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Without Warning

A romance camouflaged as a thriller but a short, smooth read most will enjoy.

House of Secrets

A dark action-adventure-fantasy with surprising heart.

The Coal Black Asphalt Tomb

Berger and Mitry’s 10th case, set in a model old New England town, has an enjoyably twisty plot. The lead couple, despite the occasional descent into cuteness, is still more palatable than most of the starchy suspects.

Children of the Revolution

Robinson has won many awards for his Detective Banks novels (Watching the Dark, 2013, etc.), and with this latest, he demonstrates his mastery of the craft.

The Alpine Yeoman

Fans of Daheim’s multivolume chronicle (The Alpine Xanadu, 2013, etc.) may feel right at home among Alpine’s denizens, but it will be a struggle for newcomers to figure out who’s who.

A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power

The overall effect is one of well-meaning but fuzzy prescription, less rigorous than this difficult subject requires.

Every Day Is for the Thief: Fiction

And as with the novel, the influence of W.G. Sebald arises again here, not least in Cole’s addition of photographs that are much like the novella’s prose: uneven yet often evocative.

The Other Half

An engaging, insightful portrait of infidelity, told with charm.

The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood

Under the tutelage of a clever scholar, a cuneiform tablet brings to life an ancient world and the genesis of a great biblical story.

Falling Out of Time

Grossman had me standing up and walking around and reading these pages aloud, doing the different voices, making up my own oratorio in air.

The Man Who Walked Away: A Novel

The result is a highly stylized, somewhat fitful story and, so, will not be to everyone’s taste.

The Jesus Lizard Book

While the Jesus Lizard may never be again, McNeilly teases, “never say never.”
And until that day comes, “The Jesus Lizard Book” is a suitable accompaniment to relive the glory days.

My Wish List: A Novel

A best-seller in its original language, this dastardly little novel focuses on love, desire and what we stand to lose when we win.

Unremarried Widow: A Memoir

Gold star work from a gold star wife.

Last Night at the Viper Room

But ultimately the biography leaves the reader unsatisfied as it lapses into "too good for this world" cliché.

Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel

Even though the final result is unfortunately, not as perfect as its promising beginnings, Boy, Snow, Bird is still a notable read of 2014.

The Shattered Crown

The Shattered Crown is a strong second entry in the Steelhaven series and I can’t wait for the conclusion of the tale.

You Should Have Known

In this post-Gone Girl era, there is no happy-looking marriage in a thriller without a toxic backyard jungle of resentment and deception, a preserve where dark things lurk until the appropriate time.

A Man Called Destruction: The Life and Music of Alex Chilton, From Box Tops to Big Star to Backdoor Man

Maybe the peripatetic nature of Alex Chilton’s life combined with his reluctance to be classified as a particular type of songwriter requires the kind of meticulous, exhaustive (and exhausting) biography Holly George-Warren has written.

Veronica Mars: An Original Mystery by Rob Thomas: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line

So much of the charm of these characters can be traced to the performances of the actors portraying them. That charm was able to sell the more formulaic structure of the television episodes, and it is noticeably missing (and missed) here.