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Blood Ties

It’s complicated being a woman and a cop. And Nicholas Guild gets it right.


While the action may not be as relentless as that in The DaVinci Code or as neatly calibrated as the average Jack Reacher encounter, the plights and fights that arise in Trauma will linger with the reader beyond the final page.

Anatomy of Evil

For a thoughtful historical thriller with no shortage of tense moments, Anatomy of Evil certainly fits the bill, bringing a fresh look to much-explored and very real historical crimes.

Burnt River

I haven’t lost my appetite for Karin Salvalaggio’s stories or her Detective Greeley. It has just been whetted. I look forward to her next one. The only mystery which remains, so far is how I managed to write this without spelling her name wrong, once.

The Body in the Birches

The Body in the Birches more than meets the needs of any reader that wants a cozy mystery with stellar writing, a lot of tension, and descriptions of amazing food.

Scarlett Undercover

Coupled with a heroine as likable and resourceful as Scarlett, it makes for a read that is all at once entertaining and enlightening, and marks another welcome step forward in YA fiction diversity.

Bone to Be Wild

Whether you’re headed to the beach, a mountain retreat, or sitting by the pool, this is a good summer read.

Little Black Lies

I have never thought of the Falkland Islands as a place I would like to visit. And they still seem rather stark and forbidding. But the virtual time I spent there was fascinating.

The Vorrh

For all its page-turning story, it is a poet’s novel, a serious piece of writing. I understand there are to be two sequels. I can barely wait to read the next one.

Leaving Orbit

Enshrined in these pages is the fierce magic of a shuttle’s launching — the nearly painful brightness, the earthshaking rumble, the slow and then faster escape from gravity.

The Empire of the Senses: A Novel

Stunning imagery is interwoven with pitch-perfect and often spare dialogue, creating a doubly vivid resonance.

The Other Joseph

“The Other Joseph” is a poignant and sly magic trick of a book, one that reveals almost all its secrets immediately, only to spend the rest of its surprisingly suspenseful pages making us wonder what really has been revealed.

Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs

Throughout this memoir, gothic is never too far from ghoulish. It’s all part of a journey home.

It's a Long Story: My Life

Time, as a clean-shaven young Nelson once observed, does in fact slip away. Thankfully that voice, all his own, has long since become everyone’s.

Reagan: The Life

In “Reagan,” Brands, a professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin and the author of biographies of Theodore Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson, provides a lively and lucid narrative of the life of America’s 40th president.

Madam President: A Novel

Readers with an interest in politics will truly enjoy the fast-paced action and plethora of political scandals that fill the book’s pages.

On the Move: A Life

What gives this memoir a unique poignancy is the knowledge that Sacks was diagnosed earlier this year with terminal liver cancer.

Grave Consequences

One can tell that the Thurlos seem to be having fun with their characters --- and their readers --- during Grave Consequences. However, that observation is made with the knowledge that Aimee passed away prior to its publication.

The Brink

Bunn's first outing, a diverse examination of the human condition, is impressive, enjoyable, provocative and brave.