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Can't and Won't

There’s a fine line between boredom and enlightenment, however, and Davis walks it beguilingly.

Love Life

Read Rob Lowe’s second autobiography, and you will be well entertained.

The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death

It’s clever and entertaining, and Whitehead employs entertaining throw-away lines that make you think but not too hard: “Memory is the past with volume control, turn it up, turn it down.”

All That Is Solid Melts into Air

A leisurely paced novel intended for those who like serious and thoughtful fiction.

Kirkus Reviews : Fallout (April 30, 2014)

Skillful, intelligent, always readable but this time less-persuasive work from an appealing author.

The Book of You

Nicely written novel with a plot that will strain reader credulity.

Valour and Vanity

Combining history, magic and adventure, the book balances emotional depth with buoyant storytelling.

The Poor Boy's Game

Tafoya (The Wolves of Fairmont Park, 2010, etc.) continues to explore the fine line between good and evil. This brutal installment features complex characters and a truly shocking ending.

Live to See Tomorrow

High on action and sensuality but with questionable plausibility.

Falling Through Clouds

A sensitive portrayal of a family tragedy needlessly escalated by the insensitive bureaucracy of insurance companies.

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

Definitely not a book for sourpusses. The rest of the world will chuckle all the way through it.

With My Dog Eyes: A Novel

Memorable and very strange: Latin American magical realism taken far beyond the bounds of the genre’s usual whimsy and pushed into the territory of nightmares.

The Blazing World: A Novel

Siri Hustvedt’s dizzying, deeply felt The Blazing World—political, philosophical, transcendent in the way of true art—will stay alive in readers’ minds for years to come.

Ruby: A Novel

While Ruby does not shy away from vivid renderings of violence and injustice, Bond ultimately suggests that both Ephram and Ruby will be able to save each other, and to embrace and be faithful to the past without allowing it to consume them.

No Book but the World: A Novel

It demonstrates how childhood shapes us for decades after we stop being children, and the reward we reap from – combined with the price we pay for –an unorthodox upbringing.


There’s action, humor, a dash of romance, and of course, legions of the shambling undead in their endless search for human flesh.

The Snow Queen

“The Snow Queen” eventually reveals itself to be insufficiently ambitious.

There Goes Gravity: A Life in Rock and Roll

In “There Goes Gravity,” it becomes clear she has it all on tape. You wish she’d gotten more on the page.

No Good Men Among the Living

Gopal reveals the fragility of the tenuous connection between intention and destiny in a war-torn land.

Last Stand at Khe Sanh: The U.S. Marines' Finest Hour in Vietnam

His purpose is not to deliver a judgment. Instead, he gives us a larger-than-life picture of Marines in combat.