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Ghost Trees

In Ghost Trees Gilbert rails gently against global warming and globalisation, and laments the decline of natural diversity and the loss of community that, he says, comes with it.

Bringing Down the Colonel

her book is a lucid guide to a story that became far more consequential than the titillation supplied by its salacious bits.

The Circuit

His prose becomes lyrical as he transmits the shot-by-shot drama of the match. It’s what makes “The Circuit” such a joy to read: a poet’s love song to the game of tennis.

Evening in Paradise

Evening in Paradise proves that Berlin's generous, beautiful spirit will endure in the literary world for decades to come.

Slip of a Fish

The work is original, ambitious and challenging, submerging the reader in the strangeness of an anomalous mind, an aqueous medium where language is refracted into mazes of shifting meanings.

Evening in Paradise

What does calm Berlin’s mind is nature, which creates a sustained pause in her work. Whenever her women feel despair, they find comfort in poplars, bougainvillea, hibiscus and gardenias. They plant seeds, but then they’re on the move again and rarely get to see them flourish.

City of Broken Magic

Overlong and rough around the edges but still promising.

Hardly Children
Kirkus Reviews : Hardly Children (November 20, 2018)

A challenging and unsettling collection that heralds a promising talent.

Deadly Camargue
Kirkus Reviews : Deadly Camargue (November 20, 2018)

The leisurely journey to the solution of Rademacher’s second Provence whodunit is adorned with droll characterizations, pungent dialogue, and zingy chapter titles.

The Hazards of Good Fortune

Overall, a smart, sharp-eyed, entertaining, engrossing story.

The Penalty Area

The Penalty Area is charming, and it’s easy to imagine it being a film. If you need a bookish boost, you can’t go wrong with this story.

Children of God

Readers who approach Children of God from a purely religious standpoint might struggle, but those — from any or no spiritual background — eager to be challenged will find a wonderful story waiting for them in this book.

The End of the End of the Earth

It’s the work of a writer at the top of his game – limber and lovely, delivering deep insights with delicacy and grace – and it poignantly makes the only case for climate action that has any chance of succeeding: that there is so much worth living for.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter

It’s the kind of historical fiction that launches a thousand Ancestry.com searches and sends readers to their favorite search engine mid-paragraph to find out who is and isn’t an actual historical figure. It’s also something of a feminist tome set in an era before its time, belying its title in a good way.

Uneasy Lies the Crown

UNEASY LIES THE CROWN will bring joy to anyone who loves delving into challenging mysteries of the past, particularly those involving British history and the monarchy


Sadie is an attempt to open up the dialogue about why girls run away. I know all this in my mind and admire what Ms. Summers achieves with her story.

The Flight of the Maidens

Gardam’s ability to bring people so fully to life, in such vivid detail, never fails to delight. Such vivid people and dialogue — more than many of her books, I could imagine this as a film.

The Boneless Mercies

I adored it and absolutely everything about it and I hope beyond all hope that we're able to return to this world somewhere down the line!

Too Far Gone
Kirkus Reviews : Too Far Gone (November 01, 2018)

Brennan’s two plots, which seem to require the services of every law enforcement officer west of the Mississippi, keep the pot boiling but feel less like a tightly braided rope than an endless tug of war.

All You Can Ever Know

Compassion-filled, truthful and page-turningly compelling, ALL YOU CAN EVER KNOW is dexterous, honest work. Exquisite and inquisitive, it gets at the heart of what it means to belong.