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The Signature of All Things: A Novel

Whether readers will connect with Alma as they did Gilbert, however, is to be seen. At 500 pages, the book has its moments of brilliance, but its monotonous ones, too.

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

The Signature of All Things: A Novel

It’s a thrilling epic set at a time when intellectual curiosity met unbridled ambition and resulted in a whirlwind of discovery. If you don’t think science or historical fiction can be bright, funny and engaging, this novel will quickly prove you wrong.

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

In the end, "David and Goliath" feels like the work of two very different writers. One is an intelligent thinker who feels the need to illuminate hidden human truths. And the other is a showman, a master of ceremonies shuffling one performer after the other onto a stage, afraid that if he lingers too long on one act, he'll lose his big audience forever.

Thank You for Your Service

Finkel sketches a panoramic view of postwar life, which includes not just soldiers.

Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords And Their Godfathers

Hernández is a pitiless dissector of the received truths of official Mexico. She holds so little back in establishing her claims that what the reader is left feeling is more akin to a changed worldview than a history lesson.

The Circle

It’s not Mr. Eggers’s best work, but it draws upon enough of his prodigious talents to make for a fun and inventive read.

Goat Mountain

The novel is not about faith or forgiveness or hope or redemption. It’s about surviving our past and the fear of the gods we know.

Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream

In Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream, Diane Kelly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can’t keep a good woman down.

The Signature of All Things: A Novel

This kind of storytelling is rare — one in which an author can depict the particulars of a moss colony as skillfully as she maps the landscape of the human heart.

Doctor Sleep: A Novel

Doctor Sleep is a fantastic return to form. It's fast-paced, just the right length and – crucially – properly chilling at times.

Zom-B Baby

One mediocre book isn’t going to turn us or his fans off the series forever.


Overall this was a really enjoyable story and one that was a lot more entertaining than the majority of the Pride and Prejudice sequels, prequels and retellings that the reading world has been subjected too – however, from now on, I think it’s time we put those poor Bennets to bed.

Brother Kemal

The sardonic humor survives intact, the writing is energetic, the plot moves right along.

The Wolves of Midwinter

It is an absolutely luscious glimpse into a very special and unusual family unit, one that makes a reader understand why they call becoming a wolf a gift rather than a curse.

The Signature of All Things: A Novel

This is a big novel in all senses – extensively researched, compellingly readable and with a powerful charm that will surely propel it towards the bestseller lists.

The Kraus Project

Readers interested in Kraus will be better served by Reitter's The Anti-Journalist: Karl Kraus and Jewish Self-Fashioning (2008). This book is for Franzen's fans.

Year of the Demon

A solid effort but one that badly needs streamlining.

Day One
Kirkus Reviews : Day One (October 02, 2013)

Occasionally thrilling but not very credible and full of blunders.