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The Lie

With this novel, Dunmore should rank high among writers like Kipling who explore war, its aftermath, and its lies.

The Spinning Heart: A Novel

Disturbing and unnerving but ultimately beautiful.


A no-nonsense and informed reckoning with combat.

Viviane: A Novel

At one point, even the baby is "trying to solve the mystery of causes and consequences," which puzzled readers will immediately find relatable.

And the Dark Sacred Night: A Novel

Why Daphne keeps her secret in the 21st century is hard to fathom, and it's just one of the creaking contrivances that fans of Glass' empowering tear-jerkers will have to overlook.

American Romantic

Another brilliant novel from Just: wise, introspective and full of humanity.

The Frangipani Hotel: Fiction

At her best, Kupersmith writes lyrically haunting tales; she's a writer to watch.

Off Course
Kirkus Reviews : Off Course (April 02, 2014)

Sensitive, reflective and uncomfortably true to life, with a wonderfully rich cast of supporting characters.

The Lie
Kirkus Reviews : The Lie (April 02, 2014)

Dunmore's crystalline prose is almost too good; the pain she describes is often unbearable to read, yet the emotional power resonates, and Daniel is impossible to forget.

Dorothy Must Die

In the end, it’s just another violent dystopian series opener for all its yellow-brick veneer, but it’s a whole lot more fun than many of its ilk.

Kirkus Reviews : Warriors (April 02, 2014)

Near the end, a villain exclaims, “Then bring me the head of Alexander Hawke!” Really, there’s no need. When we finish enjoying Warriors, just bring us Hawke’s next lively adventure.

Love and Treasure

No big points made here, just strong storytelling combined with thoughtful exploration of difficult issues.

I've Got You Under My Skin: A Novel

Rest easy, Agatha: Clark can’t match your skill at spinning webs as logical as they are surprising. Along the way, however, few readers will be able to resist her creaky charm.

The Setup Man: A Novel
Bookreporter : The Setup Man (March 28, 2014)

What separates Monday’s detective from other moonlighting investigators are the wonderfully written baseball scenes.

Visible City
Bookreporter : Visible City (March 28, 2014)

In this pensive story, Mirvis patiently untangles the complicated lives of these undeniably privileged characters to reveal some truths that aren’t unique to the intelligent, financially comfortable residents of one of this country’s more upscale neighborhoods.

Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line

If this subject interests you in any way, you should find SOUS CHEF both entertaining and enlightening.

Raising Steam

RAISING STEAM makes the avid Discworld fan want to revisit the collection from the very beginning.

Death on Blackheath

If you look hard behind the mystery presented, you will be rewarded with some compelling political and social commentary on a violent and turbulent time in British history.

NYPD Red 2
Bookreporter : NYPD Red 2 (March 28, 2014)

The second book in this fine series...shows authors James Patterson and Marshall Karp at the top of their creative games, producing an exciting story that twists, turns and shines from first page to last.

Without Warning

Without Warning is one incredible rollercoaster ride of a book, with just as many twists and turns. David Rosenfelt starts right out with action and never backs off.