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The Red Lily Crown: A Novel of Medici Florence

The book was fabulous to read, well researched, and with a very strong Italian flair. Definitely recommended...

American Romantic

Return to American Romantic, for it, like all Ward Just novels, has staying power.

Astonish Me: A novel

What might seem like one of the novel’s few letdowns is in some ways another one of its strengths: the quest for perfection is far more thrilling than actually achieving it.

I Pity the Poor Immigrant

The connections Lazar makes here are complex and artful, though at times bewildering even to discerning readers.

The Museum of Intangible Things

Fans of the author’s The Probability of Miracles (2011) will discover more of life’s possibilities and wonder.

Kirkus Reviews : Pointe (April 10, 2014)

This is a novel that ultimately misses the…point.

Steal the North: A Novel

A carefully crafted family drama that dwells more on the difficult journey than the glad arrival.

Astonish Me: A novel

Perceptive and well-written though marred by its peculiar chronology.

Be Safe I Love You: A Novel

Be Safe I Love You is an important step into new territory that hopefully will blaze a trail for other writers to follow.

We Are Here
Bookreporter : We Are Here (April 10, 2014)

While We Are Here is at times a challenging book to follow, it is one that will stay with you beyond its cataclysmic ending.

Bookreporter : Updike (April 10, 2014)

To refer to Adam Begley’s account of the literary life of John Updike as a biography would be akin to calling Updike’s beloved baseball hero, Ted Williams, a decent hitter.... John Updike was an outstanding writer, and Adam Begley’s chronicle of his life will be the standard for many future biographers.

Waiting for Wednesday

French’s unflinching portrait of Klein is painful at times but very, very real, providing an interesting counterbalance to the Lennox murder mystery at the heart of the novel while delving into the secret lives that many keep hidden and occasionally come back to haunt, or worse.

Night Diver
Bookreporter : Night Diver (April 10, 2014)

NIGHT DIVER is a golden treasure of romantic adventure, one of Lowell’s best, most captivating novels.

Lean In: For Graduates

Lean In: For Graduates will offer aid and comfort to a new generation of workforce women, and to females in all phases of life and career.

Acts of God

Almost every story is about privileged white people in the American South. The characters are good-hearted people who try to live honorable lives and who struggle to respond with equanimity to events such as Hurricane Katrina and airport lockdowns.


If Begley’s biography generates renewed interest, it will have done yeoman’s service.

Be Safe I Love You: A Novel

Hoffman proves that words are often the real tools of survival in this flawed but still often golden world.

Every Day Is for the Thief: Fiction

This is an extraordinary novel, a radiant meditation on the nature of happiness and faith, corruption, misfortune and belonging.

And the Dark Sacred Night: A Novel

The delight of reading Julia Glass turns out to be the connections we make with her generous characters, who become as endearing — and exasperating — as the people we love in real life.

A Farm Dies Once a Year

Dirty farm work is the absolute opposite of Crawford's life in the city, and we get a look at the day to day on a farm with rose-tinted glasses firmly off.