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The Fishermen: A Novel

A powerful, haunting tale of grief, healing, and sibling loyalty.

The Fair Fight: A Novel

Great characters and wild turns of events make this book a knockout.

Fifteen Dogs

A clever exploration of our essence, communication, and how our societies are organized.

Washing the Dead

Sincere but long-winded, Brafman’s story cycles through a limited range of emotional chords, to numbing effect.

The Lost Girls

For a wide-angle view of the horrific string of crimes start to finish, Glatt constructs an absorbing winner.

Five Nights in Paris

This is not a walking guide to Paris, but it is most certainly a guide to seeing and knowing Paris, one no Francophile should be without.

How Dante Can Save Your Life: The Life-Changing Wisdom of History's Greatest Poem

As a well-written chronicle of choice between the “success” of big cities and life in the far simpler world of old traditions and deep family ties, the book is both heartwarming and frustrating—certainly more confessional memoir than guide to Dante (a fact the author readily admits).

The Dead Lands: A Novel

In a literary world peppered with post-apocalyptic novels, Percy’s stands out.

Voices in the Night: Stories

A superb testament to America’s quirkiest short story writer, still on his game.

Paris Red: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : Paris Red (April 23, 2015)

Fans of art history, Paris and contemporary Künstleroman like Girl With a Pearl Earring will enjoy the new perspective and the strong female voice.

The Great Divide: Unequal Societies and What We Can Do About Them

Smart, sometimes-stinging prose that rejects the doctrines of strangled government and artificial austerity, doctrines that require us to “pay a high economic price for our growing inequality and declining opportunity.”

Reykjavik Nights

Indridason's prequel unfolds with the same precision, economically depicted characters and authenticity as his Inspector Erlendur novels, but a livelier energy replaces the middle-aged Erlendur's noir melancholy.

Pirate's Alley

This book needs a stronger narrative drive to keep readers engaged. Still, the world and characters are appealing, and fans of the series will find enough of its charms here to keep them reading.

In Montmartre: Picasso, Matisse and the Birth of Modernist Art

Although Roe has created an informed and graceful narrative, fresh sources or insights would have greatly enriched the book.

One of Us
Kirkus Reviews : One of Us (April 23, 2015)

Rather diffuse but thoroughly grounded in documented fact—as a result, it packs all the frightening power of a good horror novel.

Play for Me: A Novel

A promising premise sadly underdeveloped.

The Road to Character: The Humble Journey to an Excellent Life

The author’s sincere sermon—at times analytical, at times hortatory—remains a hopeful one.

The Affinities

An intriguing and seriously innovative attempt to grapple with some of the issues raised by the 21st century’s obsession with social media.

Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story: A Blind Broadcaster's Story of Overcoming Life's Greatest Obstacles

Filled with a life-affirming sincerity that challenges us to put our lives in greater perspective.

The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health

An informative guide to the gut in search of its best audience.