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Always Watching

While Stevens’s first two novels presented a protagonist-in-peril situation fairly early on in the proceedings, Always Watching is a bit more nuanced, wherein the events of the past slowly but inexorably intrude into the present with unexpected and dangerous results.

The Long War

They are back with an inventive sequel for this scientifically informed, witty, and thought-provoking new series, The Long War.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

What Gaiman excels at, and where The Ocean at the End of the Lane truly succeeds, is in its honest examination of youth, and the very real scariness of being such a tiny soul in a world so vast that you cannot comprehend it.


An impressive, intelligent and exciting debut…

Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway

The Claire DeWitt novels are not so much noir mysteries as stories about the nature of mysteries themselves. The stories are wise, chilling, insightful and reeking with despair — and yet so beautifully written in an original, quirky style that it is difficult to resist them.

The Bling Ring

A surprisingly worthwhile book.

We Need New Names: A Novel

Bulawayo's keen powers of observation and social commentary, and her refreshing sense of humour, come through best in moments when she seems to have forgotten her checklist and goes unscripted

The Round House

The Burgess Boys: A Novel

Strout’s sure-footed, breathtaking writing trumpets the need for personal responsibility.

The Unwinding

The writing in this fine work showcases the very same qualities of democratic generosity and fair-mindedness whose supposed disappearance in America its author most laments.

The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story

This was an exceptionally interesting and at times shocking read about a topic that has been sidelined in recounting the history of the Space Race.

A Hundred Summers

If you're looking for an ultra engaging summer read, with romance, drama, a little mystery then look no further.

You Are One of Them

Her ingenuity brings distinction to this confident, crafty first novel.


Its ultimate concern isn’t the challenge of becoming American or the hyphenation that requires, but the challenge of going back home.

The Engagements

Against all odds, it represents something genuinely eternal about the love between two people.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

If your book club is looking for a novel that’s sure to provoke interesting discussion, here’s a good one to consider.

The Dark Road: A Novel

As an argument against the one-child policy and the horrific conditions it has spawned, “The Dark Road” is very effective. But that polemical animus also works against its success as a novel.


After seeing how well the author mixes characterization, technology, action, worldbuilding, and surprise twists, I have the comfortable sense that another impressive story waits to be read, no matter where she takes us.