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One Hundred Names

One Hundred Names is a wonderful feel good story, one I guarantee you'll love!

One Night in Winter

This is not a heavy, fact-laden historical that reads more like a textbook than fiction. Not at all. This is a captivating and thrilling story that reads fabulously.

The Goblin Emperor

This book is a different type of gem and those who enjoy story structure; impressive language usage as well as trope subversion will enjoy it much more than the general fantasy reader.

The Hidden Child

Fans of Nordic noir will appreciate this taut, twisty mystery enriched with historical detail.

An Untamed State

Fans of Gay’s work as an editor at The Rumpus and a columnist for Salon (among other places) will see a lush, sensual side to her writing here, turned to describe brutal facts of subjugation and punishment, the agony of waiting to be rescued and the protection of the brain.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a spare, slim novel that explores grief and loss, the patterns in the way we are hurt and hurt others, and the childlike helplessness we feel as we suffer rejection and abandonment.

The Snow Queen

As it stands, The Snow Queen is prettily written, and not much else.

Jack of Spies

There’s a lesson here for the next McColl adventure: It’s fun to watch the novice spy learn his craft, but Jack Of Spies is at its best when he’s learning on the job.

Will Not Attend: Lively Stories of Detachment and Isolation

Resnick’s goofy, smart résumé doesn’t necessarily point to the deeply misanthropic vein that runs through his soul, though that’s on full display in Will Not Attend: Lively Stories Of Detachment And Isolation, his dark, hilarious first book.

To Rise Again at a Decent Hour

In the end, Joshua Ferris’ novel is about connectivity, all of the available illusions of it, and the eternal longing to fully invest in just one of them: religion, love, history, ancestry, family, the Internet.

The Last Kind Words Saloon: A Novel

By filling in the basic shapes of these larger-than-life characters with real, fallible flesh, McMurtry merges the legend and the everyman.

The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death

Whitehead really shines in the small details, and his observations of casino life make for some phenomenal entertainment.

Bookreporter : Troika (May 02, 2014)

The characters will stay with me long after the book is layered in dust on my bookshelf.... Troika is literary gold, and Adam Pelzman is a shooting star.

Mind of Winter

Kasischke's novel is written without chapter breaks, a structure that contributes to the incessant suspense and mounting horror --- as well as the inclination to finish the book without stopping

Monday, Monday

It’s a vivid reminder of how one brief moment in time can impact lives for decades and generations, making Elizabeth Crook’s latest a brilliant, beautiful and vividly told novel.

Natchez Burning

Iles has told a deeply personal and moving tale with NATCHEZ BURNING and opened some old wounds. Readers will be spellbound watching the past rear its ugly head and directly influence the present...

Thunderstruck & Other Stories

Fans of Lorrie Moore, Ann Patchett and Flannery O’Connor will adore this collection of heartfelt and wondrous stories. The title, THUNDERSTRUCK, is truly fitting because that’s how McCracken leaves her readers

Mike Hammer: King of the Weeds

A super fun read with high-adrenaline shootouts, thrilling chase scenes and, best of all, a truly killer ending.

Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot

I wasn’t quite sure how Cheap Shot was going to end. That might seem academic, particularly for a mystery novel, but it’s hard to pull off. Atkins does.

Birdmen: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, and the Battle to Control the Skies

This portrait of the destinies that clashed, coalesced and eventually produced the gift of manned flight will perhaps prompt new dreams among 21st-century thinkers with eyes on the stars.