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The Shining Girls: A Novel

The Shining Girls is such a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and science fiction...


Griffith has taken what little is known of the life of St. Hilda and imagined a vibrant, if brutal, world. Her descriptions are inventive and vivid, making “Hild” a pleasure to sink into.

Becoming Josephine: A Novel

The overall impression of Becoming Josephine is of a woman born into a complex period in history, in which everything familiar becomes hated and feared, who uses the gifts given to her to her best advantage and did what was necessary in order to survive.

Warsaw 1944

Paying homage to the Poles who resisted, fought and died in the destruction of Warsaw, Alexandra Richie now lives there and has created an enduring testament.


Spin is a super fun read. While the idea of alcoholism and rehab is quite serious, McKenzie handles her subject very well, keeping the book light and entertaining while never belittling the actual issue. It's a nice balance that works quite well.

Brooklyn Girls

Brooklyn Girls is a fresh take on the lives of new adults and has everything you could want in a book – drama, romance, friendship and humor.

Still Life with Bread Crumbs: A Novel

Still Life with Bread Crumbs is a gem of universal truths.


Add a narrator whose rapid-fire monologue piles additional layers of digression atop Brenner’s own circumlocutions, and you have the shaggiest detective currently working the field.

Not Without You

A Star Is Born meets All About Eve, Evans’ (Happily Ever After, 2012, etc.) latest deftly weaves together tales of old and new Hollywood, allowing star-crossed romance, mystery and danger to collide in surprising and often devastating ways.

Savage Girl

This is a novel that will stay with you even after you finish reading it.

Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well

Lori’s latest is perfect for those who prefer charmingly low-key puzzles to blood-soaked chills and thrills.

The Land of Steady Habits: A Novel

Thompson’s sharp-eyed debut is that kind of searing portrait of American wealth unraveling that is both dazzling and immeasurably sad.

Chop Chop: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : Chop Chop (April 17, 2014)

For British readers, David Nicholls meets Guy Ritchie; for Americans, Dave Eggers channels Anthony Bourdain.

I Can Hear You Whisper: An Intimate Journey through the Science of Sound and Language

All parents will recognize the moments of both terror and pride that mark the journey; parents of deaf children will garner both information and insights.

Far Gone

Not bad, but not memorable in any way.

The Lilac House

Smriti is everyone’s daughter, a constant reminder that over half of the population is not safe simply because of her gender.

The Butterfly Sister

An atmospheric, modern gothic tale.


Not only has Begley written a convincing interpretative biography, one characterized by suavity, wit and independent judgment throughout, he has also produced a major work of Updike criticism.

Quiet Dell: A Novel

Oddities of content abound in the novel – purple prose, whimsical spirits – but Phillips has the imaginative verve and sincerity to carry it all off, delivering a story both gritty and ethereal, base and rhapsodic.

The Empire of Necessity

Grandin's skill is that, as in his recent Fordlandia, a study of American utopianism through the dreams of Henry Ford, he can find metaphors that subtly reflect the vital dichotomies that pervade the American psyche.