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Time Untime

Time Untime is a fast-paced adventure with gods and demons battling against one another but, for me, there was far too much going on.

And the Mountains Echoed: A Novel

It serves its purpose in providing amusement for two and a half hours; a day after finishing it, I had forgotten everything about it.


Nothing here is new, but an earnest dedication to escapism often makes the novel suspenseful, and that may be enough for some.

The Originals

The Originals is high on my recommendation list, so what are you waiting for go read it.

The Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles is a remarkable and sophisticated novel which is unsettling, thought provoking and, in its depiction of a somewhat less fanciful potential End of Days, occasionally quite terrifying. It’s a book you’ll want to tell your friends about.

Red Moon: A Novel

The one-size-fits-all apocalypse Benjamin Percy presents is ultimately too interested in endearing itself to readers from this part of the market and that to wholly win over a single segment of said.

Southern Cross the Dog

Mr. Cheng creates memorable characters, and he can cast a spell. He’s young, and he’s got chops.

Ghana Must Go

Selasi (Nigerian-Ghanaian, born in London, grew up in Boston, lives in Rome) renders the journey with love and a true understanding of immigration, and makes it resonant whether the country is from Nigeria to Massachusetts, rich to poor, shame to pride or hate to love.

Palisades Park

Ultimately, it’s much less interested in examining the contexts of epochal events than it is in affirming the biases of readers who go around insisting that everything was better back in the day.

And the Mountains Echoed: A Novel

It's a devastatingly simple story, but it captures the essence of the complex moral equations that Hosseini spends the rest of the novel teasing out.

A Delicate Truth: A Novel

The elegance and wit are Le Carré's own, of course, and while some fans will miss the ambiguity of earlier books, "A Delicate Truth" delivers plentiful intelligence and thrills.

A Delicate Truth: A Novel

I left A Delicate Truth informed by the banality of evil, intrigued by a story that flops, Mobius strip-like, into and onto itself and yes, eagerly turning pages to find out what happens next.


Ms. Adichie displays much keen critical intelligence about how we can unwittingly betray our truest selves. But if she has any real passion for the people in “Americanah,” she’s done far too good a job of keeping it to herself.

And the Mountains Echoed: A Novel

Khaled Hosseini’s new novel, “And the Mountains Echoed,” may have the most awkward title in his body of work, but it’s his most assured and emotionally gripping story yet.

And the Mountains Echoed: A Novel

Even as it captures the sadness and regret that engulfs its characters’ lives, Hosseini’s storytelling is filled with love and joy and a deep sense of hope. And the Mountains Echoed is a deeply moving elegy to what might have been.

River of Stars

This is an engrossing read. It demands your attention, but once you sink into the story, it unfolds in a rich and satisfying way.

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

A major work by an interesting thinker, this genre-busting volume will someday become a standard text in a standard university department.

His Majesty's Hope

Grab that red lipstick and your parachute and get ready for a thrilling historic spy novel full of mystery, espionage, and love!

The Glass Wives

I guarantee you will laugh (love Amy’s wittiness) cry a bit, smile and want to go hug your loved ones.


There is probably enough decent material here to fill a movie, definitely not enough to float a 400 page novel. There’s too much nostalgia and not enough substance.