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I Saw a Man: A Novel

This is fine, dense, immersive stuff, and my only criticism is that this is a book heavily skewed towards a male point of view.

Secret of the Sevens

A satisfying read for secret-society fanatics and romantics alike.

The China Challenge: Shaping the Choices of a Rising Power

Convincing arguments by a thoughtful, cool-headed China expert.

Where You End

Intriguing but frustratingly uneven.

Corrupted Memory

In just two adventures, Tucker’s managed to lose his job, his wife, his mother, and a half brother he didn’t even know he had. You have to wonder what losses remain for the next installment.

Fallen Sparrow

Although Keeley (Bitter Crossing, 2014, etc.) clearly hoped to outdo himself in Peyton’s second adventure, he gets in his own way with a monotonous style and a cluster of extraneous characters. Still, his tough but compassionate heroine triumphs against the odds.

The Third Wife: A Novel

Taut pacing and complicated characters shape this rich examination of the modern family.

Finding Audrey

An outstanding tragicomedy that gently explores mental illness, the lasting effects of bullying, and the power of friends and loving family to help in the healing.

The Secret of Golf: The Story of Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus

Some stellar shots, a few slices and hooks, and a couple putts that hang on the lip.

Book of Numbers: A Novel

Like Gaddis, Cohen also recognizes the laughs and peril at this technologically challenging stage of the human comedy and its new questions about what people are searching for, how the results may affect them, and what it all may cost.

Concrete Angel

While the characters in Abbott’s debut novel are fully realized, the story meanders and stalls.

Crazy Mountain Kiss

Stranahan’s fourth case blends humor with heartbreak, all flavors of eccentricity with a struggle for normalcy, and a natural backdrop that can make even the most powerful humans and their deeds look small.

Remember Me This Way: A Novel

While Remember Me This Way shows promise, it leans too far in its extremes and simply does not have enough depth to engage us properly.

Night Tremors

One of my best reads in years, Night Tremors has a spectacular “Matt” finish.

Stalin's Daughter

What Sullivan makes clear is that Stalin’s daughter was stronger than she knew, ultimately capable of defying her father and others... Sullivan takes care not to draw hard conclusions about this remarkable figure.

Time of Death

Billingham is always spot on, but Time of Death is pitch-perfect, evenly balanced between plot and character. You won’t be able to read it without wondering why all books can’t be this good.


Piranha promises plentiful action, ocean-going vessels armed with a multitude of weaponry, and the chilling suspense that has been the hallmark of previous Oregon Files thrillers.

Bitter Bronx: Thirteen Stories

Every single tale here is short, brutal, harrowing, heartbreaking, mesmerizing and altogether unforgettable.

Saint Mazie: A Novel
Bookreporter : Saint Mazie (June 06, 2015)

Mazie --- the always sassy, sometimes sad heroine of Saint Mazie, Jami Attenberg’s delightful fifth novel --- is real, though her diary is a unique piece of historical fiction.