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The Dream of My Return

Packed with poisonous observations about the hypocrisy of players on both ends of the political spectrum, it’s a slender tour-de-force: a rich, complex, beautifully crafted act of ventriloquism whose brevity belies its range.

Kirkus Reviews : Vixen (June 23, 2015)

Judging from Nameless’ superlatives, in fact, you’d think he’d completely forgotten the women who drive the plot of Camouflage (2011), only four titles back in this venerable series. What a shame that Cory is just as forgettable.

Summer Secrets

As she seeks to repair bridges, Cat awakens anger and treachery in the hearts of those she once betrayed. Making amends, like addiction, may endanger her future.

Killing Monica

The book's portrayal of Pandy feels both self-congratulatory and unintentionally unpleasant, the hostility toward male characters is virulent—the only good male in the book may not be one—and the sense of humor is nil.

The Cartel: A novel
Kirkus Reviews : The Cartel (July 01, 2015)

Like its hero, this novel hovers between two styles—pulp fiction and literary seriousness—which, taken together, render the genre formulas leaden.

Death and Mr. Pickwick

Dickens himself would be proud of Jarvis’ capture of so huge a slice of life. Humane and funny, though the Heditor might have taken a sterner hand here and there.

Viral: Stories
Kirkus Reviews : Viral (July 01, 2015)

A rich collection that takes the familiar obsessions of love and loneliness and views them from uncanny angles in ways that are magical, cutting, and intensely recognizable.

The Philosopher Kings

There’s still more talk than action, but enough happens that the end result is a satisfying conclusion, with room for more if desired.

The English Spy

This page-turner deepens Allon’s legend and illuminates more of his shadowy world, all while cementing Silva’s place among the top tier of spy thriller writers.

The Convictions of John Delahunt: A Novel

Hughes obviously has done his research into the finer details of Dublin’s past, and his ability to write such believable characters only enhances his superb writing.

The Cartel: A novel
Bookreporter : The Cartel (June 26, 2015)

It is full of nasty vignettes that will make you wish you could pour bleach into your eyes to purge your memory of what you have read, even as you turn the pages for the next ones.

Killing Monica

This could be a transitional novel for Bushnell. Maybe in order to write a book that departs from sex and shopping in Manhattan, she had to test the waters with a self-referential tale of double lives and tarnished values.

The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel

The Little Paris Bookshop is the kind of book that readers might not know they needed or wanted until they picked it up --- meaning that George herself is doing exactly the same kind of work as Jean Perdu on his floating literary apothecary.

The Truth and Other Lies: A Novel

The Truth and Other Lies is a good dose of dark, dangerous and deceitful fun, slyly and wonderfully told, that you will not soon forget.

Truth or Die
Bookreporter : Truth or Die (June 26, 2015)

There is never a dull moment in Truth or Die. Patterson and Roughan are at the top of their respective games once again, with one being able to see a movie unfold as the pages go by with rapidity.

The Insect Rosary

Although partly set during The Troubles, this is a story of how sisterly disloyalty can ripple through lives causing years of heartache and misery. Betrayal, whether real or imagined, is very hard to put right.

In the Country: Stories

Alvar finds beauty in the unlikeliest of places, and that's what makes In the Country such an inspired, remarkable book.