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The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man

The Snowden affair has produced some good journalism. It has yet to produce a good book.

The Good Luck of Right Now

Lovable? Maybe “The Good Luck of Right Now” could have been. But this book so overplays its hand that you may wish that Bartholomew had read Mr. Gere’s initial letter and left it at that.

The Sixth Extinction

The anomalies Kolbert identifies are too glaring to ignore. She makes an irrefutable case that what we are doing to cause a sixth mass extinction is clearly wrong.

Thirty Girls

It is an acquired taste, nervous. But if you keep patient, all its scattered, neurotic strands will wind into a tight cord, and, in the end, you may calm down, stay in this writer’s hands and make sense of the exhilaration and horror.

The House on the Cliff

Though I enjoyed the writing, The House on the Cliff left me wondering if Jessica Mayhew is capable of leading a mystery series.

Under the Wide and Starry Sky: A Novel

Under the Wide and Starry Sky is an appealing novel for many reasons, just one of which is the vibrancy that Horan brings to these characters and their relationship. It's a book that I so heartily enjoyed!

The Martian: A Novel

The Martian is an intelligent and witty science-based story that reminds its audience of human abilities and perseverance.

The Winter People: A Novel

The heartbeat of The Winter People is not love, as one might initially consider, but grief – a grief so all-encompassing that to call it a depression does not adequately address the amount of suffering occurring within the bereaved.


Mistwalker is a brilliant, heartfelt story of grief and guilt and family and friends.

By Blood We Live
Kirkus Reviews : By Blood We Live (February 11, 2014)

Duncan’s style is animated, and he recounts the imperatives of vampire and werewolf brutality and sexual aggressiveness with particular gusto.

Murder in the Afternoon

Brody’s third in the series is a perfect fit for lovers of classic British mysteries who’d like to watch a clever, introspective, delightful heroine solve a tricky puzzle.

Children of Paradise

The author provides insight into the psyche of cult members, but it’s still puzzling why any person would blindly follow such destructive directives.

Girl on the Golden Coin

Jealous women, competitive men, power struggles—the treacherous world of the court is familiar, predictable and disappointing.

The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man

Whether you view Snowden’s act as patriotic or treasonous, this fast-paced, densely detailed book is the narrative of first resort.

The Good Luck of Right Now

A whimsical, clever narrative.

Pillar to the Sky

Unlike some of the futuristic novels to which it will be compared, Forstchen’s work is as convincingly told as it is diverting.

Foreign Gods, Inc.

Foreign Gods, Inc. leaves readers with this warning: be mindful about the powers you serve, and careful about the ones you seek to cross. Some falls never find their lift.

The Bear: A Novel

I don't want anyone to have to suffer the pain I experienced reading The Bear, but at the same time I want everyone on the planet to read this book and feel these horribly complex and yet intensely primal emotions.

The Gods of Guilt

The procedural and courtroom scenes are the best part of this and other Connelly thrillers, because they are genuinely thrilling.

Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War

Perhaps Duty is really a cri de coeur — a venting at the author's own inability to carry out what he sees as his personal duty: to get the U.S. policymaking machinery to care as much as he does about the lives of the men and women who carry out defense policy on the ground.