : Memory Man (April 21, 2015)

Although the crimes and their perpetrators are far-fetched, readers will want to see Decker back on the printed page again and again.

Where They Found Her

Where They Found Her is still a fine second release for McCreight and yet another read you won't want to put down until you've turned the final page.

The Intern's Handbook: A Thriller

The Intern's Handbook becomes a darkly comic romp through the life and assignments of a young corporate hit man.

The Bullet
Bookreporter : The Bullet (March 27, 2015)

There is a sense of urgency in the writing that is developed in the storyline, so they work hand in hand to do what all good thrillers do: make you race to finish one page to get to the next, as there is new information being uncovered all along.

The Fifth Gospel: A Novel

If you love religious crime fiction and cherish well-written prose as much as I do then you are going to adore this book. It deserves to be at least as successful as Caldwell’s earlier work. I will be watching its progress with great interest.

The Prince: A Novel

Easy reading, compelling characters, and a fascinating topic makes it easy to understand why this novel will end up as the basis for film very soon! Loved it!

The Skeleton Road

The Skeleton Road is a very sad book but a good read as always offered by this author.

Finding Jake
Bookreporter : Finding Jake (March 28, 2015)

[T]here is potential for Reardon as a storyteller to emerge. He gets you to turn pages, and some aspects are spot on.... As a page-turner, where little is written between the lines, FINDING JAKE works.

Cold Betrayal: An Ali Reynolds Novel

J. A. Jance weaves a rich tale covering problems with the elderly and with charismatic men who start cults and turn them into prisons. Her characters are neatly drawn, and fans of the series will be delighted with this latest installment.

Past Crimes

Hamilton begins lobbing hand grenades into the room about three-quarters of the way through and doesn’t let up until practically the last page, piling surprises and explosions on top of each other.

The Stolen Ones

THE STOLEN ONES will make you a believer if you have never read one of the Stevens and Windermere novels. You will also wonder why Owen Laukkanen is not a household name in the constellation of thriller authors.

The Fifth Gospel: A Novel

A fun and eye-opening read, THE FIFTH GOSPEL deserves to be discussed in the same breath as Dan Brown's work and also calls to mind Umberto Eco's THE NAME OF THE ROSE.


Box consistently combines plot and character development with near-poetic setting descriptions to present what is one of the best ongoing series in any genre. Endangered is the latest example of this.

Among Thieves
Bookreporter : Among Thieves (March 06, 2015)

Among Thieves is fabulous, pure and simple. Clarkson, who also works as a screenwriter, brings some finely honed cinematic chops to the gritty and occasionally darkly humorous narrative...

Past Crimes
Kirkus Reviews : Past Crimes (March 03, 2015)

A well-written modern rendition of the old-fashioned gritty noir.

The Assassin

Another action-movie–paced entertainment from Cussler’s historical-thriller series.