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The House of Impossible Beauties

The House of Impossible Beauties does not provide full biographies of its leading figures such as Angie Xtravaganza, Venus Xtravaganza or Dorian Corey, perhaps using fiction where their friends and acquaintances were unable, or unwilling, to fill in the gaps, but it does offer a convincing insight into the world in which they lived.

A View of the Empire at Sunset

A lackluster novel from a great writer.

In the Garden of the Fugitives

Sweeping both geographically and intellectually; a literary page-turner.


A rousing, exciting true story of remarkable resilience.

Light Filters In: Poems

This book could be a lifeline for survivors and provide insight for others.

Give-a-Damn Jones

Give-a-Damn Jones reminds me of the Helen Fuller Orton mysteries of my youth, and I’m giving Pronzini one of my largest compliments with that statement.

Not That Bad

This is a book for everybody. It is a book that involves everybody, that affects everybody, because no one is immune from rape culture unless you consciously recognize its pervasiveness in our culture, and in yourself, and work to disentangle yourself from its poison.

That Kind of Mother

Alam’s novel, in addition to providing a striking portrait of one privileged woman’s inattention to the particularities of her black loved ones’ lives, vividly illustrates just how far our country still has to go when it comes to recognizing and celebrating the humanity of our fellow human beings...

Our Little Secret

No one really knows all of the answers until the final few sentences, which send the reader’s expectations and conclusions ping-ponging back and forth.


This is an extraordinary account of an iconic golf movie. Be sure to take it along on your next golf trip. You will be sharing the anecdotes with your foursome while waiting on the tee to hit your drives.

The First Family

The First Family bristles with suspense and tension throughout. Daniel Palmer masterfully combines the best parts of political thriller, medical thriller and whodunit fiction to create an electrifying and frightening read.

Bookreporter : Motherhood (May 12, 2018)

Some readers may implore Heti’s narrator to decide already, while others may immerse themselves in the vital questions she raises --- questions that shatter many of the assumptions we (still) make about the true value and purpose of women’s lives.


Overkill is what used to be called a 'ripping yarn,' one that you won’t be able to read fast enough.

Miss Subways

Duchovny weaves a brilliant, complex and fun tale. Because there’s so much in store, it’s easy for just about anyone to board the Duchovny train, take a seat next to Emer, and have the ride of their life.

My Ex-Life

In My Ex-Life, McCauley never lets you forget that love truly is a many-splendored, not easily categorizable thing.

The Neighborhood

The story, while moderately diverting, never achieves a truly compulsive rhythm. The eye keeps snagging on formulas in seeming rotation.

Speak No Evil

This is a memorable book from an important talent.

Sometimes I Lie

In the current trend of domestic thrillers with unreliable narrators, there have been some smash hits and some bombs. Fortunately Sometimes I Lie is a great one!