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Elders: A Novel

What it does offer is an intimate look at the nature of faith, and the very personal struggle involved with finding it or losing it.

Wolfhound Century

Readers who love a Russian component in their literature will be pleased with the undercurrent of Russianness. Those who have no care for or understanding of Russia and its history will be captivated by the strong story and compelling characters. It is a major win for Peter Higgins.

The Flamethrowers: A Novel

An intricate examination of art, revolutionary politics and the risks some people are willing to take in life and love, it gains its considerable power through the accretion of closely-observed detail and Kushner’s skill at translating that into alluring prose.

The Humanity Project

The Humanity Project doesn't offer easy answers or tidy endings, for the most part --- but neither do our messy lives, Thompson seems to suggest.

All That Is

With its chilly marble women, simultaneously worshiped and dismissed, All That Is recalls an era of sexual politics that I would prefer not to relive, even in the pages of a book.

The Golem and the Jinni

Helene Wecker does a fine job of pulling strings in this story. What might feel like several story lines is really one very long tale that twists and turns but never tangles. It’s an incredible web that draws people together in ways never imagined.

Maya's Notebook

Maya's Notebook is lovely and readable, heartwrenching and smart, as one would expect from an Allende novel.

Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls

With this latest collection, Sedaris secures his place as a national (or international) treasure, and anything he publishes is a literary event to be celebrated.

Paris: The Novel

It is a tour de force multigenerational saga, perhaps Rutherfurd’s most ambitious creation to date.

The Sweetest Dark

Though I would have appreciated more historical detail about the war, the setting of the school and the beach and grotto that surrounded it enhanced the reading experience with their atmosphere.

London Falling

Readers of urban fantasy, especially those with a taste for crime and police procedurals, should not hesitate to pick up London Falling.

The Devil in Her Way

The Devil In Her Way is quiet and strangely subtle for a book that starts with a punch to the face.

The River of No Return

Even after I set it down, I thought about this book, part time travel, part Regency romance, all adventure. Now that’s a good read.

A Murder at Rosamund's Gate

I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves historical details and a fascinating glimpse into the time period, and the book does pick up after about 200 pages.

I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp

I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp is made up of one such revelation after another, generous gifts to the reader.

The Book of My Lives

Still, the way these essays are collected is frustrating. All but one of them have been published somewhere else and they have not been reworked with enough care.

The Alteration

The Alteration is both an interesting take on alternate history and a broad indictment of the way religious dogmatism can impact people on the most personal, intimate level as well as on a society-wide scale.

Equilateral: A Novel

What at first looks like an intricate fantasy novel actually contains pointed social commentary.

Maya's Notebook

This heroine blooms, but despite all the dirt Allende piles around her, Maya feels like an artificial flower.