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The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter

It’s the kind of historical fiction that launches a thousand Ancestry.com searches and sends readers to their favorite search engine mid-paragraph to find out who is and isn’t an actual historical figure. It’s also something of a feminist tome set in an era before its time, belying its title in a good way.

Children of God

Readers who approach Children of God from a purely religious standpoint might struggle, but those — from any or no spiritual background — eager to be challenged will find a wonderful story waiting for them in this book.

Too Far Gone
Kirkus Reviews : Too Far Gone (November 01, 2018)

Brennan’s two plots, which seem to require the services of every law enforcement officer west of the Mississippi, keep the pot boiling but feel less like a tightly braided rope than an endless tug of war.

Uneasy Lies the Crown

UNEASY LIES THE CROWN will bring joy to anyone who loves delving into challenging mysteries of the past, particularly those involving British history and the monarchy

The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel

THE SPELLBOOK OF KATRINA VAN TASSEL is bewitching, as Palombo’s beautiful and eerie imagery spellbinds the reader with a vivid account of Katrina’s haunting Sleepy Hollow.

All You Can Ever Know

Compassion-filled, truthful and page-turningly compelling, ALL YOU CAN EVER KNOW is dexterous, honest work. Exquisite and inquisitive, it gets at the heart of what it means to belong.

Everything Under

The result is an eerie melodrama in which the bloodshed seems more mimed than motivated – and which tosses, almost in passing, a grenade into debates over self-determination, luridly staging the supremacy of biological fact.


As a work of socially engaged fiction, Unsheltered makes a decent case for escapism.

French Exit

The novel is a brittle, unsettling delight: a fairground ride swooping above vertiginous drops, wringing out laughter and screams as it rattles towards its conclusion.


All of it adds up to a remarkable package, thought-provoking and compelling, as it ricochets between the familiar and the unexpected.

My Struggle: Book 6

With these six volumes, Karl Ove Knausgaard set out to grapple his life into submission. Here’s a spoiler: He loses the struggle.

The Echo Room
Kirkus Reviews : The Echo Room (September 11, 2018)

Make sure you don’t have to be up early the morning after you start this book.

Trump Must Go
Kirkus Reviews : Trump Must Go (September 11, 2018)

Preaching to the choir? Yes, but it’s a sermon that seemingly requires constant reiteration.

The Man I Never Met

Schefter’s warm, personable book introduces us to Joe and his impact on so many. It is a fascinating work, well worth reading, even as you grieve over the loss experienced by the Maios.

CoDex 1962
Kirkus Reviews : CoDex 1962 (September 11, 2018)

Though occasionally reminiscent of David Mitchell, Sjón’s work is unlike anything else in contemporary fiction. Strange—but stunning.

CoDex 1962

This wayward, exciting odyssey confronts death throughout. Nothing is quite what it seems, and there are no easy answers. Here, instead, is an artist preoccupied with questions.

Kirkus Reviews : Housegirl (September 07, 2018)

An intimate and resonant take on finding one’s place in the world even while being pulled in opposing directions.

Certain American States

A fully realized vision.