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No Book but the World: A Novel

I felt this was a dark and deep tale of a fascinating person who just wanted a friend.

The Golem and the Jinni

The plot is one that kept me guessing and believe me, this is a good thing.

After I Do: A Novel

Mesmerizing and heart breaking at the same time, this is an unconventional love story that I’d compare to titles written by Emily Giffin and Sophie Kinsella.

Mambo in Chinatown

It’s a shame that Kwok lets the end fall apart—rushing through a clichéd, melodramatic revelation that resolves way too easily—since much of Charlie’s Cinderella story, not to mention Charlie herself, is charming.


The author has no trouble putting her ‘darlings’ through the wringer, and is a master at taking the reader by surprise.

What So Proudly We Hailed

This book tends to ramble, but Marc Leepson makes the story flow and offers an interesting snapshot of one of the best-known — and least-known — figures in American history.

The Inevitable City

There’s a lot of sensible stuff in this account of post-Katrina New Orleans by the outgoing president of its most prominent educational institution, Tulane University, but there’s a lot of soapy stuff, too.

What Is Visible: A Novel

Elkins makes this great American woman visible again, in all her remarkable, fully human complexity.

Fourth of July Creek

There is much of early Russell Banks in Pete’s keen awareness of his failings and desperate yearning for the decency that remains just out of reach.

Take This Man: A Memoir

Skyhorse has a fascinating story to tell, and he tells it with the skill and sway of a novelist.

Hard Choices

It's never mean. It's often lively. It is overall effective.

The Vacationers: A Novel

She has crafted characters whose motivations have weight and whose heartaches are palpable.

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

With this warm, reflective novel, Maum seems to be nodding sagely at what we know to be true: Life is a mess, it’s always a mess, and the struggle to be a better person goes on forever.

Nothing More to Lose

Nothing More to Lose can only spring from a poet awake to the grim reality in the present, but sure of a peaceful reckoning in the future. And, regardless, the future will come.

The Man with the Compound Eyes

The Man With The Compound Eyes is an entrancing, multi-faceted elegy for a beautiful world like the imaginary island of Wayo Wayo, a lost world, a world we have sent away, a world we need to find and reclaim.

Defector: A Variants Novel

Just another on an already crowded shelf.

The Appetites of Girls

A beautifully written but unsatisfying tale of women finding courage.

Phantom Instinct

The resulting action sequences, which fill the second half of the story, are never less than breathtaking but not nearly as interesting as the setup was.

Kirkus Reviews : Identity (June 26, 2014)

Thoft doesn’t hold back on her gutsy detective’s flaws or on irrelevant side trips. But Fina’s second outing is a mostly enjoyable roller-coaster tour of the rapidly changing world of assisted reproduction.