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The Double

It’s a character study of a man who doesn’t want to be studied. And that, perhaps, makes it all the more interesting.

Rasputin's Shadow

A nailing biting historic thriller!


It never “broke character” or felt incorrect. It amused me and made me happy to see two people who truly fell in love get the ending they so richly deserve.


Shaman is set in an era of human history almost unimaginably different from ours, but Robinson brings it alive through a detailed account of Loon's experiences.

The Circle

This book is Dave Eggers at the top of his game and I’ll be shocked if you don’t adjust the way you interact online after reading this fabulous novel.

Lighthouse Island

The plot may be creative and the heroine delightfully plucky, but the story itself ultimately descends into the ridiculous and convenient.

Doctor Sleep: A Novel

Doctor Sleep is creepy and completely excellent, as I'd expected it would be.

The Last Winter of Dani Lancing: A Novel

An excellent debut and a refreshing new voice in crime fiction.

Almost True Confessions

Sister Mother Husband Dog: Etc.

Reading Delia Ephron is like having a good friend sitting across from you as you drink wine and rattle on about your lives.... This is one of those books you put down and then go back to time and again, and one you will want to give to friends and family.

Traveling Sprinkler: A Novel

[T]he focus here is on Paul himself --- on his vulnerabilities, his eager preoccupations, and his ongoing attempts to connect: with himself, with his art, and with others.


With some unexpected plot twists and character connections, Longbourn becomes an excellent novel in its own right, showcasing the acute difference between the classes and introducing Austen fans to an entirely new family bond.

The Goldfinch: A Novel

It’s a novel that weds Ms. Tartt’s gift for orchestrating suspense.

Dirty Love
Kirkus Reviews : Dirty Love (October 08, 2013)

First-rate fiction by a dazzling talent.

The Incrementalists

A talky book like this might also not appeal to everyone, but for me, it more than entertained — it transported me into its world.

The Lowland

The Lowland is a novel about the rashness of youth, as well as the hesitation and regret that can make a long life not worth living.

Ancillary Justice

A space opera that skillfully handles both choruses and arias, Ancillary Justice is an absorbing thousand-year history, a poignant personal journey, and a welcome addition to the genre.


It’s not unlike hearing a teenager on a long bus journey tell inflated lies about what they’ve been up to in bed.

The Last Winter of Dani Lancing: A Novel

The satisfying ending, though a bit of stretch, makes up for the stuttering plot and disorienting flashbacks.

How To Be a Good Wife

How to Be a Good Wife is a fascinating, superbly written study on perception.