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Little Failure: A Memoir

With the publication of Little Failure, Shteyngart has reached a critical juncture in his career as a writer.

Alena: A Novel

For readers who love characterizations and language from fresh sources of inspiration, there is good reason to read this book.

Me Before You: A Novel

All I can say for certain is that the combination of some of the sweetest prose written, characters that played on my every emotional chord while remaining utterly real, and a storyline that haunts and pokes and tests readers left me absolutely devastated, a dried-out husk of my former shelf.


Captivating writing, engaging characters and action-packed stories make this a phenomenal series.

Radiance of Tomorrow

If the results are less successful, he still delivers a glimpse of the hardships of postwar Sierra Leone along with strong and repeated assurances about the redemptive powers of stories themselves.


If the book turned a bit dry at times, it also faltered from an overabundance of detail about the secondary characters who came and went in the women’s lives.

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles: A Novel

There’s a three-part ending here that’s utterly preposterous, but hey, nothing’s perfect! — and this is a satisfying read.

My Education

Choi is a graceful, perceptive writer, and all of her novels are striking for the visual beauty of her descriptions.

Apple Tree Yard

Her writing is piercing and potent, overpowering emotions captured in sharp, pithy phrases.

Apple Tree Yard

Doughty has a particular gift for unsettling stories, for making us ask difficult questions of ourselves, our own relationships and choices, and this is her strongest book yet. It's not a comfortable read, but it is entirely compelling.

The Kept

The Kept is a highly accomplished first novel and a pleasure to read.

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

It’s small and specific, drained of history and ethnicity, attendant to the pangs of its social conscience but committed, still, to its fascination with the well-being of those who have already won.

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

The pleasures of this novel—its lucidity and wry humor—are mixed with the sting of recognizing the essential unfairness of the sexual mores of our moment:

A Highly Unlikely Scenario, or a Neetsa Pizza Employee's Guide to Saving the World: A Novel

Not only is Cantor a quirky, imaginative, and smart writer, she’s also managed to be funny without resorting to irony.

Thank You for Your Service

This moving book, for which the author was granted extraordinary and intimate access to soldiers, their families, and the Pentagon, is an important reminder of how challenging this will be.

A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York

Here is a tough tale told straight, and wonderfully well.

Shovel Ready: A Novel

Shovel Ready succeeds, and if not with triumph, at least with a world weary shrug of the shoulders and a shot of hard liquor on the rocks.

Forgiving the Angel: Four Stories for Franz Kafka

Forgiving the Angel is on the whole a moving and innovative read. It will be enjoyed by devotees of Kafka’s work, as well as those interested in giving it a closer look.

The Poisoned Island: A Novel

The Poisoned Island is immersive and addictive. The world is so vivid and well-built, it is hard to put down.