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Gray Mountain: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : Gray Mountain (October 21, 2014)

Literary fast food: It’s tasty enough, but it’s probably not so good for you, with or without the lumps of coal.

Blue Warrior
Kirkus Reviews : Blue Warrior (October 16, 2014)

A multifaceted political thriller that will delight tech junkies.

Mr Mercedes

It's not the book I'd give you to start with his bibliography (that would probably be The Stand, or It, or The Shining) but it's an enjoyable read and worth picking up, especially if you're a big fan of his writing.

The Silent Sister

A compulsively readable melodrama.

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told is a story of financial and emotional manipulation, and the primal need that most humans have for home, family, and love.

Seven Wonders

Mezrich’s nonfiction has been criticized for being a bit loose with the facts, but he clearly has a talent for latching onto a good story. If his earlier books are guilty of too much fiction, the chief flaw of this novel may be it has too little.

No Time to Die

It is the entertaining yet sophisticated exploration of the biggest ideas and issues shaping our future that distinguishes this tantalizing biomedical thriller.

The Book of You

Kendal’s capacious knowledge of traditional fairy tales and their persistence in our culture and literature is apparent.

In the Red
Kirkus Reviews : In the Red (September 25, 2014)

The limpid prose quickly persuades the reader to a trust not unlike Irina's in Andrei—and like Andrei, Shapiro's novel is at first enticing, then ambiguous and ultimately coldhearted.

Broken Monsters

The result is a novel that is intense at times, fascinating at others, but overall a disappointment given the talent readers know Ms. Beukes has.

Broken Monsters

If you fancy something well written, disturbingly dark but with some real depth, then Broken Monsters is it.

Broken Monsters

This is proper horror, with the requisite amount of killings, and this is proper crime, with clues and red herrings and scumbag journalists trying to get rich on YouTube. The fact that both exist in the same novel doesn’t make it a mash up. It makes it a fresh, super-fun read.

Broken Monsters
Kirkus Reviews : Broken Monsters (September 17, 2014)

Beukes gave us a time traveling serial killer in The Shining Girls, and the monsters in her latest tale, whether they’re real or imagined, will keep you up all night.

Broken Monsters

Broken Monsters is one of the most remarkable books of the year, and one of the best suspense novels you'll read in quite some time.

Broken Monsters

"Broken Monsters" holds up a mirror to those who rabidly hit refresh in search of more dehumanizing gore and those who wish to be a star in the atrocity exhibition.

Broken Monsters

At its best, this wickedly unpleasant thriller has a rare and intriguing capacity to make the reader think.

Broken Monsters

Never exploitative, never superficial, never uncomplicated: Beukes shows how horror can be the best way to explain our unbelievable reality. She uses the mode like the knife that opens the oyster.

The Marco Effect: A Department Q Novel

Another fabulous one from Jussi Adler-Olsen!

Last Kiss

If you like books that are a fairly quick read and don’t mess with your head but do keep you hooked then you are really going to love Last Kiss.