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The Cutthroat

Despite an awkward transition or two and a bit of padding (there’s a recipe for Welsh rarebit), the Bell series hits the right note for those who like crime fiction with a unique setting.

The Housekeeper: A Novel

While it’s engaging and extremely well-written—I stopped several times to marvel at phrases that had me finding meaning in a soggy bowl of cornflakes—the suspense in the book was mostly lacking.

A Divided Spy
Kirkus Reviews : A Divided Spy (February 14, 2017)

The prolific Cumming insufficiently preps the reader on the hero’s back story but writes with ruefully brittle intelligence and keeps the twists coming.

The North Water

Ian McGuire not only plots his story with great skill, he has a wonderful ability to recreate 19th-century language so that there is no sense of dissonance or cod English. It’s an astonishing feat.

Fatal: A Novel

Lescroart wants to pick a side in this battle, but he’s too good a writer to moralize. The result is a dark, disturbing, satisfying read.

This Is Not Over

The novel is most interesting and surprising when Dawn and Miranda begin to face the sordid pasts they wish they didn’t have to own, the egregious choices they’ve made and the terrible lies they struggle to believe.

Under the Knife

Kelly Parsons has produced a top-class thriller that blends medical know-how with criminal intent in the most spine-tingling way.

Little Deaths: A Novel

As a statement about strong women and the issues they face in society, Little Deaths is not just powerful but timely. Perhaps Ms. Flint did not mean for her story to be so timely.

This Is Not Over

I did quite enjoy the build of this tale. Brown, a marriage and family therapist, adds to each character in layers, revealing their secrets and their proclivities more fully in each chapter.

Big Law: A Novel

Entertaining, suspenseful, and highly informative, Big Law is a warning, and Liebman’s alarm is loud and clear.

The Nowhere Man

Thriller fans craving action and violence will enjoy this one.

The Believer
Kirkus Reviews : The Believer (January 17, 2017)

Suspenseful and primed for Hollywood adaptation, this is escapist fiction at its best.

Little Deaths: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : Little Deaths (January 17, 2017)

Sharply rendered literary noir, compelling enough to forgive a slightly left-field resolution.

This Is Not Over

Brown brings these two women to life with insight and sympathy. Sometimes it’s painfully realistic in its psychology. Hopefully, it never turns into a true crime story….

The Nowhere Man

In another writer’s hands, Evan Smoak could be cartoonish, but the Nowhere Man is anything but a comic book character, and this novel anything but an ordinary thriller.

Little Heaven: A Novel

While Cutter’s nods to great horror films and writers of the seventies and eighties abound in this book, from The Wicker Man to Nightmare on Elm Street to Stephen King and Robert McCammon, Little Heaven is never a pastiche mixtape of its forebears.

Everything You Want Me to Be

A beautiful, young, talented woman on the cusp of greatness is dead and a community is rocked to its core by not only her murder but also the secrets that come to light during the investigation.

The River at Night

I thought it was a fabulous debut and absolutely great page-turning fun!

Little Heaven: A Novel

This thing is basically a mashup of King’s greatest hits, except it’s lacking all the magic that makes King’s work shine.