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Leave the World Behind

Addressing race, risk, retreat, and the ripple effects of a national emergency, Alam's novel is just in time for this moment.

Leave the World Behind

Alam’s two previous novels, “Rich and Pretty” and “That Kind of Mother,” have proved he’s gifted with an acidic wit, one he uses to break down contemporary life at the cellular level.


Hench is rich enough to digest on its own, an enjoyable read whether you’re already a huge fan of superhero stories or new to the genre.

Loathe at First Sight

Park delivers a multi-layered happy-ever-after where our heroine is not only a wizard in the gaming industry, she's pretty magic at romance, too.

Avoid the Day
Kirkus Reviews : Avoid the Day (August 01, 2020)

An ambitious, strange psychodrama for fans of chimerical nonfiction odysseys.

The New Wilderness

This ecological horror story (particularly horrifying now) explores painful regions of the human heart.

Empire of Wild

It is tight, stark, visceral, beautiful — rich where richness is warranted, but spare where want and sorrow have sharpened every word.

True Love

Gerard’s unflinching look at youthful desperation marks an exciting turn in her work.

You Again
Kirkus Reviews : You Again (July 09, 2020)

At once a mind-bending puzzle and a profound meditation on love, fate, ambition, and regret.

Thin Girls
Kirkus Reviews : Thin Girls (June 30, 2020)

Incisive social commentary rendered in artful, original, and powerfully affecting prose.

Kirkus Reviews : Twisted (April 01, 2020)

Part memoir, part social history, and sure to become the definitive book on the politics, culture, and economics of black hair.

Catherine House
Booklist : Catherine House (June 19, 2020)

At times terrifying, always gorgeously captivating, Thomas’ debut is one not to be missed, and perhaps to be revisited frequently.

Catherine House

Surreal imagery, spare characterization, and artful, hypnotic prose lend Thomas’s tale a delirious air, but at the book’s core lies a profound portrait of depression and adolescent turmoil.

Untold Night and Day

To read this novel of shrouded pilgrimages is also to arrive at a meaning that is “bewitching, and utterly private, a secret for me, a single ship, a single concealed place”.

Starling Days

Complex and resonant.

Great State
Kirkus Reviews : Great State (March 20, 2020)

With useful maps and stories within stories, this is an ingenious look at an often misunderstood country.

Kirkus Reviews : Privilege (March 13, 2020)

A timely and resonant novel.

No Bad Deed
Bookreporter : No Bad Deed (March 01, 2020)

If you enjoy books that keep you on edge, wondering how things will work out, then No Bad Deed is perfect for you. There are twists, followed by more twists, and plenty of excitement and mystery.

The Only Child
Bookreporter : The Only Child (February 22, 2020)

In addition to The Bad Seed, THE ONLY CHILD carries overt references to The Silence of the Lambs. It’s easy to imagine this suspenseful, multilayered novel being adapted into a pretty sinister film in its own right.

The Gimmicks

The Gimmicks impressively characterizes the enduring nature of Armenian contradictions in which “everything you’ve heard is true, everything you’ve heard is false.”