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My Life in Middlemarch

"Middlemarch," as Mead proves, can help you view such lives, along with your own, in both the clearest, and the most magnanimous light.

Romance Is My Day Job: A Memoir of Finding Love at Last

Romance fans especially will like this book, but almost any woman will find something to relate to in Bloom's story.

My Life in Middlemarch

After you’ve finished Middlemarch, Mead’s book should be required reading – after all, experiencing a book through another’s eyes is the quintessential act of literary empathy.


Employing photographs, Nuremberg trial testimony, poetry, and newsreel style scenes of rape, incarceration, torture, murder and assassination, Drndic has created a terrifying book, both personal and objective


Annihilation is a book meant for gulping — for going in head-first and not coming up for air until you hit the back cover.

Dancing Fish and Ammonites: A Memoir

I wanted to leap into her place and time, but this book wouldn’t quite let me.


This thoroughly engrossing story is slightly dystopian, slightly romance, a lot of science fiction, and 100-percent edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Alena: A Novel

Alena is so eerie and elegantly suspenseful that I could see myself rereading it, the way I reread Rebecca every few years or so.

Kirkus Reviews : Archetype (February 06, 2014)

Starts slow but eventually picks up steam.

Pioneer Girl: A Novel

An unexpected pleasure, with a well-drawn and compelling narrator.

The Tooth Fairy: A Memoir

Coherence is a contrivance of any life story, Chase implies in his candid and insightful memoir; some truths may be shared in words, others hidden between the lines.

Romance Is My Day Job: A Memoir of Finding Love at Last

In the end, it’s not romance but something more elusive that Bloom finds: intimacy. Romance may wane as the quotidian details of cohabitation intrude on hearts and flowers, but that’s when true love begins.


There are many references in “Carthage” to magical spells and fairy tales and children’s storybooks. It made me want to flee back into the adult world, pry open a window and gulp the open air.

Doctor Sleep: A Novel

While Doctor Sleep might not cause much by way of lost rest, it is good, mainstream Stephen King and thus, hardly a snooze. The Doctor of Horror is in. Wake up!


Sexplosion is a bona fide page-turner. Hofler’s extensive research into a relatively short period of time bursts forth on the page like a swinging period film.

Doing Harm

This is Parsons’ first novel, and he’s as accomplished in the role as his protagonist is in the operating room, wielding words with a surgeon’s precision.


Even as Tonya Cherie Hegamin reveals slavery’s dehumanizing effect on every character — black and white, owned and owner — she also celebrates the power of friendship and love


Here in this remarkable novel is a brave, healing voice.

The Visionist: A Novel

“The Visionist,” in the end, is a period novel with education to supply but little more.

An Unnecessary Woman

An Unnecessary Woman is about nothing at all — and, at the same time, about everything that counts.