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Bookreporter.com Reviews : Lineup (September 06, 2013)

LINEUP is a dark and gritty work, sometimes depressing but always interesting. Shoham wisely keeps the highly charged political situation in Israel out of the story, for the most part, using it only briefly as a scenic backdrop.

Blind Justice

This is a staggering achievement for Perry and one that will press readers to look within themselves for answers long before the final pages are turned.

The Return

Gruber slices up and down the strata of living and the complexity of relationships, all the while keeping the reader simultaneously entertained, thinking and cerebral.

Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story

A riveting read that paints a vivid picture of this unfortunate couple who illustrate so clearly what happens when an obsessive relationship goes horribly awry.

Bitter River

You don’t often find lovely phrasing in a murder mystery, as we do in Bitter River, along with fully three-dimensional characters... and a gripping, twisting I-can’t-put-this-down plot.

Enon: A Novel
The A.V. Club - Books : Enon (September 16, 2013)

Tinkers was an unexpected gem, but that the follow-up should contain an equally affecting emotional mosaic is just as delightfully surprising.

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge is too cynical to be a champion of domestic life, but it underscores that a parent’s love, no matter how qualified, can make all the difference.

The A.V. Club - Books : MaddAddam (September 09, 2013)

MaddAddam feels inessential. It doesn’t have as much trouble staking a claim in the speculative-fiction field as Talt suggests, but it never finds its feet within this particular series.

Dissident Gardens: A Novel

Though Dissident Gardens is sometimes overcrowded by all of the things history discards in its wake, including other novels, it has ambition to spare.

Enon: A Novel

Harding is a richly talented writer whose admirers may find much to reward them in “Enon.” Those coming to his work fresh, however, should pick up a copy of “Tinkers” first.

My Notorious Life: A Novel

Polemic novels usually suffer from deadening preachiness, but Manning is writing in the venerable tradition of Stephen Crane and Frank Norris.

Traveling Sprinkler: A Novel

“Traveling Sprinkler” is a bit of an octopus-walnut cupcake. “This is fun!” you think as you bite in, and then you realize that the ingredients don’t really come together.

Subtle Bodies

Perhaps Mr. Rush means all this to read as black comedy, but it’s not remotely funny or compelling.

Straight Flush
Miami Herald : Straight Flush (September 15, 2013)

Straight Flush revels in its protagonists’ hedonism and general bro-ishness, dispensing with any moral quandaries.


If you enjoy mysteries and danger this is a great book for your library. A strong choice for a reading group, they will find a great deal of information for discussion.

The Childhood of Jesus

The Childhood of Jesus is an indulgent and meandering novel of Big Ideas and sadly little heart.

Traveling Sprinkler: A Novel

In that sense, then, "Traveling Sprinkler," like "The Anthologist" or "The Mezzanine," is an example of the novel as slice of life, full of digressions that are themselves the point.

Something Borrowed, Someone Dead

M.C. Beaton is one of my favorite cozy authors, and her latest installment will not disappoint her fans. There’s just something about the characters and reading the books makes me feel like I’m visiting old friends.

The Shogun's Daughter

It's a great read, a clever mystery, and a gripping thriller.

The Final Cut

I think Coulter plots a fun tale, but her head-hopping tends to leave me a bit dizzy. So I'll give the next one of these a shot and see how the series progresses!