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The Butterfly Sister

An atmospheric, modern gothic tale.

Tempting Fate

Overall, another stellar novel from Jane Green that I highly recommend. I already am eagerly awaiting her next novel!

The Lilac House

Smriti is everyone’s daughter, a constant reminder that over half of the population is not safe simply because of her gender.

Blood Always Tells

If Blood Always Tells is any indication, though, Hilary Davidson believes there’s something to be said for seizing control of the wheel and throwing the map out the window – destiny be damned.

The Axe Factor

You'll have to read it to experience for yourself, but last thing I will tell you about this novel is that nothing is exactly what it seems!

Northanger Abbey

Lovers of the original will want to read the plot in its pure form; if you don’t know the original you might wonder why such a skilful writer is wasting her time on such a thin plot.

Every Day Is for the Thief: Fiction

Every Day Is for the Thief is a slighter and more predictable work, but the writing is still impressive, with some memorable scenes and insights. Most importantly, it feels completely germane to the culture and character.

The Empire of Necessity

Grandin's skill is that, as in his recent Fordlandia, a study of American utopianism through the dreams of Henry Ford, he can find metaphors that subtly reflect the vital dichotomies that pervade the American psyche.

Silence for the Dead

If you want to cozy up to a nice haunted house tale, then this is the book for you.

Raising Steam

While exploring questions about the unintended consequences of technology, Pratchett also blasts fundamentalists who resist all progress. But mostly he seems to be having fun with words in the very British strain of absurdist humor that he has made his own.

Astonish Me: A novel

Shipstead has captured the mercurial flow of artistic genius, the way it sanctifies some lives even as it condemns others, all of them stretching toward that perfect beauty just out of reach.

American Smoke

American Smoke is a wonderful book, but I find it easy to resist the obsessive homage it evokes.

Kinder Than Solitude: A Novel

Li possesses a supreme ability to depict subtle cultural interactions, and many of the novel’s best moments depict the fascinating collision between America and China, between the restless immigrant and those more settled.


Literary fiction from the global war on terror has only recently begun to give these soldiers a voice, and Redeployment is an important addition to the genre.

The Here and Now

It may not be perfect, or anywhere close to it, but by setting aside one’s annoyance or some significant issues with plot contrivance, one can still squeeze in a few good hours of solid entertainment out of it.

And the Dark Sacred Night: A Novel

It’s a big, messy, imperfect book that mirrors the messy imperfection of contemporary life, stuffed with hot-button details (from Greek yogurt and fair-trade coffee to gay marriage and grandparents’ rights), and sprinkled with small convincing moments of joy.

Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search for the Truth about Everything

The excellent writer in Ms. Ehrenreich makes herself known in “Living With a Wild God.”

The Curriculum

Humorous, mostly informative guidance to the world of the “business arts.”

Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits

Roose has something new to contribute, it’s in concentrating not on the “masters of the universe” but on the 23-year-olds who stay up all night prepping their PowerPoint slides.