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The Magician's Land: A Novel

The Magician’s Land serves as a capstone to one of the great literary fantasy trilogies of our time, a work which not only rewards reading, but actually improves with re-reading.

Nobody Is Ever Missing

The overall effect is like a Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations: beautiful and smart observations about what it means to be human, but more like a list than a coherent whole.

The Forsaken

Atkins is at the top of his game in Quinn’s fourth appearance, filled with nonstop action and moral ambiguities. The sheriff’s many flaws only enhance his human appeal.

The Bone Seeker: An Edie Kiglatuk Mystery

The chills McGrath’s third Edie entry sends down your spine will rival those brought on by any Nunavut winter.

The Home Place

In her sympathetic if somewhat uneven debut, La Seur entices readers with impeccable prose imbued with a blend of romance, nostalgia and suspense. There are plenty of enjoyable red herrings and tarnished characters, but some of the details lack credibility.

The Good Girl

The proliferation of older characters like Eve will be a pleasant and unexpected find for the many readers who understand that life over 55 can still be interesting.

Ghost Month

The teeming Taipei setting and the tormented hero combine to create a furious energy that transcends a whodunit plot too mundane even to capture Jing-nan’s full attention.

The Angel of Losses

Readers may enjoy this two-tier story more for its accessible romantic and family dramas than its convoluted religious arcana, but Feldman devotes passionate storytelling and powerful narrative skills to both.

Rogue with a Brogue

Scottish clan wars, a Regency sensibility and star-crossed lovers make for a sensual, captivating romance.

Big Little Lies

Deservedly popular Moriarty invigorates the tired social-issue formula of women’s fiction through wit, good humor, sharp insight into human nature and addictive storytelling.

The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It

Essential to anyone’s library of Nixoniana.

Panic in a Suitcase: A Novel

Akhtiorskaya’s sideways humor allows rays of genuine emotion to filter through the social and domestic satire.

A Song for Issy Bradley: A Novel

An absorbing, beautifully written debut novel with surprising moments of humor.

Your Face in Mine: A Novel

For all its considerable pretension, Row’s debut novel offers few insights into the formation of racial consciousness.

Sisters' Fate
Kirkus Reviews : Sisters' Fate (August 21, 2014)

The riveting, ambitious plot and strong, moral-yet-fallible heroine are a winning combination.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North: A novel

When the leads are offstage, the novel approaches greatness in its inquiry into what it means to be a good person. But there’s too much “her body was a poem beyond memorising” for the novel to fulfill its considerable ambition.

Friendswood: A Novel
Kirkus Reviews : Friendswood (August 21, 2014)

A sharp, observant novel about the hard realities of challenging the status quo.

Isla and the Happily Ever After

A satisfying dose of first love’s physical and emotional thrall.

Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good: A Memoir of Food and Love from an American Midwest Family

The Lotus and the Storm: A Novel

A novel that humanizes the war in a way that body counts and political analyses never will.