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Perfect: A Novel

Perfect is the tragic story of misunderstandings, misplaced hopes, and unrequited dreams, of friendship and love, of expectations versus reality, of guilt and innocence, of responsibility and of consequences.

The Invention of Wings: A Novel

This novel was a triple threat….powerful, poignant, and passionate.


Re-radicalizing rock via the feminine, the queer and the downtrodden, and thereby preserving its status as the protest music of genuine outsiders, Moz remains a fighter, though he's a far more articulate lover.

Little Failure: A Memoir

Little Failure is a bit like looking at a macroscopic image, and for that it’s hard not to admire the author’s bravery in bearing the most private aspects of his life, blemishes and all.

Leaving the Sea: Stories

The stories in Leaving the Sea are the perfect showcase for his range and innovation. They are thoughtful, challenging, even frustrating, but the rewards are there for those willing to put in the effort.

The Last Dead Girl

Dolan plays out the complications with a spider’s patience. This time, however, an unmemorable culprit makes his infernal logic seem just a tad less inevitable, scary and remorseless.

Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War

Robert M. Gates gives us a forthright, impassioned, sometimes conflicted account of his four and a half years as defense secretary in his fascinating new memoir “Duty,” a book that is highly revealing about decision making in both the Obama and Bush White Houses.

My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel

Shavit’s history of this place he knows and loves is must reading for our secretary of state and anyone else who cares bout peace in the Middle East and wants the cycle of struggle and tragedy to end.

And Sons: A Novel

A book has the rare quality of being funny without being silly, serious without being solemn, and powerfully moving without being either sentimental or coercive.

Bingo's Run: A Novel

The larger story Levine is telling, though, is the story of a person’s mind, and of the good, bad, and indifferent forces that make him what he is — and that story is told with compassion and intelligence.

Butcher's Crossing

Williams, in reducing the elements of his story to nothing more than close attention to events, has produced something timeless and great.

The Kept

Extremely dark, The Kept is a story of innocence lost.

The Invention of Wings: A Novel

“The Invention of Wings” furthers our essential understanding of what has happened among us as Americans — and why it still matters.

On Such a Full Sea: A Novel

It’s a brilliant, deeply unnerving portrait that might even distract you for a moment when you’re battling a svelte yoga fanatic at Whole Foods for the last bag of organically grown quinoa.

Red Sky in Morning

A debut as passionate as this one is a transporting experience.

Little Failure: A Memoir

It’s raw, comic and deeply affecting, a testament to Mr. Shteyngart’s abilities to write with both self-mocking humor and introspective wisdom, sharp-edged sarcasm and aching — and yes, Chekhovian — tenderness.

The Kept

There’s a harsh sense of destiny in Mr. Scott’s novel that recalls Mr. McCarthy’s work, too, the doomed progress of the father and son in “The Road,” and the deadly providence drawing together the kid and Judge Holden in “Blood Meridian.”

Little Failure: A Memoir

Flayingly forthright memoir that should become a classic of the immigrant narrative genre.

On Such a Full Sea: A Novel

On Such A Full Sea is a triumph because it retreats from easy political posturing and instead shows how an entire town takes ownership of her story.

The Kept

The Kept often feels like the shell of a Cormac McCarthy novel filled with the intricate yearning and familial strife of a Lorca play.