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The Last Bookaneer: A Novel

Pearl is a smooth writer whose adoption of the ambling pace, digressions, and melodrama of an earlier literary era may not suit today’s instant gratifiers, but he offers many of the charms and unrushed distractions of a favorite old bookstore.

Went the Day Well?: Witnessing Waterloo

A historical tour de force—a fascinating panorama of Great Britain during the summer of Waterloo.

The Dead Lands: A Novel

Benjamin Percy has added his own post-apocalyptic narrative to the mix --- and his The Dead Lands might be among the most provocative and frightening examples of the genre yet.

Fox Is Framed

Lachlan Smith really has something going on here, consisting of a plot that has held up well over the course of three books and has been sustained by interesting, if occasionally quirky, characters.

Killer, Come Hither: A Novel

Killer, Come Hither is enjoyable reading. The ending is foretold early on, but knowing your destination is far different from knowing how you will arrive.

The Winter Family: A Novel

Jackman is a master wordsmith who infuses his narrative with a dark cinematic quality that propels the story. You may want to look away at times, but you can’t because you have to keep reading.

Bookreporter : Positive (April 25, 2015)

There is the violence you would expect in POSITIVE, but there is also a fairy tale-like quality as Finn seems quite charmed and often lucky. Even a bullet to the gut doesn't slow him down!

Reykjavik Nights

Indridason is one of the absolute best of the crop of Nordic noir practitioners, and this fine addition...will serve as an excellent starting point for those unfamiliar with one of the best detective series being published on any continent.

The Mystery of Tunnel 51

He was a hugely popular and well-reviewed author of the Golden Age of mystery fiction. I was gripped all the way through and enjoyed the work tremendously. Well recommended.

Day Shift

The only thing I regret about this book is learning it’s the second book in a trilogy. I could spend years with the people in Midnight.

The Jazz Palace: A Novel

What makes The Jazz Palace such a great read is the way Ms. Morris mixes history with a compelling story about how jazz came to be without watering it down or making it trite which easily could have been in done telling this story.

The Girl in the Road

My experience reading The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne can be boiled down to: this was an amazing novel until it wasn’t anymore. I am deeply conflicted about it.

The Walls Around Us

Haunting and tragic, Ori’s story is the kind of story that makes one question everything they know and understand about the justice system.

No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive is a unique spin on a haunted house story that kept me up all night and freaked the crap out of me.

Finding Jake

I think you'll understand when I say that Finding Jake is an emotional read!

Devotion: A Rat Story

Like all such small, vicious things, Devotion does its damage and leaves its scars with an admirable efficiency, and without a single breath wasted.

Early Warning: A novel

Early Warning doesn't leave us hanging, but it does leave us looking forward to the finale of this epic endeavor.

My Struggle: Book 4

That’s the spirit of Book 4: a cry from a kid with an amazing record collection who dreams of being a writer, written by the great ­writer he finally becomes.

Lurid & Cute

In inhabiting the narrator’s deranged mind so well, and sharing it with us, Adam Thirlwell offers his own evidence for a literary truth: that great characters need not be likable, only fascinating.