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The Making of Zombie Wars

Hemon’s writing style is as vital and rewarding as ever.

The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor

It’s a clever thing Schatzker’s done, writing a book about health and nutrition but coating it in an alluring orange-hued title about the junk we put in and on our food.

How To Be a Good Wife

Chapman's own achievement is to have created a plausible tale of trauma, a ruthless examination of the many layers of marriage, and a woman's opaque role within it.

Bones & All

I was surprised by how much I did enjoy the book after my initial revelations. While the subject matter is not to my taste, I’d definitely read more from the author in the future.

The Liar

This is my first Nora Roberts and although the suspense element was closer to cozy crime than thriller, I liked it a lot.


Not a lie – I cried buckets because I loved the theme of romance in marriage and middle age.

The Silver Witch

Overall though I did like this book and felt that it was ‘good’, it didn’t blow my mind but it was good and I would continue reading more books by her.

The Patriot Threat

Historic thriller at its finest! Well researched and typically well executed.


I was expecting this novel to be the perfect mixture of Downton and P & P as promised….more of a love story in the spirit of Jane Austen and Lady Mary……it was a little more gritty and rough around the edges.

The Last Bookaneer: A Novel

If you are looking for a little adventure, intrigue, mystery, both familiar and exotic then this would be a great place to start your summer reading!

The Fatal Flame

It’s a very smart, well constructed novel and I really really enjoyed it.

The Canterbury Sisters

This is a superb novel about self discovery and would make for a great weekend read or beach read this summer!

Day Shift

I liked this book better than the first because we got right into the mystery but I am hoping that in future books, Harris adds more of a romance angle for readers looking for that sort of thing.

Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs

Hold Still is a portrait of Mann and of the south—of an individual who identifies inextricably with her southern birthplace.

The Queen of the Tearling

When I first found myself reading The Queen of the Tearling, I wasn't sure I would enjoy it.

Satin Island: A novel
The Rumpus : Satin Island (May 27, 2015)

McCarthy has every right to produce a book like Satin Island, but he would be remiss if he thought it amounts to anything more than his own version of a narrative aesthetic.


Gutshot is a testament not only to Gray’s powers, but also to her trust in readers to follow the frenetic pinball momentum of her imagination.

Fanny Says

I had a hard time coming up with an example of a recent American poem that qualified as a “contemporary epic.” But if a future student were to ask, I wouldn’t have any trouble at all. I’d say, “Nickole Brown has written an epic poem called Fanny Says.”

There's Something I Want You to Do: Stories

Baxter’s writing is characterized by this unselfconsciousness, this artless clarity. His characters take on their own lives.