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Tabula Rasa

For a debut novel, Tabula Rasa is very impressive. Ms. Lippert-Martin keeps readers on the edges of their seat and reading long past bedtimes with her suspenseful story.

The Scatter Here Is Too Great

What at first seems to be a book about primary trauma, about an event, is actually a deeply self-conscious work about what it means to write about violence, or write about Pakistan at all.

My Two Italies

“My Two Italies” touches, lightly and elegantly, on politics, history, geography, sociology, language, literature, film, food and family.

The Undertaking

To write a story that doesn’t allow for much sympathy, that keeps readers at a remove from the central characters, is one of the greatest challenges an author can undertake. That Magee succeeds as well as she does is impressive.

Arctic Summer

This is a dignified and absorbing novel, but one feels inclined to urge its author, as one might have the young Forster, to break loose and let go.

Faithful and Virtuous Night

It is a great good fortune to hold these poems in hand.

Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World

“Seven Bad Ideas” tells us an important and broadly accurate story about what went wrong.

Island of a Thousand Mirrors

The beating heart of “Island of a Thousand Mirrors” is not so much its human characters but Sri Lanka itself and the vivid, occasionally incandescent, language used to describe this teardrop in the Indian Ocean.

The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It

Dean’s descriptions of the overheard strategies concerning the whole Watergate affair that preoccupied the White House for years, as much as whether to destroy incriminating White House tapes, or to withhold them for what turned out to be specious executive privilege claims, are fascinating.

The Book of You

Kendal’s capacious knowledge of traditional fairy tales and their persistence in our culture and literature is apparent.

The Island of Excess Love

While some of the plot elements tying things together may have felt a little clunky, the big set pieces, including a particularly long chapter set on the island of the title, felt beautiful realized and complex.

Dear Committee Members: A novel

Julie Schumacher’s Dear Committee Members is the best sort of novel: the laugh-out-loud page-turner that also bleeds and breathes, the satire you want to quote to friends, the book that lets you in on the joke so you can better see the truth of the world.