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Out to Lunch

I really enjoyed Out to Lunch and would definitely recommend it to foodies and anyone who enjoys geek humor.

This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

Readers will find much to like in these essays. In their accessible, intimate tone they’re like another character that appears throughout this collection, Patchett’s beloved dog.


No matter how terrible things may get, humankind will always find some way to survive, and the story of Plague is no different.

The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams

It’s difficult company to keep, though it helps, I imagine, if you’re a Red Sox fan.

Something More Than Night

I'm pretty confident Something More Than Night will be unlike any book you've ever read.

A Permanent Member of the Family

Banks's stolid, straightforward prose works well in constructing a novel, where a slow, careful accretion of events leads to a gripping conclusion, but in the stories it comes across as bland or banal.

A Marker to Measure Drift

Maksik displays both realism and hopefulness about human nature without being unrealistic about either.

A Marker to Measure Drift

With A Marker to Measure Drift, though, Alexander Maksik’s deep belief proves warranted: he has succeeded.

A Marker to Measure Drift

“Marker” is a study of scarred consciousness struggling to come to terms with the violence done to it in a moment of cataclysmic horror.

Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven

His book is dense with fact and full of diversions, with copious footnotes leading every which way. And most readers, unequipped with a working command of the music, especially the cantatas, will want if not need to make frequent recourse to recordings.

Instructions for a Heatwave

Instructions for a Heatwave is never dull, never unconvincing, proceeding at a stately and crisp speed through a fully rendered world, grappling at all times and in an original way with the fascinating problems of our time, rushing head-long — and yet staggering almost drunkenly when necessary — towards a stirring and wondrous conclusion.

Burial Rites: A Novel

Ms. Kent aligns Agnes's hypnotic storytelling with the island's oral tradition. She uses passages from the 13th-century Laxdaela Saga, about a murderous love triangle, while delivering her parallel tale of seduction and betrayal.

Burial Rites: A Novel

Kent’s immersion in Icelandic lore seems total, though she came from the other side of the world. Great stories are universal.

First Novel

First Novel is either far too clever for its own good, or far too good to be a debut. Which, of course, it isn't.

First Novel

A sulphurous portrayal of masculine frailty as well as a sly poke at the caprice of literary fame, it’s hugely impressive and entertaining.

First Novel

Much as it plays with notions of narrative and authorial identity, in its meticulous depiction of the landscapes of South Manchester it seems to be mapping a state of mind as much as a city.

A Dance of Mirrors

Retains the attention for now, but it would be great if the author explored other issues in subsequent volumes.

Out to Lunch
Kirkus Reviews : Out to Lunch (December 03, 2013)

A cozy meal, with dessert.

Vatican Waltz
Kirkus Reviews : Vatican Waltz (December 03, 2013)

A fresh, moving portrait of religion as it could and should be. The cliffhanging finale offers hope that we will see more of Cynthia’s odyssey in future books.

Shoot the Woman First

Crissa’s third is another superior thriller—fast, tough and nasty—without a single extra sentence.