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Careless People: Murder, Mayhem, and the Invention of The Great Gatsby

It is art that eases our frustrations with a plot in which the “careless” escape and the dreamers are cut down, and it is to art that we are left wanting, ceaselessly, to return.

An Officer and a Spy: A novel

The period details are pitch-perfect yet unobtrusive, the dialogue flows effortlessly, and the action pulses with intensity.

Instructions for a Heatwave

“Instructions for a Heatwave” dutifully draws the reader through the keeping, and then the disclosure, of what has been concealed, but the novel’s pleasure and urgency lie in the indelibly familiar.

Flyover Lives: A Memoir

In Flyover Lives, she vividly reminds us that the country we're all from is the unfamiliar one called the past.

Leaving the Sea: Stories

Marcus writes so well that it’s still probably a tax worth paying.

The Crane Wife

The simplicity and tragedy of the story as well as the impeccable prose create a gorgeous novel on the cyclical and far-reaching aspects of love.

Call Me Burroughs: A Life

“Call Me Burroughs” isn’t a critical biography like Richard Ellmann’s “James Joyce.” But in every other respect, it’s a comparably magisterial work, exactingly researched and fascinating throughout.

Dept. of Speculation

Writing in short, staccato takes, Ms. Offill gives us strobe-lit glimpses of the world that the wife and her husband and their daughter inhabit.

Kirkus Reviews : Minders (January 30, 2014)

The thriller plot combines with contemporary class concerns for a thought-provoking and suspenseful read.

The Parthenon Enigma

A book for all who seek direction and are capable of seeing the bigger picture—erudite if esoteric, edifying if somewhat exhausting.

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly: A Novel

Hwang has written an achingly beautiful allegory that is sure to become an international classic.

Prayers for the Stolen

A stark portrait of women abused or abandoned by every side in an awful conflict.

Dept. of Speculation

Offill folds cynicism into genuine moments of love. It may be difficult to truly know what happens between two people, but Offill gets alarmingly close.

Orfeo: A Novel

Yes, Orfeo is brilliant, but please don’t let that stop you from reading it.

The Last Days of California: A Novel

The Last Days of California is a funny, moving, carefully observed novel about a young woman's developing sense of herself and the possibilities and limits of the world around her.

Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming
Kirkus Reviews : Windfall (January 29, 2014)

A well-written, useful global profile emphasizing concrete solutions rather than ideological abstractions.

Foreign Gods, Inc.

Foreign Gods Inc. is a thrilling account of divinity in the age of global capital.

Still Life with Bread Crumbs: A Novel

Quindlen's novel makes a case for seizing control of your life.


Ripper is an enjoyable, decidedly un-magical realist novel that is nevertheless unusual in its approach to crime.

Her Dark Curiosity

Shepherd is a force to be reckoned with, readers, and this series is as perfect for adults as it is for teens.