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After This: When Life Is Over, Where Do We Go?

No matter what you believe, Smith makes it clear that pondering the meaning of death “has an enormous impact on how we live our lives.” And what she leaves us most with is a sense of wonder about the unknown and a shining kind of hope.


“Mislaid” skips forward with an oddball cast of characters improbably optimistic considering the bleak conditions they often find themselves navigating.

Elon Musk

“Elon Musk” isn’t entirely about his work. It also provides a sense of what he thinks about in his fleeting free moments.

A God in Ruins: A Novel

I’m not sure a book should require the author tapping you on the shoulder to understand its purpose

It's a Long Story: My Life

It’s a Long Story is pretty much what Nelson fans have come to expect from the man: a piece of work that is soulful, goofy, profane, heartfelt, tossed off, a little sloppy around the edges and deeply idiosyncratic.

The Green Road: A Novel

Captivating, wry, tart, wickedly funny – ineffable, ineluctable. The Green Road – here is that voice again.

Have You Been Good?: A Memoir

In recording her own roles as both daughter and mother, Nicolson has penned a double helix to motherhood. It accounts for the many shades of experience that shouldn’t be, but so frequently are, endured in families, irrelevant of privilege.

My Struggle: Book 4

An entertaining portrait of the artist as a young lout.

The Folded Clock: A Diary

An inventive, beautifully crafted memoir, wise and insightful.

Lurid & Cute

As it is, the book, like its orgy scene, is both stirring and tiresome.

The American People: Volume 1

Larry Kramer has done many good things. And while “The American People, Volume 1” must be judged one of his less good things, it’s still very much his. Taken all in all, his remarkable life’s achievement stands.

The Dig

This is a novel with a heft far beyond its size.

Odysseus Abroad: A novel

Chaudhuri’s readers will admire his skill — and wish this book were not, in the end, as bland as the British food of yore.

Housebreaking: A Novel

“Housebreaking” is more earnest than satirical, and its manicured setting incidental in what is ultimately a heartfelt chamber piece of flawed personalities, calamitous decisions and ­unexpected moments of grace.

The Subprimes

Eventually, pastiche and parody, hero and villain, and first and third person collide in a kind of narrative and stylistic slurry that lies somewhere between bewitching and bewildering.

Voices in the Night: Stories

Millhauser gives us worlds upon worlds — wistful and warped, comic and chilling — that by story’s end, feel as intimate as our own reflections.

The Odd Woman and the City

It’s a book in part about that feeling of futility that can sneak up on anyone late on a certain afternoon.

Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

The pleasure of Between You & Me boils down to a willingness to spend 200 tightly edited pages in Mary Norris’s good-natured, wise company. “Follow some rules, sure, but in the end what you’re after is clarity of meaning.”